Star Wars: Darth Algydus: The Sith Reformation

A fan novel of the Star Wars Expanded Universe that settles a dramatic story nine thousand years after the rise to power of One Sith, in a time of chaos and conflict once again among the other Sith Lords.”


“Sirius Kun, an ore-seeker from the distant frozen world Coryza, a descendant of the Dark Lord Exar Kun and the secret successor of the defunct Galactic Sith Emperor Drakan. Eager to know more about his roots and to attain a new meaning of his miserable life far away from the cold places on Coryza, he chooses willingly the path to the dark side and joins the Sith faction led by Seth Marcus.

At the new Sith Academy beneath Naga Sadow’s tomb, under Marcus’s tutelage, Sirius’s curiosity makes him to secretly explore Korriban’s ruined and forgotten surroundings, most of them being buried deep down into the ground millenia before his birth, by a strong Jedi savior. Therein, Sirius finds a comprehensive lore of the Sith’s dark side, from the evil empire of the old Sith.

Later on, Sirius learns about the Darth title and the Rule of Two from Darth Bane’s Sith holocron along with other countless holocrons, and fallen Jedi turned Dark Lord Darth Krayt’s holocron.

Serving under Marcus’s apprenticeship, Sirius bestows himself as Darth Algydus and holds the title in secret, contrary of Marcus’s claim about the title being an insult to all the Sith members.

An apathic dreadful Sith Lord, Algydus witnesses the inefficiency of the actual Sith Order with its monumental flaws in comparision with the predecessor orders learning from Bane’s holocron inside the buried ancient Sith Academy.

With the knowledge acquired from Bane’s and Krayt’s holocron, Algydus plans to reform the disordered Sith by trying to eradicate both Marcus’s faction and the new-built Shadow Union formed from the Chagrian Sith sorcerer Jocen and the Human Sith Warrior Beceto, self-proclaimed Dark Lords and former allies of Marcus’s Dark Alliance, a remnant of the Bloodline Empire.

The die has been cast, but is Algydus powerful enough to truly achieve his plan to reform the disorganized dark Sith Order or he shall fall, try?”

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Advice: Imagine Daniel Davis, the narrator of the Darth Plagueis novel, is telling you this story. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1. The ABY is no longer available for the stories that take place after Krayt’s Empire’s collapse, but the time when his empire fell is used as a time indicator.

9000 ATFOOSGE-After The Fall Of One Sith Galactic Empire


Nine thousand years had passed since Darth Krayt’s Galactic Empire had collapsed, hereupon those who served the Sith doctrine had adopted their own code. For millennia fallen Jedi turned Dark Lords, ones such as Davon Kun–Exar Kun’s secret heir, step son of Obi Wan Skywalker and Maya Skywalker, the other Tetta Sy’mor–child of two renowned Jedi healers, Wiyss and Sofia Sy’mor.

The awakened spirits of ancient Sith from Chaos, Tulak Hord, Marka Ragnos, Naga Sadow, Freedon Nadd, they all had recognized their strength in Force and their iron determination. They had watched over as the two pretenders had fought a tumultuous war on the savage world Shask where was Davon Kun’s empire in creation. Their battle for the mantle of the Sith and dominance had given birth to the greatest conflict of dark forces ever seen in the galactic history. When the war was over, Tetta Sy’mor had lost and Davon emerged as the indisputable Lord.

The following defectuous Jedi who had adopted the ways of Sith have sent the order almost to its extinction. . .

Four years later after the Bloodline Empire’s fall, the struggle of light and darkness was far from being over, it was merely a new stage of another intergalactic conflict.

A hovercam flew on Coruscant’s atmosphere recording a conflict between good and evil, between Jedi and Sith.

A dark thunderstorm of pure malevolent energies descended from sky razing the ground’s rind. At the Jedi Temple that once again has been claimed by the dark side forces, a colossal legion of Sith was there expecting for their primordial enemy of light.

In a strong gust that blew over the temple’s edge, a bright army of Jedi Masters followed by Jedi Knights came out from darkness, they shone with their white robes in the shaded landscape. Both sides stood still expecting for their opponent to strike first. A few minutes later of staring, a red lightning zapped the ground before them and the battle unfolded.

Emperor Drakan’s former servant and sole apprentice, founder of Dark Alliance, Seth Marcus, he has led the Sith followers in an epical decisive battle for the ultimate supremacy in the galaxy.

Cries of war from each side were recorded by the hovercam, some cries of hatred from Sith, some cries of hope from Jedi; all as their green and red lightsabers illuminated the horrifying sceneries paved with thousand corpses of innocents among countless dozens of noble Jedi. On the battlefield nearly three hundred of Sith Lords have died trying to bring to reality that dream. But at last the guardians of peace and justice have succeeded to protect these worlds once more against of those thirsty for power, against the malevolent force of Sith.

With the battle being lost Marcus and his followers have retreated in the Japrael sector.

There was a wet day on Dxun, loud thunders echoed through all jungles, dark lightnings flashed each rock, all the weather generated by a corrupted environment of the moon. The planet’s taint in the dark side so strong that it killed almost all the animals except the Maalras, Drexls, Orbalisks, and the Rada’gaa, a ruthless species fabricated through use of Sith alchemy and midi-chlorian manipulation by the Sorcerer Leader of Tund, Mattar Daedin, the Bloodline Empire’s Councilor.

They have been there since the first days of empire designed to serve its whims, but they had never been used, it was rumored they could not be tamed, such strong was the beasts’s will.

The unclothed two-legged creatures with purple skin and tiny yellow eyes spotted a giant starfleet shrouded in clouds of shadows and smoke, a ghost ship much alike those from ancient tales.

The seemingly mindless monsters fought hard, in great number, but they had lost the short battle becoming the Dark Alliance’s slaves, servants and tools. Marcus had managed to break the Rada’gaa’s volition, bending them to his command by himself.

In the following years the moon became a fortress world under Lord Marcus’s personally dominance. Yet it was more than that, Dxun itself represented a symbol of Sith, a symbol of triumph and power.

After dark in the Erebus Spire–a magnificent structure carved in rock with its peak seeming to ascend to the depths of sky, a Sith library filled with an enormous wealth of dark side knowledge from past and present. The spire was located in the eastern region of the Sith Headquarters that once served as an ancient outpost for Mandalorians.

In the spire’s centre two figures watched the hovercam’s recording, a tall muscular Human wearing a heavy cortosis armor and a pointed helmet made from the identical metal, stood next to a lean red Chagrian with a wrinkled face, dressed in a common black robe,

“Our plan to destroy the hateful Jedi movement… has failed. We must do something!”, the man whispered to Jocen Alkin A’kei–a respected Jedi Sage master in the past for his vast knowledge of Force’s light side among the other members of the High Council, now serving under Marcus’s Alliance as a consummate Sith sorcerer.

“You are right, under his leadership we’ve done, nothing!”, affirmed Beceto, former Jedi Sentinel apprentice who joined the Dark Alliance at the same time when Jocen did,

”Perhaps the time for someone else to claim the mantle of Dark Lord, has come at last.”, Jocen smirked in darkness.

“It’s time to kill Marcus!!!”, the man tore apart the cam droid in ire with his bare hands.

Jocen and Beceto, Marcus’s foremost Sith apprentices who have shared a secret mutual hatred since their tutor has lost half of the Sith legion in the battle on Coruscant against the Jedi foes. But their schemes met their end, in the Sith Headquarters, in his private chamber, Marcus channeled his mind in the Force as usually listening to all the Sith forces’s thoughts, including his own apprentices’s. It was the silence before the destructive storm, the calm wind before the devastating hurricane.

Marcus with his Sith troopers rushed in the Erebus Spire’s centre in no less than five minutes,

“I see that you’re planning to take my place…”, he had the hands on his hips trying to appear dominant.

With their plot thwarted, the two students took out their blue lightsabers imbued with dark side power,

“Isn’t this the very cornerstone of the Sith, isn’t that if the leader grows weaker, another must claim his position, ‘Master’?”, Jocen pointed at the door’s entrance where Marcus stood.

Jocen–a sorcerer with an extraordinary command with the Force employed untold lightning strikes against the Dark Alliance’s troopers shattering their bones, killing them in a blink. Plenty of Sith servants came by Marcus’s command, they were slain.

With so many’s death Jocen took advantage of the opportunity to turn the Sith servants against Marcus, then when all gave attention only to him, he deactivated his lightsaber,

“I left my lightsaber down as you all can see…”, he put his lightsaber down smoothly.

Marcus looked at Jocen puzzled, uncertain of what he was doing.

“Do you really want to follow this weak Dark Lord, who has lost half of the Sith army, not to mention that our precious Sith temple on Coruscant as well it is again at the hands of the Jedi!?”, the dark sorcerer gesticulated with cries of hatred and despise.

The time to Jocen’s surprise, was on his side;all of them had their attention captured by his bold words, and one by one deactivated their red lightsabers. Marcus understood too late, that his day as a leader has come to an end, that his dominance was gone, it was the finale of his power. But Jocen’s words did not bring any change in his mind about him nor his monumental failures. Marcus, arrogantly as he always used to be when he was under the empire’s command, still considered that his ideals, his own vision of a perfect galaxy under the Sith’s control, were unequaled, never understood by those who had been with him, that was the result of the empire’s influence, no doubt.

In the last moment he activated his bronze bladed lightsaber to escape,

“Do not let him go!”, shouted Beceto throwing his lightsaber after their former master.

Marcus ran impressive through all of them. Taking strength from his intensified rage, he unleashed with his right hand raised in the air an orange lightning storm so potent that it disintegrated most of the Sith troopers, even a quarter of Sith disciples and experienced Sith Masters phenomenally strong in the Force. To Jocen’s surprise, his former tutor entered in Caecus Sero, a starship that killed over two hundred of Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters during the fall of the empire.

The malcontent pair who usurped their master were behind their troopers and their Force-sensitive servants as Marcus took his flight from the Dxun Airport disappearing in the night.

They gazed to the sky with their lightsabers illuminating the ground, when a moment of silence swept the place,

“Where did he go?”, Beceto wondered aloud after he fired a small release of lightning hitting Caecus Sero’s back, Jocen deactivated his short lighsaber and said firmly,

“I presume he went to get new allies to fight us, or maybe he just chose to go on exile somewhere in isolation knowing he has lost against his students. But now all of these are of the past, Beceto, for we are the new Dark Lords, the future of Sith, we are the ones who will annihilate the Jedi Order and conquer the galaxy!”

Coryza-One Year Later

Chapter I

He worked as usually alone in the chilled darkness and the overwhelming surroundings rejecting any contact with those around him. Most time spending it in the Gereod tunnels close to a small private smelter, on a desolate half-frozen planet within the Outer Rim Territories known as Coryza.

There, a pale man with blue goggles was drilling after valuable gemstones like korpis and janax, especially janax, ’cause just a single piece of it worth in both Apatros and Coryza system more than five thousand of credits.

The korpis were blue sharp gems capable of absorbing electricity and release it when they were touched, a reason why all the shipbuilding industries paid a huge price for that design of nature. The shipbuilding industries at their turn after they received the gemstones used them for ‘korsfacing’–a process in which the gems were pressed to form a giant crystal sheet used as protective shield surfaces against everything based on electricity. On the other hand the janax were resistant circular gray rare gemstones that had their use in the construction of a lightsaber’s hilt, and unlike the korpis the janax were melted.

