Student Ambassador Recruitment Team

1) What would catch students eye and make them what to become an Ambassador?

To catch any student’s eye, they are willing to get interactive, social and welcome guests to all people at the University. To become a successful student ambassador, they wanted to make university welcomed or even feel like this is the place they wanted to be here. 

We should be able to do the popcorn in the hallway as usual, whether there are plans or no plans. It should always be there! Instead of the popcorn in the hallway, I’m thinking that we should let others encourage to take helium balloon with prizes inside the bag. As an volunteer to Mans Up Against Violence, we have to blow as much as balloon as possible filled with helium.

The links here

are good to give away. Other suggestions from an Canadian company we can order from are Scholastic Inc. or even Indigo something like this.

Sub question: Logistics

The best idea to do student recruitment, we will and be able to meet at the Student Success Center on the day of March 21st closer to the weekend afternoon after 3:00 pm. The schedule for myself are not very precisely certain on that given specific day. Also I wanted to keep the supplies to minimal and to keep everything balanced out on the merchandise. Ordering of quality supplies matters to me the most, while still maintain the large quantity amount!

2) What would encourage current ambassadors to continue to be ambassadors for the 2016-17 school year?

We could do it again last year for all returning ambassadors who were entered to win a free parking pass for Sept-April.

Another suggestion we could do to encourage current student ambassador to continue and prosper into the year of 2016-17, you can noticed that the during the yearly course of Strategic Master Making Plan always continued to progress. During the Strategic Master Making Plan, you can help on how to develop the student ambassador service and many parts of the public mapping system for the University of Regina.

Ambassador Leader Project ideas:

  • Student Relay for Life
  • Youth Leadership Program
  • Geocache