Star Wars: Thread of Destiny Encyclopedia

Star Wars: Threads of Destiny is a fan film, created by Tirzitis Entertainment, Branbomm film and Eclipse FX who are fans of George Lucas’ Star Wars saga. The film takes place after Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, and explores new adventures in a familiar galaxy. Compared to the average fan film, Threads of Destiny runs long with a length of 110 minutes, and was relatively inexpensive to make, with a final budget between $5,500 and $6,000. The film was released online on February 23, 2014. As of fall 2015, Threads of Destiny had surpassed 8 million views on YouTube. The sole copyright of Lucasfilm Ltd. The purpose of this film is to showcase the talents of its participants. It is illegal to sell, purchase or make money from this work. This movie may be copied and freely distributed but not sold.

Threads of Destiny OST

Threads of Destiny OST

Plot Summary

About 94 years After the Battle of Yavin (ABY) and the death Emperor Palpatiine, the New Republic was resurrected and democracy once again restored to the galaxy. Many of the Jedi Order continued to train new Jedi Knights in the art of peace and justice. The galaxy was once again in a brink turmoil between the Skenvi Empire and the Jedi Republic, so the galaxy was not all peaceful in the new order of the galaxy. With the fall of Galactic Empire, the ancient Skenvi Empire now comes out of control.

The Skenvi Empire now opposes New Republic for control over the galaxy for growin their Empire. They seek to seize control of the galaxy’s most valuable resources to cripple their enemies within Skenvi’s range. And if the planet refuse to join them, they have been taking very aggressive actions towards the Jedi Order and establishment. Caught in between this struggle and fate of the galaxy is the planet Coreign. The planet possesses a very powerful resource that would greatly appreciate favor the side that has access to it if a galaxy war was to emerged.

In it’s eagerness to gain access to Coreign’s resources, the Skenvi Empire sends its infamous negotiator Lord Siege. Lord Siege is a man who is known through out the galaxy for seeing the Skenvi Empire gets what he wants by all means necessary and account. The New Republic sends out two Jedi Knight ambassador, Master Soran Darr and his Padawan Raven Darkham.

Casting Crew Members 

Patrik Hont as Jedi Padawan Raven Darkham

Carolina Neurath as Princess Arianna Ad’Lah

Stephanie Douglas as Princess Arianna Ad’Lah (voice)

Karl Lindqvist as Jedi Master Soran Darr

Andreas Rylander as Lord Siege

Karl Winden as Karus Kahn

Pale Olofsson as King Juster

Sabinje von Gaffke as Queen Erin

Anders Menzinsky as Jedi Master Joran Korn

Staffan Rydbeck as Chancellor Doran

Christer Holmgren as Emperor Jiles

Yohanna Idha as Mercenary

Pontus Olgrim as Slave Sale Advisor

Roger Ljungholm as Captain Karl Krathos

Jason Lewis as Prince Aerex

Martin Hedman as Captain Turvo


Production and Release

The film started pre-production in April 2005, and was shot both in studio and on locations around Stockholm in Sweden in the Autumn of 2005 for a period of 22 days. The Pick-up shoots conducted in 2006, 2007 and 2008 added another 10 production days. To make this fan fictional film of Star Wars, it took for them about 10 years to complete the Lucasfilm project. Costing on the globally box office are approximately $5,500 and $6,000 to make, mostly spent on raw materials for sets, props, costumes, catering and equipment rental to make the Thread of Destiny film. The film was made entirely with a volunteer cast and crew. The VFX were done by a scattered group of artists around the world, working on different platforms and pieced together in post-production.

Rasmus Ludwig Emanuel Tirzitis established his company for Swedish film directing and editing to form the Tirzitis Entertainment motion picture with 8 years of dedicated history in Nordic region. Despite on the tight budget, they are very dedicated crew mates who worked with the film. Subscribe on YouTube at or stay connected on

Threads of Destiny earned critical acclaim for the quality of its computer graphics and an very high production value for any significant fan film.


Sequels and Continuity

Star Wars Thread of Destiny had an total running time of 105 minutes show. Though it was generally considered an excellent fan film, it could not be entered into The Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards because it was much longer than the contest’s upper time limit. During the year of 2010, there were plans to create two sequels for the film, and the scripts for both of them were already written. Since Threads of Destiny took about nine years to complete, however, it is unlikely that Tirzitis will make another fan film again. YouTube and BitTorrent released the film on February 23, 2014 online while there was an gala premiere also took place in Sweden.

The only external sources relevant to how we understand the Star Wars fiction are the view of George Lucas and Lucasfilm. Creators of Star Wars have almost total control over how fans should interpreted the works of fiction. Fans of Star Wars have very little control over how the fiction should be interpreted. This works of the film is how people should understand the new Star Wars gospel, gossip and ghent of all sorts to be considering. Almost all of the fan fictional films that are not in directly associated with LucasFilm such as Tirzitis company are considered as N-canon (meaning non-canon) “What-if” stories, crossover appearance, game statistics, and anything else directly contradicted by higher canon ends up here. N-canon was the only level that was not considered official canon by Lucasfilm.