The temperature was almost unbearable inside the dark tunnels, the cold air was felt everywhere in the Gereod, all the men who worked there knew that if a man was not ready physically could go mad literally, yet for those who were in the tunnels that was something normal, they learned to adapt.

In the dark gallery, a deep but familiar voice drew his attention from the work,

“If you can’t take a damn thing Sirius, then you must let me to take it.” , it was the Human ore-seeker Vossk with some friends who came to make fun of him as usually. But not just someone who derided him all the time as everyone knew, but also his closest foe, constantly mocking him for the death of his old brother. . .

“My drill is not working as it should. Anyway you are not gonna take anything from me.”

The problem was that the big and muscular man did not want to leave him alone, after all Vossk hated him with all of his heart, and with good reason as he always thought. Sirius was more focused to his work rather than listening to his hateful coworker.

Then two of his friends both Humans, the skinny derisive Boyer alongside the fat coward Copazcu had in mind to teach him a lesson in how to behave, “Are you deaf Sirius, didn’t you hear what Vossk just said?” , he knew that Copazcu was a piker, but with fearsome friends he always had the courage to say what he thought about anyone and anything.

Sirius stopped the drill turning back to him in a second with his dusty bushy white uniform,

“We all know you’re nothing more but a coward without your friends. So what do you say to get out of here and let me work in peace!?”, the vile Boyer added other words of enmity,

“Watch out skinny lunkhead, don’t you dare to address yourself like this to Copazcu, or Vossk!”

They did not have the nerve to start a fight with him, Sirius knew them too well, he knew that Vossk was the only one brave enough to do it. When Copazcu with Boyer stepped out from their minor conversation, the rough ore-seeker tired of his bold attitude, he suddenly gripped him by the neck, „Next time when I say something to you, make sure to do it!”, Vossk said, and then he punched him in the face with such strength that the young man collapsed on the cool ground banging his nape.

After the incident Vossk with his friends went straight at the Dloc cantina to expend a bit their earning on gambling and beverage.

Some of the ore-seekers were lucky to be in the “warmer” part of tunnels, while those like Sirius or Vossk were in the deepest sides of it, where darkness and cold were making constantly victims from those who could not tolerate such conditions.

With the lungs affected by chilled air, dense atmosphere, barely breathing, Sirius stood there for a moment, his glance passed through the tunnel’s top reaching out from the planet’s atmosphere touching any planet that existed in his imagination and could possibly exist far away from Coryza. He thought for a brief moment, how would be his life away from there, could he find a new meaning of his miserable life, was there a way to leave from that place? Even the memories of his past remained in uncertainty, he had never known his parents, he had never met them, all he could remember was the cold planet, the tunnels, and the men who enjoyed to threaten him.

His past, a blur, an empty hole that had to be completed.

But things connected of present drew him back to the real world, to his painful real life, like the Coryzan Tartaran Octopus with its huge limbs sinking boats and vessels from depths of the Ais sea.

He was aware that without work there are no money, and without money there’s no food, they did do not come by saying the magic word as he wanted to believe, he still had a lots to do.

When he put himself back on his feet he noticed that the laser drill from his hands which fell down as a result of Vossk’s rage was broken, after so many years of use it was destroyed. Despite of Vossk’s outrageous act in the drilled hole were enough gemstones to take at least two thousand of credits.

When Sirius lay his hand in the hole to take them to the smelter, to his surprise there was no sign of korpis or janax gemstones, but a droxin, a very rare noxious crystal which could be found only in certain isolated spots. The droxin, nicknamed by others “the son of bane”, had a major degree of harmfulness and poison. Someone who had protection while holding it in his hands produced only a sensation of a migraine, but at direct contact with the skin it could even induce death by asphyxiation and skin burning. As deadly as it was for any being who tried to touch it, it was as well a valuable crystal that was used in the fabrication of fuel, a raw material substitute for statues, even as a paralyzing crystal for a lightsaber. Without that necessary droxin the ore-seekers risked to lose their job and their life.

He slowly headed out from the Gereod tunnels on the frozen road with his wheelbarrow to the smelter. Most of time he coughed, his voice was already hoarse because of his long exposure to the dense masses of dust and smoke, yet it was no surprise, Sirius was aware that his years spent in that living inferno left their mark over him.

At the end of road, Khios, one of the most muscular and tallest individuals that not even Vossk dared to mock, he poured in a big iron cauldron dozens of gemstones and minerals from the ore-seekers, yet Sirius had to wait his turn just like the others, he didn’t like that part of the tunnels and wanted to get his earning soon as possible.

He stood for hours there, the sweat drops flowed from the brow to his nose and lip, giddy as he was he never wanted to let someone else to take his place. The ore-seekers were extremely brutal, cunning, robbing any opportunity that come out for them to sell their minerals and gemstones.

In the centre of smelter people yelled one to each other to hurry up for no one rejoiced to lose their time. As they were all fighting, as the loud racket amplified, Khios shouted aloud,

“That’s enough you worms, wait your turn!”, his deep barbarian voice made them to hush.

The end of arguing because of his utterance was just an insignificant reason. They were all familiar with him, they knew Khios, they saw him when he had come on the planet, when he set foot in the tunnels, and in the smelter. They found out by rumors he was a famous skilled corporal who had been banished to spend his life forever on the Outer Rim Territories when he turned the back of his fellows joining Drakan’s Sith Empire.

Khios still had in his mind some clear scenes before his sentence which he had sworn he will never forget. Khios remembered when he was sent into exile by the Light Galactic Alliance founded by a descendant of the famous Solo family, Tarra Solo, about three decades after the New Infinite Empire’s collapse and twenty years later after Lord Naga Sadow’s secret brother’s death, the Sith Lord Qwanlaw Sadow.

About three hours Sirius had to wait to get his credits on the gemstones, but when finally came his turn, Khios looked at him noticing the broken drill from his belt,

“Youngman, that’s the last time when I give it to you.”, Khios snatched the drill from his hands brutally.

“As a pay, I will offer you just five hundred of credits.”

“That’s not fair Khios, I stood long enough in those damn tunnels, I brought you more than that, it is a droxin crystal for tartaran octopus’s sake!”, Sirius replied back.

Khios was annoyed by Sirius’s behavior,

“If you don’t like it that way, perhaps I should keep the money only for myself.”

Sirius was smart enough to understand that after so much time spent in those bleak tunnels, so much effort, so much struggle, he felt that he had no choice but to take those few credits.

With the earning he passed to the cantina thinking to buy some cheap food and some bottled water, apparently the cantina sold illegaly products to financially support. In the cantina the people were even more violently than in any part of the tunnels, Sirius knew that anyone could steal anything and none was giving a hand.

When he entered in, Sirius glanced at the only table which there was no person to take it. Softly he walked to the chair, he sat down carelessly as the time stood still for him, turning his gaze on the cantina’s window, like starring into the centre of a void. Alone as always in the left corner’s table he was, not having the smallest desire to speak with anyone who came to him, excepting the R2-50 „BOY” which took him the list with meals.

R2-50 had been once an astromech droid that was bought from a Neimodian merchant, now upgraded for the cantina’s needs.

Sirius looked at BOY with a smile, he lay his rough palm over the droid’s head,

“How it was your day, little piece of metal?”, the droid at his turn beeped,

“I see…”, he said. Apparently, he was the only one who could understand BOY’s hubbub, the others needed holograms to comprehend the droid’s sounds.

So much time passed, that the droid was already familiar with Sirius’s orders, he had already programmed in its own memory the “huttimyn”, a cheap meal made from the intestines of the krayt dragons.

As BOY brought the meal at his table, Vossk, Boyer and Copazcu noticed him when they were drinking. Copazcu wanted to annoy Sirius, but deep inside, he knew he never had the nerve for it, he murmured to Vossk to do that.

He was tired of that grey soup, it was the most nauseous thing he had ever savored, his thought was, but he could not afford something more appealing to his taste, he was in great financial debts since his life on Coryza, always owed something to someone.

Holding the rusty metal spoon in his right hand, Sirius put it in the soup, he chewed a small intestine. The taste was horrible, he quaffed a bit and spat it on the table, after that scene everyone stared at him, only he knew real bad taste the meal had. Vossk assisting to that circumstance was amused, he laughed for a few seconds and couldn’t keep in mind what Copazcu said him before.

Boyer placing his hand on Vossk’s shoulder asked him,

“Come on Vossk, go and piss him off, you know that would make me, so happy.” , with the half glass of beer in his right hand, he raised his tone, “Let me finish my damn drink, do it alone!”, replying then silent,

“And don’t worry, if he is ready to punch you, I’ll kick his ass as I did in the cave.”

Boyer passed slowly from left to right glancing at Sirius, when the opportunity came, he shoved Sirius’s face into the disgusting horrible grey soup. The skinny man relished what happened,

“What’s up, can’t you eat it?”, he laughed heartily as he came back to his friends. The smell of the huttimyn was very unbearable, when it touched Sirius’s white long tied hair it was even more intolerable, the bartender threw him a napkin,

“Get outta here, freak!”

Sirius stood up from the table and left the cantina in a hurry, he walked to home getting some sleep after a hard long day, in the Frozz Apartaments, a gigantic building that was residence to many ore-seekers from the Gereod tunnels.

He lay on the bed, sleeping in horizontal position with the hands on his brisket.

In the middle of the midnight he had a convulsion, a nightmare made its way in his sub consciousness, mocking voices cried out loud. In a dismal labyrinth, Sirius saw a silhouette, he saw Vossk, or what appeared to be a hallucination of him laughing with evil enjoyment.

Sirius pointed to him with his finger,

“Stop laughing at me!”, the shade jeered on,

“I said…, enough!”, a sudden burst of hatred and anger triggered deep within his soul. Next, from nowhere, a pair of blackened cold tendrils emerged, slendering and nabbing the apparition,

“Now, you die!”, he shouted with spurn. The tendrils crushed the ballyrag spook, screaming in hollow, melting into nothingness, and then, his spasm stopped.

The following day, he found himself right in the morning, but his detestable foe was not there to bully him as used to do it.

Outside, the ore-seekers who knew very well Vossk were shocked to stand next to his corpse lying at the downstairs. The loud tumult persuaded Sirius to come down to see what happened.

Down the stairs, he noticed Vossk’s corpse, it was completely frozen,

“Look, that’s how I found him.”, said the blue janitor Twi’lek who touched his face,

“When I saw him first time he scared me. Look at his fingers from the hands, see how his eyes are rolled.”, the janitor did not stop there,

“His flesh is white, his all body is sucked out of life and frozen in the same time. This person didn’t have at all a kind death.”

One old man ore-seeker who stood next to the Twi’lek said his theory too,

“Hey perhaps it was the weather, we know what a bitch is that here for us, on Coryza. Just forget to keep your windows closed all the time, to dress well, and that’s it, you’re done.” The janitor responded with another astonishing fact,

“Sorry to argue with you, but I was once one of the best doctors from the galaxy, I worked for the Light Galactic Alliance, I had studied, treated and witnessed so many species of unknown diseases casued by natural causes or by intelligent beings, and I can assure you that this man died in no more than a few seconds judging by his stance, I could give you even a number, and that’s five.”

