Stock Letter V2.0 Event Page for the Expanded Universe Movement

Dear Disney/Lucasfilm,
Hello, my name is Michael Qing, and I am a huge Star Wars fan – not just a fan of the movies, but a fan of the Expanded Universe, too. When I watched Star Wars Revenge of the Sith movie that was released and watched it as a kid, that was the moment I started out to explore more on other Star Wars universe and go back to draw many flashback. I also started reading few Star Wars books when I was very young and not have an clue what is expanded universe means at that time.
However, I was deeply saddened by the April 2014 announcement that the Expanded Universe would be discontinued and de-canonized. The Star Wars expanded universe character development such as Lana Beniko, Galen Marek, Ben Skywalker, Jaina Solo, Tahiri Veila and Cade Skywalker are nicely created as they are friends on social network. I want to see the stories of living force spirit of Grand Master Luke Skywalker, Jaina Solo for Sword of the Jedi and Tahiri Veila to be continued. I want to see the stories of Sword of the Jedi and The Force Unleashed III to be continued what I have done researched.
Many fans like myself have demonstrated repeatedly that we want the EU continued by writing letters and posting on social media, as well as consistently winning fan polls, and even purchasing a billboard outside Lucasfilm HQ in San Fransico. Most recently a group of fans have formed the non-profit Twin Suns Foundation to provide a stronger voice through which fans can appeal to you.
So please, Disney/Lucasfilm, I ask that you listen to what fans like me are asking for. I ask for the Expanded Universe (now titled “Legends”) to be continued with new stories and adventures in the same continuity that we had from 1976 until 2014. I also ask that both the Legends and Canon timelines remain independent of one another with the Canon timeline no longer directly pulling characters, plots, ships, etc. from the Legends timeline. Doing so will allow both timelines to evolve in unique and interesting ways which are sure to be loved by fans and creators alike.
Thank you for your time and May the Force Be With You,
Sincerely, Michael Qing