Star Wars of The Old Republics Timeline

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Star Wars of The Old Republics are entire new story to explore from a dark and troubled age of over 3,600 years before the rise of Darth Vader (or otherwise known as BBY for Battle of Yavin 4) how the Jedi and Sith prepare for battles or decide on the fate of the galaxy in a far, far

● With sudden fury and shocking efficiency, the Sith Empire emerged from hyperspace and unleashed a catastrophic attack against the Republic. The enemy the Republic assumed extinct had returned to destroy them. The great war had begun.
● A tense now grips the galaxy.
● The Republic suffered heavy losses as the Sith Emperor’s genius strategy brought the galaxy to its knees. But while politicians argued, Republic heroes such as Jedi Knight Satele Shan emerged on the battlefield and forced a stalemate.
● The Empire consolidates its power on its capital world of Dromund Kaas. The Sith flourish after reclaiming their homeworld of Korriban.
● Years turned to decades as the war raged on. When the Sith Empire suggested peace, the Republic’s desperation and relief blinded them to the Sith Emperor’s ultimate deception.
● The Republic rebuilds its capital world of Coruscant. Blamed for the Sith’s victory, the Jedi resettle on Tython — ancient homeworld of the Jedi Order.
● While the Empire and Republic met on Alderaan to broker peace, Sith Lord Darth Malgus spearheaded a surprise assault on the Republic’s capital world Coruscant. The attack was a devastated success.
● Border skirmishes erupt as the Empire seeks to goad the Republic into open war. Imperial intelligence and the Republic Strategic Information Service wage convert battles to sway the balance of power.
● Hobbled by the Sacking of Coruscant and the loss of the Jedi Temple, the Republic had no choice but to accept the Empire’s severe demands in the Treaty of Coruscant. As both sides ordered a ceasefire, the Great War finally ended…
● Peace slowly crumbles as the Republic and Empire march slowly and inevitably toward another galactic war…

Road to Republic’s Victory: The Republics holds the advantage in the war against the Empire. Hope and confidence inspire millions following key triumphs and the defeat of the Sith Emperor by a Jedi strike team.

New Era of the Empire: The Sith Empire reels from its near destruction at the hands of Malgus. The Betrayer, the once revered Imperial war hero. While Malgus’s rebellion erupted in failure, the fire of his revolution lives on.

Jedi Republics: Founded on freedom and democracy, the Galactic Republic has ruled the galaxy for over 22,000 light years. The Republic’s membership numbers in the billions. Peaceful worlds and varied species flock from across the galaxy to seek protection and lend their support to
their Republic. During its long history, the Republics has been defended by the valiant Jedi Order. Guardians of the peace and justice, Jedi wield lightsabers and the Light side of the Force – a mysterious power that binds together all life in the galaxy. For the first in history, the Republics is threatened by a dark new galactical power…

Sith Empire: Forged by vengeance and hatred, the Sith Empire opposes everything the Republics fights to uphold. Imperial might is a model of severe efficiency. Humans dominate the ranks of the Empire and form the backbone of its impressive military — a mandatory duty. Alien species are conquered and enslaved to fuel the Empire’s war machine. Imposing and powerful, the elite Sith command fear and reverence from the citizens of the Empire. Like their exiled Jedi ancestors, Sith wage war with lightsabers and the destruction dark side of the force. All members of the Empire bow before their sovereign ruler — the Sith Emperor. Enigmatic and supremely powerful, the Emperor directs his domain from the shadows and manipulates the galaxy to carry out his will. When a failed war against the Republic left the Empire shattered and hungry for vengeance, the Emperor rallied the remnants of the Sith and retreated.
Centuries passed as the Empire — and its seemingly immortal Emperor — amassed incredible power, preparing for the day when it would claim its revenge against the Republic.


30,000 — 6,900 BBY: The Republic rises from the bonds of slavery forms a lasting alliance with the Jedi and grows to become a major galactic power.

c. 30,000 — c. 25,000 BBY: Reign of the Infinite Empire: A major galactic power is forged by the Rakata, a cruel and scientifically advanced species who drive their machinery with a power known as the Force. The Rakata Infinite Empire wields its supreme technology to enslave and conquer worlds across the galaxy. The Rakata’s devastating rule ends when a plague ravages their population, sparking a massive and violent slave revolt against the weakened empire.

c. 25,783 BBY Dawn of the Jedi: Scholars and philosophers are gathered on the planet Tython, eventually becoming the wise Je’daii, studying the ways of the Balanced Force. Fearsome conflicts known as the Force Wars erupt between Je’daii, resulting in a tremendous Force Cataclysm that devastates the planet. From the ashes of the Force Wars, the survivors from the Jedi Order. The Jedi leave Tython and flourish on the distant world of Ossus.

c. 25,100 BBY Founding of the Republic: Ravaged by millennia of enslavement by the Infinite Empire, the Core Worlds rebuild and unite to form the Republic. The Galactic Constitution is signed on the planet of Coruscant to officially lay down the foundation of Republic democracy. Hyperdrive technology, reverse-engineered from the Republic’s former Rakata overlords allows scouts to explore the galaxy and rapidly expand Republic borders. The Jedi meet the government and pledge their supporters as defenders of the Republic.