At the janitor’s remarks in Sirius’s mind a sensation of fear and curiosity took place, but he knew that a bad weather couldn’t just bring Vossk’s death as the old one claimed, no weather couldn’t have done that to a person, not to turn them into a frozen husk sucked dry as all from there saw. For him this was an unsolved mystery, a mystery of supernatural. To their surprise Sirius was not at all affected by the neighbor’s horrifically passing and returned back to work.

Over the years that skinny young man who was mocked, derided, and bullied by rest of the coworkers turned his body in a mountain of muscles, unfortunately the other ones were getting older day by day, now he was even more fearsome than the tall Khios.

In the tunnels, none was bold enough to start a fight with him, at last he was able to focus on his work without being interrupted.

From the caboodle only Copazcu left, Boyer, his closest friend died long ago crushed by a small rockfall in the western side of the tunnels,

“Now, we celebrate Vossk’s sad death, would you like to add for him some words?”, Sirius laughed a bit and answered,

“That man deserved his grave.”, Copazcu was surprised by his reaction, “How can you say one like that, it was your own fault because you have been treated like that all this time.” , Copazcu asked.

“He bullied me with no reason, I don’t need a motive to feel sorry for him. In fact, you should know I am glad how he died, finally he had seen how it’s like to be at your turn a victim of this tough world.”

As he cleaned his glasses of dust, Copazcu bursted dareing to revile,

“You bastard… I’m sure you were responsible for the death of his older brother. When we found him, he looked exactly just as Vossk.”, Copazcu felt he needed to add more,

“Me, Boyer and Vossk, we always knew you were not one of us, you were not a normal person like us at all. You are a freak, you were born out of pure darkness. Keep in mind that as long as you live, Sirius.”

Sirius scratched his head,

“As you say about that ‘loving children’, but I have a lot of work to do, and I can’t talk.”

If only Sirius changed physically, but Copazcu had done the same, he was no longer fat as he used to be in the past, he became a muscular man as well, and the only one who was capable to start a fight with the hateful Sirius.

In the smelter he didn’t need to wait his turn anymore, the other ore-seekers let him to be the first. And Khios, the tallest of them, had to move quicker with his shaky hands, because Sirius didn’t appreciate to waste his time,

“Hurry up old man, give me the credits.”, he glanced with despire and hatred,

“Right away!”, Khios answered intimidated.

With the new pay, the fresh rough ore-seeker paid a visit to the Dloc cantina. When he entered, they turned their head, feigning that they speak between them, but still kept peeking to his back. Sirius as normally sat at the left corner table, with the new earning, he ordered the most expensive meal, the “prakk”, a meal made from coryza whaladons, originally brought from the Dac ocean. Now he enjoyed the whaladon soup, tasting every bite, the bartender made his every whim, nobody dared to mock him as they used to.

Finished the soup, he headed back in the tunnels to work as usually, secluded and scornful, a loner.

On the way he met a breeder of whaladons who needed someone to do a dirty job,

“Hey, I want you to do something for me, ore-seeker.”,

With his hands on pockets, he answered,

“What is it old man?”

The breeder told him about his Neimodian contestant, Vornok, that many costumers bought whaladon flesh from his rival and he had in mind to ruin the Neimodian’s business by setting free the whaladons from the loft.

After thirty minutes of negotiations the breeder thought he convinced him, but Sirius disagreed with that, it did not fit his character, he saw himself with a bit of dignity, not like the others who worked in the tunnels with him.

“Find someone else to do the job of a coward.”, Sirius differed with abhor whilst the breeder got mad, cursing him in his native tongue when he was meters away from him.

Located outside of the tunnels, in the Ore-seekers’s Lockers, Sirius’s compartment was bigger, neater, and he didn’t require any longer tools from others to start his activity. Now he had his very own laser drill, bought from the Frazzk Market, a hundred times better than the other with the capacity to drill more easily after gemstones.

When he was working, the drill emitted extremely violent sounds, one needed special noise-cancelling headphones to use such instruments. The rattle tolled through all the parts of the tunnel, but no man had the guts to s fight with him because he was not merciful with anybody. The other one that stood next to him felt that he is about to go crazy if Sirius didn’t stop, so the old bully went to swear him,

“You pillock, your drill sounds like bloody hell, stop it. We had enough of it!”, swearing him, still solved nothing. Sirius answered back calm and with abhorrence, “Leave me alone old man and let me work!”

With his big muscles, a bit of bravery, he gripped Sirius by the shoulders and turned his face towards him,

“When I say stop it, you stop it!”, said Copazcu when gave him a strong punch in the right cheek. Sirius didn’t do respond and even challenged that old ore-seeker, Copazcu hadn’t in plan to stop at all and punched him in the face twice. Seeing that he still doesn’t fight back in that way, Copazcu turned his fist to Sirius’s nose, at that instant the rough man gripped Copazcu’s blow with his right hand. Then memories of past played in his mind like a film, he remembered how the fat ore-seeker liked to intrude him. Next, a sudden burst of enmity emerged, Sirius twisted Copazcu’s arm, slowly, but painful, breaking it without remorse.

Copazcu howled in pain, unable to utter a single word, he could even hear the sounds of his twisted arm. The other ore-seekers saw that incident, among those who were Copazcu’s friends approached Sirius trying to beat him. He fought with all his strength, „You want a piece of me, come. I am not afraid!”, he said loudly. The fight was vociferous, despite of their large number, Sirius used any object in his reach. His emotions were so strong that he did things other could not do.

The ore-seekers who fought him, were dead, they had their skulls smashed, the jawbone, the neck, broken. With that offense, even when he knew it was not his fault, he had no choice but to flee Coryza.

Sirius abandoned the tunnels and headed to Vornok’s loft. To his fortune, the guards had a day trip, the security was down, at least this moment.

First, he sneaked in the Meats Room to take a coryzaber, a white, smooth, tractable blade that was used in splitting of whales. Second, he went in the hangar bay and stole a small trade vessel. Inside the spaceship he found the flight manual which he was looking for. He read the manual sitting on the chair for one minute, memorizing all the things he had to do to control the vessel, it was indeed a strange ability, which he never had the chance to exploit properly.

After he perused the manual, he activated the vessel’s engines, in response the hangar’s gateway unfastened, and Sirius flew in the midnight’s mist, while the nozzle’s flames burned into the frost of night, bringing light upon the view.

A Trip To Onderon

Chapter 2

Four days passed since Sirius’s departure, now no more a common man, but a dangerous armed fugitive.

Behind his back, the Caladria, the police responsibile for the protection on Coryza system, pursued him with three Kolad ships. To his fortune, the vessel had been upgraded with laser turrets capable of wrecking an entire starfleet, with shields resisting to excessive amount of damage. He took immediately the control over the weapon systems and prepared himself to respond, but then, a Caladrian officer made contact,

„The Caladria police advises you to deactivate the vessel you have thieved, and come with us as soon as possible.”, Sirius was looking at the radar.

„That’s your best to convince me to surrender, cop?”, he taunted the officer,

„Come on, I am sure you can do better.”, he added,

„If you don’t capitulate, we will be forced to blow up the trade vessel. Please, don’t be a fool!”, the officer advised,

„Let’s see…, two choices…”, he stalled to find a solution,

„I surrender, and you put me on jail where I die, or I die here, but I could live out of prison, if I escape.”

„I think…, I won’t surrender!”, he activated the back turrets and fired in the ships.

Rapid bursts of particle beams ravaged the Kolad ships each one, slowly tearing them apart with a single use of fire power. But it wasn’t a victory as he expected, the officer in the last minutes sent the distress signal to the Caladria force.

After the short chase ended, Sirius headed within the Japrael sector, seeking a safe place to hide until the Coryza’s police canceled his arresting, hopefully forget the incident too.

He set the vessel’s coordinates to Onderon flying through the famous Krayn’s Toll–Onderon’s customs ship. Many had been trying for years to infiltrate there, but they have never achieved that purpose. Vornok’s trade vessel on the other hand gave him a great advantage, reaching the Iziz Starport safely and unnoticed.

Sirius understood that soon new forces will track him down, it was just a matter of time until he was caught. Luckly, there was an old brown robe next to him, which he took it for disguise.

When he landed with the vessel at the hangar bay, he visited the Malgan Market–a place where every individual had informations about what befall on Onderon.

Dozens of merchants were there reasoning to sell their products, among them was a dubious green Rodian–who traded swords and other dangerous mele weapons to particular uniformed individuals.

Sirius noticed their black suits covered by fuscous masks when he approached the Rodian’s stand.

The green alien observed the mysterious dark figure with brown robe from distance, and saluted, “Greetings gentleman, please, come to see my fresh stock.”, Sirius never cared about weapons, but in his mind the Rodian could have owned some useful informations,

“I don’t need your pathetic weapons, all I want is to not be caught by Caladria.”

With the right hand to mouth, the slim Rodian replied,

“So you’re that infamous that was mentioned even before the Light Galactic Alliance after he made it out of the Coryza system.

„I heard you fought with a couple of men in the Gereod, you killed them, and you stole a trade vessel from Vornok’s loft to flee.”

Sirius couldn’t say he cared about them at all, but he had no interest in irrelevant long conversations. The greenish talked further without stopping, then Sirius grabbed the stout alien by his frail shoulders,

“Okay, okay you tough guy. I’ll tell you anything you want, but let me go.”, he released the Rodian from his hefty hands.

“One hundred kilometers from the Kira Fortress, stands the Shatoon Monastery. There, is a wee secret group of Mandalorian Exiles…”, the green aghast alien gurgled to his ear.

„The fool Onderon Guard didn’t notice a single trace of them…”, the Rodian said quietly,

„Go and speak with their boss, Crud.”, Sirius decided to walk away, but he came back,

„Though, watch out, he is very brutal by nature and goes by the old principle, first you act then you think.” With the fresh acquired information Sirius left from there silently, and the green alien continued his daily business.

Behind him, the odd individuals he saw sideways were from Crud’s group, known as the Jarac Exiles, an ancient overlooked split squad from the Mandalorian ranks, who had chosen to deny the traditional values of the Mandalorians and embraced new ones based on money and political power.

Walking on the delicate grass on the endless road to monastery, he listened to the violent wind gust how it whistled through forest. From afar as he was going, a huge edifice arise before him, carved in rock, paved in gold. He knew it was the right structure, described of course from the Rodian’s words.

On the arbors’s branches, yellow energy streaks were present hiding in invisibility certain two-legged shapes. Sirius sensed subconsciously something followed him, yet he risked instead of returning.

He saw almost perfectly the monastic structure, in his mind he accomplished the long task for which he came on that planet. Unexpectedly, five Jarac Exiles appeared behind him turning off their stealth generators. Sirius turned smoothly with the hands held in the air and said to them,

„I don’t want to fight with you. I just want to speak.”

One of them, with a rifle pointed at him eager to shoot him, asked,

“What brings you here, fugitive? Why do you want to get in our hiding?”, Sirius easily recognized those imposing men and added,

„What else, than join your movement.”

„Wanna get in our ranks, huh?”, the young Exile said,

„Yes.”, Sirius nodded. The bold Jarac Exile challenged him to an unarmed competition to see if he was truly worthy of entering in their ranks.

„Then let’s do it.”, Sirius clenched his fists with determination.

The lad punched him in the face, kicked him in the stomach, broke his left rib, they were clearly better at fighting than the ore-seekers whom he killed. All seemed to be lost for him, until his inner hatred manifested and enveloped him in a dark blue aura of shadowy energies, healing him.

One might expected to be an easy unnatural healing process, yet it was not; he heared the sounds of his rib fusing back together inside his body. Sirius’s cry of agony that bursted in a powerful blight ripple disintegrated the boy and the boy’s fellows instantly, shaken the monastery from its very foundations, even a portion of the forest was devastated.

Crud and his subordinates were beneath the monastery, planning how to take over Onderon when they felt an intensive quake shaking the monastery itself.

„By the name of Lord Jarac himself, what’s happening?”, Crud added, frightened by the power of the vibrations and the shards of dust dropping from the floor.

Holding the marker, Crud addressed a question, “What caused that?”, his question met a quick answer,

„It was because of me, leader Crud.”, a mysterious shadow appeared.

Crud checked the video cameras they have placed in the woods and immediately identified him. The one who stood in front of them took his hood slowly, he had a pale cold look, his dark blue eyes expressed offending, apathy, and hatred.

Crud imagined that he would be a very useful part in his effort to take Onderon under his command,

„Come here don’t be shy, I want to know more about you.”, he invited Sirius to take a seat.

Crud took his mask off faking respect for Sirius and interrogated him in a much tenuous manner,

„So, let’s talk.”,

„What do you wish to know about me, leader?”, Sirius asked,

„I was about to ask you about your life in detail, but I don’t think it worths”,

„That’s just fine by me, because I really hate to speak about my past, or about me generally.”, he said with despise.

When Crud felt the astonishing quake, he guessed Sirius had to be connected by it, he knew that quakes of such magnitude never occured on Onderon. Crud wondered himself, was he bonded by the omnipotent energy that penetrated the cosmos, was he alike the Jedi or the Sith?

„You see, one thing I could say about me… Since birth I was always different than the rest who were around me.”, Sirius added with profound irony.

„Did you think for a second you could sense the Force?”, Crud asked.

„Whether I have it or not, I don’t care. You know I just want to find a small meaning in my life.”, he said with indifference.

„It is not that I really want to rule the galaxy. I never gave such a damn about such things.”, responded Sirius.

„Jedi, Sith, they can go wherever they want. All they do is to make wars and impose their own dominance over the rest of us. It is not that I really give a damn about the galaxy’s fate as well, it’s that I just don’t get them, and probably will never. With or without the Force, I am not interested to become one of them.”, Sirius replied back.

„So you don’t want to use the Force to your benefits?”, Crud said.

„The things I do for myself don’t require that. As I said, I am not interested in *honing my skills*, to say so.”, Sirius answered his question.

„But two things I’ve done with the Force, and I was glad about.”, then he remembered about something that happened in his past.

„Which were this?”, he clasped his hands.

„First time happened when I killed one bully’s old brother. That man used to rape young people such those of my age in private, and none could do anything to him, or I suppose they didn’t care.”

„I see, go on.”, he was curious about the story, since he had been raped at his turn, too.

„It was when I saw what he did, and he chased me somewhere in a isolated area. When he wanted to kill me, I presume. When he was really near me, I just closed my eyes and I manifested my own hatred subconsciously, turning him into a frozen husk sucked dry.”, Sirius remembered that incident in the past with fear, now he no longer felt anything.

„And the second, which is that?”, Crud asked for more.

„The other was the bully himself. The same thing happened to him, he was found by some of his friends and a doctor.”

„Okay then, I’ve heard enough.”

„And I told you enough.”, Sirius said.

„Then let’s get back to our plans.”, Crudu ended the conversation.

On the holomap, Crud pointed with the laser marker on a holographic schematic of the Unifar Temple,

“This is the Unifar Temple, if we’ll manage to seize it and kill king Ramess, the onderonians will have no choice, but surrender to us.”

„And how do we do that?”, Sirius asked.

„At night, the temple is most vulnerable. We will strike them down at that time.”, Crudu was showing what each one of them had to do.

“I, four Jarac, and Sirius, we’ll be the ones who enter in the temple to assassinate the king. While the rest of you watch our asses.”

“Are you sure you can do that, Sirius?”, Crud doubtful added.

“If you mean killing someone, it has been the easiest thing in my life to do since I was born. If you were speaking about my talent with a gun, then there would be something to learn.”

“Fine, then. Your training begins, now!”

Eight hours later, in front of the Unifar Temple, Sirius appeared in a light deflecting armor, called jaraxilen—a type of armor that resisted to lightsaber blows and could last for a short moment against explosions.

Next to him stood Crud proclaiming his strike,

“The time has come…, finally we will get the Unifar Temple in our control as our brave ancestors wanted to do that a long time ago, before they were betrayed by the hateful Mandalorians. Then…, Onderon itself.”

Inside the Unifar Temple, a being irradiating massive luminous energies enveloping the surroundings, lay in a contemplation chamber of the temple, offered by the onderonian king for liberating the planet from Drakan’s rule and helped the world’s restoration.

The pale thin creature, a white Muun—the rumors had this alien creature was born from the very fabric of the Force. A being who lived without aging since the first days of the Bloodline Empire, a physical immortality, many Sith Lords craved for, but failed to achieve.

The Muun sent his good will to the stars, his undisturbed consciousness into the very core of the Force—the Netherworld.

It has been so long since he had a word with his Jedi tutors–the legendary Grand Masters–the Kel Dor Maa’Oroba, and Yoda,

“Once again, Master Wijsheid, to see you, happy I am, my old padawan.”, Yoda’s spirit friendly greeted the Muun.

“Masters, I felt the need to advise myself with you. It has been so long, that I needed your advice.”, Wijsheid admitted unrestrainted by arrogance or pride.

“Even,to know everything, the Grand Master of the Order, he cannot.”, the harmless ghost said with irony and soft humor.

“I have lived for nine thousand years through the will of the Force, my teachers.”, the Muun Jedi was drowned in his thoughts, he desired to attain the Oneness with the Force once and for all. The physical life held no importance for him now. He had seen many fortunate and unfortunate events, people that resisted the ravenous appeal of the power and became better, some that succumbed to it and became worse; worlds that evolved toward to the greatness of humbleness and acceptance, some of them being destroyed by their voracious greed and lust for power.

“I have noticed so many events about this beautiful universe, with all of its positive and negative aspects as well.”, the Muun said.

“But I wondered myself, when can I let myself in the embracing of the Force, to become one with it?”

“Many who I knew, to the dark side, they fell. For evil actions, responsible they were. Such one, Darth Vader was, joined to the dark side under the apprenticeship of the Dark Lord Darth Sidious, he had. Brought us almost to extinction, he had done.”

„Unfortunately, I am familiar with such tragedies, master Yoda. During these nine thousand years of my life, many servants of the light turned to evil for their selfish desires, some of them I would dare to say were my padawans or friends. I feel I failed them.”

“You shouldn’t feel like that, Jukan. You are the wisest member our Jedi Order ever had. When you were tested both in body and spirit you proved us all otherwise. You have shown compassion, understanding and mercy toward others who shouldn’t have deserved that. You are better than I could ever hoped to be as a Grand Jedi Master.”, Maa’Oroba replied.

„These events you face master Wijsheid, the greatest menace to the fate of galaxy, they are.”, the spirit of Yoda said with sorrow.

„I understand, masters.”, Wijsheid turned his gaze from Yoda’s spirit to Maa’Oroba’s and back.

„When the dark side grew stronger than ever in the galaxy at the return of another Rakata Empire, to restore balance to the light side, the Force itself in you it manifested.”, Yoda added pointing at the Muun with his brown wooden stick apparition.

“These times are of greed and power Muun master, these are times when the darkness has its most influence. These are the moments when the majority of Jedi are easily influenced by the lies of the dark side. The only things that keep them on the right side it’s that we are a powerful and respected organization.”, the Kel Dor firmly believed.

“Then I shall live on, until I will find someone worthy who deserves the title of Grand Master, a person who would make a good example for others. For my light is not greater than the shadows of present.”

„May the Force be with you, dear masters.”, the Muun said.

„May the Force be with you, Grand Master.”, the spirits’s shining blue auras faded in silence.

Outside the temple, Crud’s group killed the temple’s royal guards, heading straight to the royal chamber. Inside, the king slept, without knowing that he was about to be murdered.

The Muun Jedi to the king’s luck, felt a massive disturbance in the Force, and went to prevent a major disaster which could have brought the ruination of the Onderon planet.

At the door, Sirius received the task of remove the asleep king, cutting his throat with a knife. But their plan was ruined when the Muun master appeared,

„You should leave down your weapons and stop everything you had in your mind to do.”, the Muun pointed at Crud.

“Shit, it’s that damn famous Jedi Master! All of you, kill him now!”, Crud shouted out loud, he knew enough things about the Muun master to not let him live.

A clear white light beam, as pure and noble as Wijsheid’s heart emerged from his lightsaber’s curved hilt. They tried to shoot him, to blast him by the wall with their weapons, but the Muun’s speed was too much, he appeared moving as a flicker in their eyes, they did not stand a chance against the most powerful Grand Jedi Master who ever lived so far.

The Muun deflected their red laser bullet attacks easily with his left slender pale palms, Sirius had the opening to strike the Jedi Master down with his coryzaber as he continued to dodge the Jarac’s blasts, finally he could kill him and maybe, he thought, he would take this world as his own, even backstabbing Crud. But the Muun sensed his quick strike,

“You are too slow.”, Wijsheid parried the sudden strike while he was repeling the Jarac’s shots slamming the human into the wall by using the telekinesis. The intense noisy fight woke up the king from his fascinating dreams about people and how he was being worshipped. The king softly opened the door to discover the source of the sounds.

And there was Master Wijsheid, fighting the Crud’s group,

“Master Wijsheid what’s happening?”, the king yelled on the pavilion.

“King Ramess, go and hide.”, Wijsheid responded on the same tone, apparently they were good fellow.

In that moment Ramess returned to his chamber calling for sentries,

“All the Onderon Guad, alert. The nefarious Jarac Exiles infiltrated in the Unifar Temple. We request your help!”, Ramess was sweating in fear.

Wijsheid wielded the lightsaber with high accuracy, completely attuned with the Force, his acrobatic moves with the lightsaber were flawless, his mind was clear, his whole being was entirely immersed in harmony and serenity.

Using Soresu he deflected their blaster fires, utilizing Niman he leaped over them, reaching in the air. When the Muun touched the floor with his slender feet, he released a quarter of his strength, hurling Crud and his loyal men by the walls with a single Force wave.

Short after the arriving of royal guard, Crud with his subordinates got arrested and they were about to be taken to Onderon Detention Center.

Mad, and in cuffs, he looked straight into the Muun’s eyes, right when they left the room, „You think that’s the end!?”, Crud yelled with aversion, a Jedi aversion.

“There are plenty of us, spread in this huge galaxy. It is just a matter of time until we will conquer Onderon , and Mandalore!”, that was his last sentence.

Sirius, thanks to the guard’s inattention, he took advantage of situation and jumped out of a window, climbing down on the wall.

Out, a gloomy storm was brewing, a few minutes later the air currents intensified, Sirius’s fingers were about to yield. At the half distance between height and ground, he collapsed.

Falling with high velocity, unconsciously, he created a transparent telekinesis shield that smoothed his fall. At the impact with the ground, his limbs were torn, the shield shaped by his mind was not sufficient to protect his members.