20,000 — 17,000 BBY Great Manifest Period: Peace and prosperity grace the Republic as it grows and charts the Expansion Region. But 3,000 years of good fortune cease when internal strife erupts within the Republic’s borders. As the planet Alsakan challenges Coruscant for the right to be capital of the galaxy, the Alsakan Conflicts officially end the peaceful Great Manifest Period.

7,000 BBY Hundred-year Darkness: The Jedi Order splits as under as members of its ranks begin to practice the dark side of the Force. These Jedi use their dark powers to twist life itself and create horrific mutations. Exiled for their abominable art, the Dark Jedi create a monstrous army to assault the Jedi Order. This attack begins the Hundred-Year Darkness, relentless conflict that ends with the banishment of the Dark Jedi survivors.

6,900 BBY Rise of the Sith: The Jedi exiles who survive the Hundred-Year Darkness discover the world of Korriban and its ancient inhabitants: the Sith, powerful, Force-sensitive and malleable the Sith worship the Dark Jedi and serve them as willing slaves. The Jedi exiles forge a new Sith civilization and began to interbreed with the powerful species sowing the seeds of the Sith Empire.

5,113 — 3,960 BBY: Fearsome, proud and hungry for conquest, the Sith Empire ascends to power and challenges the Republic in the first of many galactic wars.

5,113 BBY Birth of the Emperor: The child who come to be known as the Sith Emperor is born. Black-eye, heartless and supremely strong in the dark side of the Force, age 13 and earns the title Lord Vitiate. He amasses an army of Sith followers and turns his back on Imperial politics to hone his skills in the dark side.

5,000 BBY Great Hyperspace War: The first war ignites between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic as unwitting hyperspace explorers lead the vengeful Sith to the Republic that exiled their ancestors. Under the banner of the Dark Lord Naga Sadow, the Empire launches an attack on Republic space. The conflict rages across entire worlds and threatens to consume Coruscant, but strong defenses and deceit within the Sith ranks, force then to retreat. The Republic gives chase, wins the war and attempts to decimate all remnants of the Sith Empire, but several survivors escape.

4,999 BBY The Sith Emperor Ascends: Lord Vitate takes command of the Sith Empire, now in shambles following the Great Hyperspace War. He executes the Sith Council and consumes the life force of thousands of Sith Lords in a terrifying ritual that extends his life and vastly increases his capacity as a practitioner of the Force. Lord Vitiate declares himself Emperor of the Sith. Under his sovereign rule, the Empire retreats into deep space to rebuild its strength and prepare for vengeance.

4,980 BBY Sith Retreat to Dromund Kaas: After two decades spent scouring deep space, the Sith Empire discovers the forgotten jungle world of Dromund Kaas. The Emperor reveals his vision to forge a new Imperial civilization unified by one vengeful goal: the complete annihilation of
the Republic. In anticipation of his day, the Empire builds its capital on Dromund Kaas, trains its military in the hostile jungles and begins construction of the Imperial armada.

3,976 BBY Mandalorian War: Fearsome, proud and battle-hungry warriors, the legendary Mandalorian clans unite under Mandalore the Ultimate to attack the fringes of Republic Space. The Republic’s aversion to another violent war allows the Mandalorian crusade to rage unchecked for a decade. Rogue Jedi led by Jedi Knights Revan and Malak defy the Republic’s
wishes and fight to drive back the Mandalorian invasion. Under Revan’s command, these Jedi ultimately defeat Mandalore the Ultimate, disarm his Neo-Crusaders and win the Mandalorian Wars for the Republic.

3,960 BBY Corruption of Revan and Malak: Heroes of the Mandalorian Wars, Jedi Knights Revan and Malak explore the Unknown Regions and discover the hidden Sith Empire on Dromund Kaas. The Emperor turns Revan and Malak to the dark side and bids them to recover an ancient
Rakata superweapon, the Star Forge. Revan recovers the powerful Star Forge and betrays the Emperor to create his own Sith Empire.

3,959 — 3,640 BBY : Weakened by centuries of warfare, the Republic barely survives the devastating Great War that is waged against the vengeful Sith Empire.

3,959 BBY Jedi Civil War: Former Jedi turned Sith, Darth Revan and Darth Malak invade the Republic and seek to conquer the people they once defended. Revan nearly defeats the Republic, but he is betrayed and left for dead by his ally, Darth Malak. The Jedi Order rescues Revan and reprograms his mind to make him believe that he actually serves the Republic. Revan later discovers his dark past, strikes down Darth Malak and destroys the Star Forge superweapon to end the long and ruinous Jedi Civil War.