The unendur pain he felt, gave way to agony, the agony flowed through him with dark side power invading his body, in an instant his broken bones fused back together as they were once.

In the Unifar Temple, king Ramess dressed in his elegant night suit, lauded Master Wijsheid for his boldness and prowess, “My compliments Master Wijsheid, you are truly the greatest Jedi Master from the entire galactic history that I’ve ever had the chance to know.”

Wijsheid with the head covered by his white robe, replied lowly,

“Please king, there were and are other wiser than me in the ways of the Force.”

“A wise man never tells it, I guess.”, Ramess said with clasped hands.

Flustered, bewildered, astonished that he still lives, Sirius looked to his members, they were just fine. He knew already was because of the Force, he knew already he possessed abilities mere persons around him did not. But the time was essential, the guards were about to be there soon, so he left Iziz in the same way he came.

The next day, a small group of Onderon Guards saw some marks that led them in a large crystal cave, situated in the Onderon highlands.

Deep within,…he was there, sleeping…, he woke up as he heard their footsteps loud as they approached; to his fortune he noticed a crack and hid there.

The guards ventured in the cave and found him,

“Freeze! You are under arrested for the attempting of murdering our king!”, the guards were with their rifles pointed at him.

Coming out of the crack, he said them in a disdainful manner,

“I’ll not surrender so easy, as you may think!”, he took his coryzaber and attacked.

The fire blasters almost penetrated his jaraxilen armor, the guards fired power without stopping. Unexpectedly, the odds were in his favor, the whole place was about to collapse. Then, with his coryzaber he did a quick move, he stabbed one in the belly, running straight to the exit.

Out, there was an Onderonian prison vehicle that was supposed to take him.

He took off his shattered armor to be no more identified and drove back to Iziz Starport.

One of the men trapped in there was still alive for a few moments, managing to send a clear message to Royal Onderon Militia.

He approached silently without any difficulty to starport, but when he was about to leave, Sirius sensed that something was wrong. He turned his head smoothly back to the guards and he already sensed their emotions, he knew they were aware of his identity.

In the last seconds with his amplified emotions, without intention, he drew power upon the Force energizing his entire body to get in Vornok’s vessel as fast as the lightning.

Kun entered in the trade vessel as quickly he could activating the engines and leaving planet Onderon, chased by onderonian starships.

Part I


Chapter 3

The trade vessel was continously under fire, as a last resort Sirius flew through the Hyss route getting in the Chommell sector. The starships kept on to fire power causing serious damage leading to its collapse. With so much damage the trade vessel crashed somewhere in Sumbru’s Morass, a river swamp located next to the Lianorm Raceway.

Sirius barely recovered his consciousness from the blow. As he grabbed a detached low pipe to get himself on his feet he sensed the presence of those who chased him all the way, somehow he was able to see them in a physical way, his sight reaching outside from the broken vessel.

Onshore were plenty of Onderon royal guards waiting for him to come out.

One of them approached and shouted,

„Sirius surrender yourself and you’ll not be hurt!”

„How many times I heard the same thing. Can’t these men come up with something more persuasive?”, Sirius spoke alone with irony barely keeping his vertical position.

„Is that guy coming out or not?”, a guard addressed to another.

„I don’t know… I’ll go and check. Maybe he’s dead.”, the other responded looking to the crashed vessel.

From the river swamp water bubbles arose on the surface, then as none expected a supple shadow appeared before them crawling on the marshland.

Being in a state of physical injury he had enough strength to raise up his left hand from the ground directing it to the men in front of him. In an erupt of anger and hatred he lifted up all fifty in the air with one try crushing their vital organs without using any apparent effort.

In the sky the sounds of a starship could be heard from distance as it was approaching to the place where the onderonians guards met their end. On ground barely walking he noticed a smoldering starship shrouded in shadows landing next to him.

The starship’s trap door opened slowly revealing a dark silhouette wearing a white skeleton mask and a black armor.

“Impressive, boy. Glad to meet you, finally, face to face.” , the strange lauded him.

“Are you here to arrest me, too?”, Sirius tried to do him the same thing he did to the soldiers.

Who stood before him, he wondered? No one other but the Dark Lord himself, Seth Marcus.

“First, recover yourself. Allow the dark side to heal your wounds as you did at the Shatoon Monastery and the Unifar Temple.”, Marcus spoke undisturbed by the corpses that surrounded him.

With mud under nails he listened to Marcus’s suggestion focusing at maximum. In that moment Sirius unleashed a tremendous erruption of dark side energies engulfing in an instant all the swamp river. Every tree, every rock, every animal, all touched by the blue radiation, became frozen.

When he stood up Marcus revealed him things he had been looking for since his entire life on Coryza, things tied of his past.

“Ever wondered, who are you, what are you?”, Marcus stared at the frozen scenery touched by Sirius’s dark signature.

“My past, it’s the only thing I never knew of. It is just there, a blur.”, he addressed to Marcus looking into the same direction.

“I’ll tell you the truth you were looking for. This day shall enter in the galactic history.”, Marcus took off his mask afterwards showing his burnt face, perhaps a punishment from his superior, Sirius thought.

“What’re you waiting for, then?”, Sirius turned his head to the Lord observing more carefully his burned face.

“You are the sole heir of the defunct Galactic Sith Emperor Drakan Kun. The strongest Sith of his time, possessing most powers his predecessors did not have. As creating wormholes tearing the fabric of space and time. So potents they literally consumed planets.”

“Really!?”, in his mind the fear of his unknown male parent slowly projected.

“Your father had been so powerful that he planned to make his way in the Chaos dimension to bend all the dark side spirits to his command. When he had done it he was about to create such a strong bond with the ghosts they could have made him immortal and eternal as a god, an omnipotent entity. However, the Cer’esks or the keepers of the Force’s fabric, an ancient almost-immortal species extremely powerful in the Force, even superior to us, have ruined his plan. Even so, when Drakan united his power with all those who served him, he was strong enough to capture them and encase their energetic essence into a metal casket subjected to Sith magic, which held their presence there for eternity. The leader of the revived Sorcerers of Tund Mattra Daedin was the creator of that ironed casket, he spent a considerable amount of time to make that casket a ‘spirit trapper’.”

“How do you know that was true?”, Sirius asked doubtful.

“Because I was literally there. . . And what he attempted to do had left him weaker than what he had been once. His strength in the Force was only a quarter after his fatal attempt to become an all-powerful entity.”

For a brief moment curiousity struck into his mind, not thinking for a moment that someone like him was by a such a great value.

Marcus had still much to tell about his origins and guided him to his starship Caecus Sero, leaving Naboo while in their back remained the corpses of those poor men.

Entering the Horuset system Sirius looked at the vast darkness of space, at the chill that system emanated, at desolated worlds he barely saw with his eyes as the starship flied through the free spaces of asteroids. From a certain distance Korriban’s red soil and ruined structures were seen with clarity.

“That’s it, isn’t it, Lord?”, he was at the ship’s window.

“Yes, that’s it. The place where you’ll bring the reascendency of our Sith Empire.”, Marcus looked on the screen for the arrival port.

“But we aren’t alone, right?”, his senses enhanced.

“No. How did you know that?”, Marcus looked at him with the mask back on his face.

“Hard to explain, but I can feel some perturbing presences on that planet.”

“No, wait! I can see clearly a vault, or something like that. I can see people there, I can hear them talking one to each other. I think they are under ground.”, he put his two digits from his both hands on his front.

“You healed your wounds, you ran at speeds unaccessible to the ordinary ones, now you can literally *see* with the Force what surrounds you. You’ll become a great Dark Lord and Sith Emperor.”, he prepared the ship for landing.

Outside of their starship a pair of Sith Warriors marked with the blue crest of the disbanded Bloodline Empire on their foreheads expected for his return at Naga Sadow’s Arrival Port. The assembled Sith and fallen Jedi disciples by Seth Marcus constructed the airport next to this ancient Lord’s tomb.

The tomb was mounted with laser turrets on each corner guarded by dormant twisted Sith monsters residing under that tained soil of the planet almost invisible to the Force. Only beings who were in the work of the light side could awake them from their condition.

They all bowed when they came out of Caecus Sero, not to Marcus as one would expect, but to Sirius himself.

“Long live the savior of Sith. Long live the savior of Sith.”, their voices satisfied him proclaiming his arrival on the Sith’s homeworld.

“Finally, someone respects me after all.”, he laughed while the Warriors maintained their humble position.

As they approached the tomb a few uncanny presences disturbed Sirius,

“I don’t think I’ll go there. I can sense something’s not right.”, he stopped.

“Your senses don’t let your sight to deceive you.”

“What’s this?”

“What you sense are beasts of the dark side, keepers of this tomb, the korasch dragons. We don’t know who was their creator but we found them when the presence of a Jedi Knight’s spirit has awakened these beautiful monstrosities.”

“The spirit of a Jedi roams these areas?”, Sirius added.

“You don’t have to worry about it. That Jedi’s power it’s too insignificant to be a threat for us. That ghost of light is on constant move, haunted by the hostile spirits of this planet.”

Beneath Sadow’s tomb lay a new Sith Academy were adepts of Marcus’s great vision resided.

In the academy, young children taken from all parts of the galaxy were measuring their powers one with each other training to join Marcus’s faction. The academy’s Sith Blademaster, Disordia, a purple Twi’lek, Marcus’s first foremost student from Tatooine after the dissolution of his Dark Alliance, was training those eager to join their forces.

“Use your emotions, it will give you the strength to defeat your adversary!”, said the female with the hands behind her back as she watched the duels.

Marcus introduced the savior of Sith, that one who was going to lead them in a final attack against the Jedi and will resurrect the Bloodline Empire.

“Behold this is Sirius Kun, Drakan’s son, our Sith Emperor who had kneeled once the entire Senate and the Jedi Order from all known galaxy.”

Disordia noticed him with no doubt, yet something determined her to think otherwise. For her the Sith had to be led by its most powerful and worthy representant, that was their tenet.

“So what if he is the son of that Sith Emperor!? I don’t see why we should follow him. . .”, the Twi’lek responded with a question.

“I have mastered all the lightsaber forms at perfection. I killed three skilled Narowitz Jedi Sentinel masters on Durmo Kesh when I was in a weakened state.”, she added.

“Disordia, you achieved a position so quickly most of Sith would need time to have it. You mastered all the lightsaber forms in just twelve months.”

“And that’s another reason why I should be the one who rules us.”

“Don’t crave too much Disordia, otherwise I’d have to end your life.”

She remained mute at Marcus’s saying, she felt how an invisible force grabbed her throat suffocating her, even Sirius had a similar sensation though less harmful.

“As you say, mast-“, she nodded.

Sirius was new in their movement not demonstrating the necessary prowess to stand among the other members. Marcus kept his opinion knowing that with proper training he was destined to be one if not the most powerful Dark Lord from the entire galactic history.

Filled with jealousy she wanted their fresh one to be tested in a lightsaber combat against an experienced Sith Marauder,

“Hey, emperor’s offspring, I heard you went through bad things, even the New Galactic Alliance deems you a threat.”, she spoke to Sirius.

“Right now, bounty hunters are seeking you.”

“You don’t scare me if that’s what you intend to do.”, he laughed.

“Oh, I didn’t try to scare you, I was just congratulating you.”, she laughed too.

“It takes some skill to not get arrested that quick. What would you say if you defeat my best student, the Sith Marauder, Kyssaj?”, she walked forward and backward.

“This fight should be with a student.”, Marcus objected

Sirius accepted Disordia’s challenge, “If I want to enter in your ranks. . ., I must prove it. Right, Blademaster?”

He stepped forward, fearless, resolved that nothing will stay in the way of his destiny.

Before his first fight with someone who was touched by the very power of Force, Marcus showed him the Absolomsaber, the very own lightsaber carried by his father.

The uncanny lightsaber was unique and possesed an authentic ability to paralyze one’s limbs at a simple cut, its core and the beam were both dark-light blue. “This was your father’s lightsaber, Sirius. If you’ll truly be able to master it, then no one shall ever stand in your path.”, Marcus gave it to him.

“The edge of this lightsaber can stun one’s arms or feet, pay attention to not get yourself hurt.”, Marcus advised him.

Dozens of Sith apprentices came to see the famous duel between Kyssaj–the best of all students of the Academy, and Sirius Kun–an amateur, they thought, who probably was going to die in a very tragic way.

Kyssaj was trained to wield a lightsaber by the deceptive purple Twi’lek since he was a teenager,learning five forms of lightsaber combat and subjected to immense physical pain. The bulk Sith parried Sirius’s blade’s every strike, slamming the newcomer by the walls, dodging his blade and hurling him backwards by manipulating the air waves. Yet Sirius’s evolved precognitive abilities and extraordinary sprint allowed him to equal the opponent’s experience in fighting he gathered side by side with his swords master, Disordia.

Destroy your opponents by empowering yourself with dark emotions: rage, anger, and hatred. An image in Kyssaj’s mind played with his Sith Master subjecting him to the Force lightning anytime he failed to learn her teachings.

Kyssaj followed the voice’s advice that invaded his very mind and attacked violently giving himself into fully anger, turning himself into a mindless rage beast—the true power of the dark side was unlocked.

“I’ll kill you right now. Don’t you dare run from me!”, Kyssaj shouted spitting and trembling the floor beneath his foot.

The warrior’s lightsaber prowess proved to be useless; his opponent moved too fast for his eye could perceive, his opponent moved as a shadow augumented by the Force.

“Where are you?”, the Marauder gasped.

Out of nowhere, in a fraction of second the angry Kyssaj was stabbed before his sight.

“It looks like the rage clouded your thinking.”, Sirius looked into the Marauder’s eyes with hatred, instinctively devouring his foe’s life-force, experiencing his own strength in the Force intensified. The only reaction that warrior sensed was that of agony, and death. Marcus observed something special about his “new apprentice”; not the typical Sith who were embracing the anger as their foremost fuel for their strength, no, Sirius used only the hatred as a main weapon as fuel of his power.

For the finesse in fight, the unique unorthodox style and a high stamina to exhaustion, Disordia was told personally by Marcus to teach him Makashi, Soresu, Shien, and Niman styles.

The purple Twi’lek showed him the Makashi form combined with the taunt technique Dun Möch; she showed him how to use minimal movement and how to drive his opponents out insane while he performed that lightsaber form. Disordia initiated him into Soresu-a form similar to Makashi that relied on economy of motion and energy efficiency, keeping up to constant-blade movement to build up momentum and minimize energy-expenditure relying only on strong defensive techniques to outlast his enemies until they were exhausted and dry out of their strengths. The Shien form was well-adapted to guard against blaster fire and enemy strikes without compromising one’s ability to use powerful counterattacks; Sirius was told this technique should be used on more than just one opponent. Niman was a hybrid style created by effectively combining elements of the preceding lightsaber forms into a single, generalized form. The Niman lightsaber form had a fairly relaxed focus on bladework, designed as simple. Despite this, it could be absolutely deadly in the hands of the foremost skilled practitioners, as demonstrated by the his forefather Dark Lord Exar Kun during the Great Sith War.

During his training with Disordia, Kun displayed a great sharpness of using Makashi, Soresu and Niman forms against Djem So, Ataru, and Juyo student users alike him.

Days have passed and he earned his position into the Sith ranks, making all types of friends, socializing with everyone in academy, he has even taken Kysajj’s place as the best Sith student. During his classes, he learned about tombs on this barren planet, he was always curious about dominant and imposing figures that shaped the very face of the galaxy. He had in mind this time to visit the infamous Valley of Dark Lords.

He got outside Naga Sadow’s burial chamber alone, walking and watching at the Sith Lords’s mausoleums where except the Great Sith Temple, apparently all of them were plundered by tomb robbers or no more utilized when they were no longer useful by new generations of Sith.

As he explored the barren cold valley, on the lifeless dry soil he spotted a tiny deformation of the landscape, and with the aid of the Force he lifted up a small mass of sand jumping in the ground’s crack. As he went down in free fall, he surrounded himself with a transparent shield, this time landing safely.

Despite the darkness he was able to see very well in obscurity, it didn’t pass long he recognized the building’s pattern, it was a buried ancient Sith Academy, but by what or whom, he asked himself.

As he looked around for more clues, in the old structure’s reachable parts he found a long-forgotten tomb within the academy’s centre. That academy held the very own remains of an ancient Dark Lord known as Darth Bane. In that place Sirius discovered a secret room with a few Sith scrolls and holorecords created possibly by him.

When he watched to the holorecords-a major distinction between the Sith Order whom he served and the ones that predated it, he noticed.

In holorecords he learned about the Sith’ari, Darth Bane, the infamous Brotherhood of Darkness of the Old Republic, a dark Jedi parody from Lord Bane’s point of view. Sirius learned how Lord Bane fooled the dark Jedi band to prime a thought bomb by using an ancient Sith ritual against Lord Hoth and his Army of Light, ultimately destroying them all. Bane’s message being that the Sith serve only themselves and that was the true nature of the dark side of the Force.

In a compartiment Sirius found a Sith journal with Lord Bane’s personal notes,

Two should be there, no more, no less., he skipped to the journal’s next page.

Every pretender that follows the dark path to ultimate power must rechristen themselves choosing the “Darth” title. This title not just offers one a new birth, but sets them dominant over the rest people around them. But be careful, once you have taken the path of the dark side, there is no turning back. The dark side will devour you within, testing your strengths and your limits; if you will survive the process, it will elevate you to marvelous heights of power, if you do not, then you shall die in agony and your spirit will be absorbed by the Void.

As he read the holojournal, a smoldering spirit appeared from a sarcophagus awakened by the young darksider’s fortitude and strength in the Force; the spirit of Darth Bane himself,

“A Sith pretender into my very own tomb. What do you want?”

Sirius turned to Darth Bane feeling palpable waves of dark energies coming from the Sith tomb,

“Isn’t clear Lord Bane, what else but power?”

“Yes, power. But for what, pretender?”

The Sith ghost flew in the air around him, testing him to see if the person that violated his resting place is worthy or not. If the young dark side adept was worthy then Lord Bane would have gladly showed him the Sith secrets, if he did not, then the Dark Lord would have used his dark powers to collapse the buried academy’s concrete ceilings over him.

“Because I crave it. With power you can become whatever your heart wants and you can achieve whatever you desire. In this world, those who are in power decide what’s wrong and right, not the majority. It was never in another way.”

Bane’s spirit laughed with irony, he was satisfied by the young dark side student’s answer,

“Exactly. There are those who strive to grow stronger and there are those who remain stagnant. And eventually, the stagnant will follow those who strive.”

“Enough speaking philosophies, Lord Bane. I demand you to learn me everything you know.”, Sirius added.

“’Demand you’?”, Bane’s voice sent fear into his heart, something he had never felt before; Bane’s voice vibrated with the dark side of the Force.

“Do you realize you are standing before a Dark Lord that has set a legacy that resisted far more than any other Sith’s, pretender?”, Bane’s deep voice echoed throughout the buried academy and his black aura rotted the air, emanating a smell of death.

“I am Sirius, heir of Exar Kun. I am your superior, Lord Bane.”

“’Superior’, why, because of the dark side heritage you possess?”, Bane’s dark spectre kept floating around him.

“Because I am alive, I am strong, you are dead and broken. I don’t believe in heritage as one’s proof of power and prowess”, Sirius pointed at the Dark Lord.

Darth Bane laughed again in silence proud of the Sith pretender’s answer,

“You speak the truth. . . Sith pretendent, you have passed the test. A true Sith shows no mercy or respect toward the weak and broken ones, they are their superior and therefore the weak deserve their fate.”

“I short studied a few of holorecords and I read about the Brotherhood of Darkness-the defectuous Jedi band that had been destroyed by you during the time of the ancient Republic.”

“Yes, they were fallen Jedi, impostors, corruption to the Sith truth. But do you know why I had killed them?”, the Dark Lord wanted to see if he was about to realize.

“Because they represented a danger for the real Sith, they were too many.”

“NO! I have destroyed the Brotherhood of Darkness because it was in its nature a defiance to the natural world of the universe. The dark side itself it is a burden, it tests the individuals, the dark side transforms them, conjures them their greatest challenges. In the dark side, there are-“

Sirius affirmed,

“-two, no more, no less. A master to embody the power, and an apprentice to crave it.”

“Indeed.”, the Sith ghost added with crossed arms.

“But how can I destroy these Sith I serve? They defy the very nature of the dark side, how do I destroy them, I cannot fight against all, Lord Bane?”

“Do you think I have destroyed the Brotherhood of Darkness by brute strength?”

“Some holorecords I saw that’s what they’re implying.”

“Myths to worship their gods. I have annihilated them not by using crude strength, but by cunning, deception, I twisted their minds, faking I was their ally when in truth I served just myself.”

“One more thing, Lord Bane?”


“When I know that a Sith serves their Sith Order?”

Bane raised his spirit formed fingers,

“By serving yourself, you serve the Sith. That is the irony of our order.”

“I thank you for your advice, Lord Darth Bane. And I will do just as that.”, Sirius turned his back to the Dark Lord’s ghost.

“Lord Sirius, scion of Exar Kun, before leave, I want to show you a few things.”

Sirius turned his face back to the smoldering spectre,

“What ‘things’?”

From Bane’s ghostly hands emerged a thin red beam that penetrated his mind ‘injecting’ him dark side knowledge, knowledge about forgotten Sith powers. Bane’s spirit mentally learned Sirius how to hide his presence in the Force, how to consume one’s thoughts and add their knowledge to him, how to induce paranoia in their own mind, and the secret of the immortal life–the transfer of the essence into other vessels.

“Remember, Sirius. When you have spent decades training and experimenting with the dark side of the Force, your body will eventually let you weak and deformed. To avoid death and endless agony into the Chaos you must use this technique of transferring your spirit into other shelters, it is the only way to avoid eternal torment. Yet, be careful, if you will going to miss your respective vessel, then your spirit shall go into Void.”

“I understand, Lord Bane, Sith’ari of the old Sith.”, Sirius bowed in reverence for the knowledge offered.

“I have taught you everything I know, Sith Lord. Go, destroy the impostors of these times and fulfill your destiny as new Sith’ari and Dark Lord, heir of Exar Kun.”

He remembered those words with pride realizing that these Sith had to be purged. All who represented the present order had to be destroyed. Shameful failures of past had to be cleansed through blood and death, in that way the Sith Order would have been purified, reborn.