3,955 BBY Sith Triumvirate: The death of Darth Malak nearly destroys his Empire — until a triumvirate of Sith rises to restore order. Unaware of the Sith Empire gathering strength on Dromund Kaas, Darth Sion, Darth Nihilus and Darth Traya begin a brutal campaign that nearly wipes out the Jedi Order. The Jedi are saved from extinction when an exiled Jedi named Meetra Surik rises from obscurity to destroy the Sith triumvirate and paves the way for the Republic’s recovery.

c. 3,950 BBY Revan seeks out the Emperor: Haunted by visions of the Emperor who once corrupted him, Revan hunts for remnants of the hidden Sith Empire. His search ends in disaster when Sith capture Revan and imprison him on Dromund Kaas. He escapes captivity thanks to a
daring rescue mission staged by the Jedi exile Meetra Surik and the Sith Lord Scourge, who has turned against the Emperor. Revan and Scourge attempt to assassinate the Emperor, but the ruler’s power overwhelms them. Scourge betrays Revan and is rewarded with the title of the
Emperor’s Wrath. Revan is imprisoned, an ordeal that lasts for centuries.

3,681 BBY Great War: The Sith Empire returns from exile to launch a devastating and bitter war against the Republic. The cunning genius of the Emperor orchestrates the surprise onslaught, inciting terror and despair in the Republic as Imperial fleets dominate battles, old allies side with the Empire and Republic politicians panic and turn against each other. Hope finally returns to the Republic when the Battle of Bothawui ends in a stalemate. The Empire’s hope for a quick decisive victory descends into three decades of violent warefare. In a surprise move, the Empire offers a chance to negotiate a truce. But as the galaxy’s attention turns to the peace talks on Alderaan, the Empire launches a surprise assault on the Republic’s capital world, Coruscant. The Sacking of Coruscant leaves the Republic capital in ruins and gives the Empire the leverage it needs to demand the terms of peace.

3,653 — c. 3,640 BBY Peace: The Treaty of Coruscant ends the Great War in Sith victory and an uneasy truce. Tensions replace open warfare as the Republic is forced to cease fire and withdraw from battlefields across the galaxy. The Sith Empire absorbs abandoned worlds and consolidates its power. The Republic rebuilds and the Jedi Order relocates to its ancient homeworld of Tython. Border skirmishes and internal conflicts erupt, eroding the peace into a tense stand-off that last over a decade.

c. 3,640 BBY Return to War: Peace is not to last between the Republic and Empire. Years of tension and veiled hostility finally explode into open, full-scale war. Actions on both sides spark the war, setting in motion a massive and devastating conflict that threatens to consume the entire galaxy.

● The Republic holds the advantage in the war against the Empire. Hope and confidence inspire millions following key triumphs and the defeat of the Sith Emperor by a Jedi strike team.
● The Sith Empire reels from its near destruction at the hands of Malgus the Betrayer, the once revered Imperial war hero. While Malgus’s rebellion erupted in failure, the fire of his revolution lives on.
● To ensure Republic victory, Supreme Chancellor Saresh personally oversees the war effort. With charm and passion, she rallies the masses and pledges to wipe the Empire from the galaxy.
● Rampant dissatisfaction rots the core of the Empire. Military leaders lose faith in their fight. Sith lords once united against the Republic now abandon the Empire to embark on bold power grabs. And amidst the chaos, Imperial worlds begin falling to the Republic.
● On the orders of Supreme Commander Jace Malcom, the Republic’s armed forces wage a decisive war against the Empire using every weapon at their disposal.
● As the Empire loses its grip on the galaxy, rumors rage about the assassination of the Sith Emperor. The Republic celebrates, but the citizens of the Empire know only that their supreme leader is absent when they need him most.
● As the Republic marches to battle, their fight is bolstered by the Jedi Order. Guided by Grand Master Satele Shan, the Jedi once more seek to defend peace and cleanse the galaxy of Sith corruption.
● But hopes still burns in millions of Imperial hearts. Darth Marr steps forward from his Dark Council seat to guide the Empire’s resurgence. Aliens join the Imperial ranks, as Sith recognize the wisdom of Darth Malgus’s inclusive ideals. Loyal Sith and patriotic soldiers fight to repel the oppressive Republic, not knowing that the key to the Empire’s
victory is close at hand…
● For the first time since war broke out, victory is in sight. Guided by leaders new and old, the Republic battles with renewed strength to defeat the Empire once and for all….

THE AUTHORS: Star Wars The Old Republic Encyclopedia was authored by BioWare’s expert writers who have helped create the rich world of the Star Wars: The Old Republic game; Ian Ryan, Charles Boyd, Hall Hood, Joanna Berry, Zach Bush and James B Jones.

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Written by Ian Ryan, Charles Boyd, Hall Hood, Joanna Berry, Zach Bush and James B Jones, “ Star
Wars The Old Republic Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to the Epic Conflict”
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