And then, Bane’s spirit faded back into his eternal blackened sleep.

Walking further in the wrecked academy exploring its unknown parts, Sirius found a different holocron in another compartiment. At a closer inspection the holocron was newer than what he discovered earlier. A red image appeared when the device was turned on, there was Darth Krayt-the reigning Dark Lord of the Sith that has set his One Sith one millennia after Darth Bane’s Rule of Two. He listened to Krayt’s words mindfully, eager to know more about his order despite of his contradiction with Darth Bane’s teachings.

I am Darth Krayt, Dark Lord of the Sith and the leader of the One Sith. Despite the traditional law of the Banite Lords, I have created my own ideology based on the teachings of the first Dark Lords of the Sith, the one that has trained me, Master XoXann. There is one Dark Lord at one time and the lesser ones, they are my servants.

I am the Overlord–embodiment of power, personification of awe, incarnation of dominance.

Sirius noticed Krayt’s holographic appearance wearing a red robe likely majestical , at his turn, the Dark Lord’s holocronic manifestation noticed him too.

Sirius wondered if Bane’s words were but a lie or a misconception or a flaw, what if he was actually wrong and there could exist more than one Sith? He knew after all that Bane’s philosophy had weaknesses just as Krayt’s philosophy did. Both orders had strengths and weaknesses, Bane’s was perfect for preservation of the Sith Order with just two for unlimited ages and Krayt’s allowed to an unlimited number of Sith legions led by a sole Dark Lord to conquer the galaxy, maybe the truth was in the middle, he thought.

“Lord Krayt, can there be more than two Sith, can be the power shared?”

The Sith holocron offered him the answers, an answer that surprised him,

Most Sith are afraid to share their power, but I am not one of them. A true Sith should not be scared to lose their powers, that would mean ‘fear’, a weakness.

“My Lord, is the power a means to itself?”

Do you want to know the flaws of the old Sith, pretender?, the holocron irradiated with dark side energy.

“Yes, Lord Krayt.”, Sirius bowed to him in reverence trying to gain Krayt’s holocron’s secrets.

They had no purpose; in the end they became slaves to their great dark side powers they possessed.

But I have a purpose—to restore order to the galaxy.

“Yet, Lord Bane has stated this would defy the Sith teachings.”

“Isn’t the Dark Lord Bane the one who had said that the obedience is like a chain, and the Sith should serve only themselves?”, the words of Darth Krayt left him speechless.

Power isn’t a means to itself, power is a means to a purpose, pretender.

“Do you know why am I here, Lord Krayt?”, Sirius was sunk into his thoughts and drowned into the fascinating power the Dark Lord would give him.

What else, but knowledge and power., Krayt’s imposing sight pierced his cold heart.

Sirius memorized Bane’s words–that once the dark side has completely gripped you, your physical shell will eventually collapse, so he sought a second way to prevent the unstoppable demise if he were unsure to use the Transfer essence ability.

“Can one bring themselves or another back from the depths of the death?”

Yes, there is.

“Can you show it to me?”

I can’t show it to you or learn you, but you’ll need to find it in yourself.

“How-“, Sirius asked when suddenly several unknown animals were freed from under floor hidden stasis capsules and assaulted him. Krayt’s holocron awakened other strange two-legged aliens from other stasis capsules.

By saving your life!, Krayt’s image clenched the right fist yelling.

The threatening bizarre aliens ambushed him, scratching his body, leaving him wounded and defenseless. Sirius tried to sense them as they kept to attack and disappear into shadows, but he could not,

“What are these creatures?”, he asked Lord Krayt holding his paralyzing blade and heavily breathing.

They are Yuuzhan Vong-I managed to capture some of them when I went across the stars to free other slaves such as myself and build my One Sith Order.

The Yuuzhan Vong seemed to look like the humans, they had sloping, almost ridge-like foreheads, they had short, stub-like noses, making their faces appear skull-like. They had black hair, though in lesser amounts on both the head and body than humans, but often wore it much longer than them.

“How can I kill them with the Force?”

You cannot. The Vong defy the very nature of the Force and are capable to resist many of the Force based attacks.

These Voxyn deadly elite predators were designed to hunt down anyone who uses the Force, and these mindless, yet loyal Caste Warrior Yuuzhan Vong–they all can be defeated only with melee weapons, or in your situation, with the power you will discover in yourself.

Despite the great physical strength he continued to press to break their black suits, the Vong’s living armors were impenetrable and the Voxyns’s too. Sirius tried to play their brains by using the Force, yet it had no result. Red devouring waves of energy emerged from his left hand ready to consume the unknown aliens, but it was not possible, it was as if he drained “nothing”, neither light or darkness energy. Sirius kept on leaping and dodging their vicious attacks, trying to instill them with insanity, to alter their perceptions—his efforts led him to no good result.

Krayt’s sight closed into itself, remorseless, laughing of the pretender’s outcome,

And you dare to call yourself a warrior!? This place is not for those as you. Go from here, leave, and don’t waste my time anymore.

Then it happened; as he lay on the cold concrete floor, helpless, at the select Yuuzhan Vong’s mercy, angry with the Dark Lord’s words, Sirius tapped into the darker emotional power that resided within him, unleashing potent waves of blue storm lightnings that shattered nearly everything around him—completely incinerating the Vong aliens, healing himself in turn.

Getting up, furiously and angrily he shouted at the Sith Lord,

“I’m not weak, and I’m not a pretender. That’s you, not me!”, Kun pointed at him with his shaking finger.

The anger and hatred were necessary to help you in touching that ability. In the Sith ways–anger, fury, wrath, jealousy and hatred are justified emotions.

“Maybe you’re right, Lord Krayt, you might be right. . .”, Sirius commented sensing his instant physical recovery as he was enveloped in the ravaging lightning storms that incinerated the mysterious aliens and burned a quarter of the ceiling.

You have what you craved, you learned what you desired. Now go, my lesson’s done for you., the red dominating tridimensional image of the holocron beeped fading away.

Sirius left the decayed chambers where he found the knowledge of Darths—Bane and Krayt, eager to find even more.

After thirty minutes of wandering and studying volumes and preserved ancient tomes inside the buried academy Sirius resolved to leave behind the old ruined structure returning to surface through that hole where he fell down. But as he made his way to the surface, potent waves of dark side energy were about to ascend to the surface leaving disturbances in the Force–all perturbed by his dark side presence. To keep the newfound Sith knowledge for himself and himself alone Sirius successfully manipulated and redirected the malevolent energies back into the ruined academy sealing them by using the masking technique learned from Darth Bane. It was a first in the entire Sith history, for no other Sith Lord before had managed to use such an ability on something else but them.

Part II


Chapter IV

Six months passed after he had control over the Force and could use a lightsaber properly, finally capable facing on his own other users who could utilize the energy field that bind all things together.

Sirius was now above all simple ephemeral beings.

Seth Marcus, his Sith Master, was just returned from a personal matter heading beneath Naga Sadow’s tomb, entering in the Zveris Lavonin–a place where only the academy’s best student could train. Disordia was the first who trained in that place, and it could have been Kyssaj if he was not killed by Sirius Kun.

Zveris Lavonin was a spacious training chamber full with terentateks and shyracks. Though terentateks were thought to be extinct, the Sorcerer of Tund Mattra Daedin succeeded in creating from their remains new ones through use of dark side alchemy.

In the Zveris Lavonin Marcus watched how Kun was fighting a couple of shyracks, with terentateks–old beasts never used since the times of the Old Republic.

He was doing a great job, the lightsaber guided by his right hand moved almost as a cyclone compressed into one being. His strength in the Force amped by his dark emotions was powerful enough to shake the tomb itself, even Korriban’s core was but affected by the spontaneous bursts of energies emanated from the human. His enraged scream amplified through the Force disintegrated those hideous monsters by merely touching them. He siphoned their life-force, feeding himself, growing stronger, healing his injuries. The power absorbed from those beasts turned his white hair to grey, changed his blue eyes to black, his skin got alike cinder.

With folded arms on his chest Marcus congratulated the fresh student,

“Day by day you are becoming stronger Sirius. The effects that appeared on your body, are a proof. It comes the time when you’ll lead us, as your father did.”

“Why are you here, master?”, he bent his head to his teacher dressed in a common Sith armor.

“I have come with a special task for you, my apprentice.”

“Which would be that?”, Sirius gasped after such a hard ferocious fight with the beasts, barely able to keep his eyes opened up.

“You must go on Dantooine and capture Perenus, a renowned human Jedi Master. He is our key in achieving vital informations of the Jedi hidings.”

“’Jedi hidings’?”

“Since the Greatest Jedi Purge initiated by emperor Drakan. The few Jedi survivors have created safe places on secret worlds unknown by the rest of the galaxy.”

“’The greatest purge of Jedi’, and they still returned!?”, Sirius softly laughed.

“The reason why the Jedi regathered their forces was because we have been betrayed by someone we thought to be our ally. And that one was responsible for your father’s death.”

“And why should we get complicated with a Jedi Master?”

“The Jedi of all ranks are aware that among them, some who serve under their service, will eventually defect their movement and join our forces. Only those twenty Jedi survivors had the coordinates to the unknown planets, and just three are alive today.”

“Three masters, three options.”, quietly and prideful Kun laughed.

“Perenus is the only one who spends his time at the Dantooine Enclave, training the new generation of Jedi.”

“And the other two?”

“Baahaa Niphus the Kaminoan is in the Unknown Regions with Phassaj the Falleen, for years. The exact purpose of their mission is a mystery even for us.”

During their conversation as Marcus spoke, he recalled,

“If I remember correctly not even the Jedi Council knows about their departure, too. If you ask me, I strongly believe they have already betrayed the ideals of their order. But who knows, I might be wrong.”

A typical Sith student interrupted their discussion bringing a heavy and complex box. What could have been there, he asked himself. Was there, teachings, holocrons, maps for quests of greater powers, maybe a respect for his status in his position in the Sith Academy on Korriban?

“My lord.”, the student nodded in reverence.

“Open it!”, Marcus ordered the student.

The casket contained a light battle suit with dark robes, found a long time ago by Davon Kun in the first days of the Dark Forces War–a conflict between Davon Kun himself and Tetta Sy’mor, two Dark Jedi, and just one became a fully-fledged Dark Lord of the Sith.

“What’s this, my master?”, Sirius was somewhat glad but disturbed in the same time.

“It is the very famous light battle suit wore by the ancient Dark Lord Exar Kun. It was your forefather’s light battle suit, claimed by Davon Kun–the first emperor of the Bloodline Empire. It was given from father to son. It belongs to you now.”

In spite of its considerable weight, the suit offered appreciable protection and maintained good flexibility allowing the wearer to execute marvelous acrobatics. The suit had the Dark Lord’s evil signature even after his physical death, it seemed as if his spirit dwelled into it.

Exar Kun’s aura within the armor was so destructive that those who could not embrace and bear the dark side’s burden, those who could not endure the transformation of their physical condition, were simply destroyed.

“It makes me feel so strong, so flexible. I can sense Exar Kun’s presence, his powerful energies flowing within my flesh. My connection with the dark side has never been so immersed as now.”, he added regarding the ancient battle suit with his astonishing raspy voice.

Getting out of the academy, Sirius headed to the Arrival Port where a couple of Sith assassins were waiting for him,

“My lord, we were told by Lord Seth Marcus to assist you in your dangerous mission.”, they kneeled with humility

“Nice, but don’t you make me any problems.”, Sirius entered in the Sith transport ship taking a sit.

Three hours later, the beautiful planet known as Dantooine—the place where legends and Jedi heroes were formed, soon was about to be stomped by the forces of the dark side.

In the sky, an invisible flying ship made its path toward the places full of Jedi—old Masters, young Knights and Padawans.

As the mysterious ship penetrated Dantooine’s atmosphere to land at the Khoonda plains, Sirius and his Sith assassins hid their presence in the Force not getting detected by any Jedi, walking dressed in common brown robes pretending they were people looking for shelter or travelers, the perfect disguise.

When the contact with the planet was made, in profound meditation Sirius sensed a ripple as he stepped on the planet’s dirt, it was like a call for great dark side power, coming straight from a certain location.

“I feel something dark side running strong somewhere around here. I need to check it out.”, Kun ordered his Sith assassins to head unobserved at the new Jedi Enclave and to wait for him.

Kun followed those residuals of dark side energy going through Khoonda plains’s areas, encountering a group of unidentified bounty hunters composed of Duros, humans, Neimodians, reptiles–all looking with suspicion at him. Normally anyone who would have violated and discovered the bounty hunters’s places, they were sent to sure death with no negotiations, though not in Sirius’s case. Kun bent their thoughts to his own through use of Force, turning them into docile beings enough for him to find what he was looking for. In the bounty hunters’s mind only a mysterious slender shadow appeared enveloped by the rays of the sunset, and then, it disappeared.

After minutes of searching, he finally found an old cave. Inside of it, giant spiders were crawling, appearing more and more in his way. Sirius slew the cave arachnids, slicing their slender feet, beheading them, hurling them by the cave’s stoned walls with force waves. As he was exploring the cave’s parts, he spotted a big crack that released low masses of malevolent energies, same dark side energies he felt when he was on the plains.

Sirius put his right hand in that small hole finding a lost sacred black amulet with red lines, bearing the ancient Sith Empire’s marks.

Sirius touched it for a second and the amulet began floating in the air before his face, surrounded by blue hot flames. He lay his fingers on it, so the amulet burned his chest skin, penetrating his brisket, fusioning with it. Sirius felt pain, agony, he shouted, he screamed, his cry echoed throughout all the cave. As the amulet merged completely with him, he sensed his physical strength and his power in the Force, both enhanced. To see what he obtained by surviving through that short-agonizing process, he wanted to test his newfound powers on an arachnid. With the amulet amplifying his physical strength, Kun punched through the spider’s belly creating a force wave causing the arachnid to “explode” before his sight. The amulet was so impressive that it healed him from the spider’s deadly venom that dripped and burned some parts of his face. After he got the ancient amulet he abandoned the gloomy cave and returned to his Sith assassins.

Back at the Khoonda plains, three of his assassins were gone and the rest of them were down on the grass, stunned,

“What happened here?”, he said frowning his front.

“Three of us have defied your order taking us by surprise, freezing us with the Force.”

“Where are those three?”, he addressed to them in silence with his hoarse voice.

“My lor-“

“Yes?”, Sirius gazed straight to the assasin’s eyes.

“They are near the Jedi Enclave.”, the assassin spoke bowed to Sirius.

At the rebuilt Jedi Enclave Master Perenus was training Jedi padawans, outside the three Sith assassins who disobeyed Sirius’s command tried to enter in the enclave, but they were stopped by two Jedi-Knights that guarded the place.

Sirius ran coming with his assassins fighting the Jedi Knights, those two had a bad day. Sirius fought with them as well, striking with hatred, slicing off the knights’s heads, when the little fight was over, he questioned those three assassins.

“Who said to you to attack the Jedi Enclave in my absence?”, but none said anything to him.

WIth no second thought, he choked all three of them,

“I shall not ask again. Who’s idea was that?”

One yielded,

“It was Disordia. . . She told us to set an ambush for you by making a deal with the Jedi from the Enclave.”

When the assassins said the truth, Sirius thought how to get rid off his inner rival; assassinating her, torturing her and then kill her?

“Now you can let us go, our Lord. We have informed you about Disordia’s plan.”

But defiance was defiance,

“Your loyalty belongs to Disordia, and she will follow you soon, in her grave.”, without hesitation, he broke the three assassins’s necks with a simple gesture.

Inside the Enclave, Perenus and the other Jedi Masters sensed the presence of the dark side that entered into the building. On the long hallway, five Jedi Knights with shiny white robes appeared before Sirius’s eyes and his Sith assassins.

In the fight they proved themselves to be worthy opponents, killing all the Sith assassins.

Sirius was on his own and the odds seemed to be against him, but through his channelled hatred he unleashed an ice-lightning that froze all of the Jedi Knights in the hallway.

Perenus and the fellow Jedi Masters sensed their death, the final solution was to take the padawans somewhere safe, they knew the Sith sought the Jedi’s destruction and they would have done anything to wipe them all out from the face of the galaxy.

All the way, Jedi were slain, there was a complete silence, even the wind could have been heard whistling all over the enclave, like a sound of death.

One of the four Jedi Masters, Bassak the Besalisk Jedi Sentinel, a little bit aggressive by his nature, attacked with overconfidence rotating his purple double lightsaber with ferocity. The other near him, Berko, the Weequay Jedi Consular jumped in the air with his two green lightsabers trying to pierce the Sith Lord, the last, Ermek, a Twi’lek Jedi Guardian, created a low shock wave with the Force directing it towards the Sith Lord.

“By the Jedi Valley, you will fall this day, Lord of the Sith!”, Bassak crackled his teeth, running with his purple lightsaber.

“Neverthless, you will be defeated.”, Berko held the lightsabers’s green blades straightened onward.

“The power of the Jedi will destroy you!”, the Twi’lek Ermek touched the enclave’s concrete floor with his right palm unleashing the shock wave.

Sirius leaped in air as well, clashing his dark-light blue blade with the Weequay’s green blades in a “x”. Afer that he took the Jedi Consular’s right lightsaber from his hand coming back on the floor. Then, he struck the Twi’lek Jedi Guardian with the Consular’s green lightsaber, stabbing the Twi’lek’s belly.

“Ermek, no!”, Bassak shouted with despise.

“He was my best friend. You’ll pay, Sith!”, the Besalisk turned to the dark side, immersing himself into a Force rage.

The Besalisk suddenly had his sprint increased, spinning his purple lightsaber as fast as an airscrew. The Weequay took back that green lightsaber from his left hand without even realizing, frowning at him.

“His physical strength it is outstanding. I can feel the Besalisk’s manifested fury.”, Sirius thought.

“This Weequay’s skilled in the ways of the Force, able to take his lightsaber from my left hand without I could know.”, Sirius added in his mind.

He received hit after hit, strike after strike from the Besalisk Sentinel’s purple blade empowered by the dark side, the Weequay Consular tried to break his mind, creating illusions to deceive him.

Sirius couldn’t explain to himself, but he had the unnatural ability to see weaknesses in every object and every living thing around him, ‘Shatterpoints’, he called them.

This unusual power allowed him to see in the Weequay’s Force illusions, disappearing completely from his mind.

“I’m tired of this already!”, Sirius concentrated all his inner hatred and anger bursting like a star, obliterating on the hallway the two Jedi Masters, the Besalisk and the Weequay, with a force wave.

With his green lightsaber activated, Perenus was waiting for his enemy to enter in the Training Room. Perenus was not a man of fear, but a brave one, yet he knew when it was the time to fight or to run.

The doors opened slowly, behind them, a Sith Lord wearing Exar Kun’s light battle suit and his black apparel.

“You will be defeated Sith Lord, prepare yourself.”, Perenus threw his ignited lightsaber after the darksider, the Sith grabbed the green lightsaber’s blade with his bare hands using the Tutaminis ability. The Jedi took his own lightsaber back from the Sith Lord’s left hand.

By using the Force the Jedi Master lifted up remains of ancient pylons hurling them directly to the Sith Lord. Sirius jumped over them, with an unusual quickness he managed overcoming Perenus’s cunning, tossing him by the Training Room’s walls. Sirius grabbed the Jedi’s fainted body and came out from the enclave.

Exiting with the fainted Jedi’s body on his right shoulder, Kun looked at the enclave,

“They say this enclave is gifted with some of the sharpest Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters from the galaxy. Yet you all fell easily in my presence.”

With the defeating of the four most skilled Jedi Masters on Dantooine, Sirius Kun was turned by that event into a tremendous menace for the galaxy, sending a direct message to the Jedi Order and the Light Galactic Alliance.

The Sith are victorious!

And Kun disappeared with the Sith transport ship as mysteriously as he arrived on the planet.

Back on the red planet Korriban, within the Sith Academy, Marcus was celebrating their grandiose victory against a few squadrons of Imperial Soldiers on Exekios–a gigantic blue planet, rich in minerals, within the system with the same name located in the Outer Rim Territories.

At the Korriban’s airport arrived a familiar transport ship, it was Sirius Kun with the captured Jedi Master. Outside of the transport ship four Sith assassins were waiting,

“I brought the Jedi, now go and take him for interrogations.”

“Yes, Lord Kun.”, they bowed in reverence and took the Master to a cell prison.

Inside the academy Marcus held an inspiring speech about war, conquest, victory, and now he was about to end it,

“In this way, we shall destroy the hateful Jedi and rule the galaxy!”, Marcus raised his hands and roared. The Sith crowd shouted his name, raising their hands in the name of the victory,

Destroy the Jedi, rule the galaxy. The Sith will triumph. Long-live Lord Seth Marcus!

As all of them resumed their training, Kun came and bowed before his Sith Master, Marcus complimented,

“I’ve heard that you managed to capture the renowned Jedi Master.”, he added more,

“This is a good thing, cause soon Sirius Kun, you shall become the most powerful Dark Lord of the Sith, and you will going to erradicate once and for all this plague of Jedi.”

His apprentice looked straight into his eyes and replied silently,

“As the descendant of Exar Kun, the next Dark Lord of the Sith, I vow, you, and to the rest of our followers, that I will destroy the Jedi and all those who stand in the path of the Sith to conquer the galaxy.”

Fools, naives!, these were his thoughts about them. All those who stand in the path of the Sith, the ‘true’ Sith, they will all going to be annihilated, including the ones that follow him in hoping to restore the Bloodline Empire.

You will all be destroyed!

Kun desired more than anything else bestowing himself with the Darth title, to be reborn, but after Sith Emperor Darth Kryat’s Galactic Empire, that title became a stigma of all those who claimed it, thus it ceased to be used. Marcus would have been quite shocked and really disturbed if he ever heard about that, Sirius thought that his teacher may tell him,

“That title is no longer worn within our ranks. It is nothing more but an antic, something that could divide us all and bring the doom upon us.”,

Or even a more tragical scenario played in his cold mind, Lord Marcus might have him killed,

“How dare you to use that name!? All those who use that title must be destroyed. I will take your place as the new Sith Emperor of the Bloodline Empire.”

The fear of being destroyed, to lose this great power that now he wielded it; the fear of the very death that was a natural part of the life, all these made him to abort this bold claim, at least for now.

Kun already knew from Bane’s spirit and Krayt’s holocron that this order of Sith had a flaw and they had to disappear.

No matter what, they must be purged!