Spy Media Synthesis

The Spy From The Cold film:

Spying during the Bitter War aka Cold War (Democracy vs Communism) was a place in history where civilians have many unrested lives was taken away from the two division and many of the spies at the time wasn’t all that popular back in that year. The Spy Came From The Cold, Richard Leamas was acted out as Alec Leamas says that his life was “They are bunch of seedy squalid bastards like me, little drunkards, queers, henpecked husbands…” reflected how dialogue is how information is explained and transferred in this film. This Spying in the Cold War film of art, the component is made up entirely of realism artwork and made it appropriate for certain audiences like atheist would probably would even understand. The reason why some of them do not even believe in god they are also probably practical atheism in general. Atheism was also entirely supported by both Chinese and Russian government of interest for it’s people.

Spies have a life that isn’t stable and not all in one place. They have to pay attention on the banks, investment, orders and colony protection for the country. For the first time in this film there is no “ordinary man” complex. Alec Leamas is a spy, it is his day to day job much unlike the films we have viewed so far that put an ordinary man in an ordinary situation. Both Alec and his girlfriend Liz Gold was shot dead during the ending scene when they are trying to escape and climb over the Berlin Wall by one of the German Democratic Republic soldier on the camp ground. Though many people who are living in Europe back during those moment when Berlin Wall was constructed they are not happy about it and USA President Kennedy conceded that “a wall is a hell of a lot better than a war.” Undercovering the case and always finds a way to get to where Alec Leamas needs to go. Alec Leamus have his own challenges and fears to struggle on what he wanted to live for. Plus he have struggle with his relationship Liz, in which they ended up both shot dead in the movie. The gender relationships are discouraged when watching this film. Double life for Leamus throughout the film of being a broke, unreliable drunk when that is not really the case, but Alec Leamas is still a spy living for the easy truth. As more plot turns appear, Leamas becomes more convinced that his own people see him as just a cog. His struggle back from dehumanization becomes the final focus of the story to end of life.

The Northern Europe was not involved with any of Cold War incident is because Sweden just like other Scandinavian countries was not anticipated with any war confliction between World War II or Cold War and was undercover by Norwegian Intelligence Service aka Etterretningstjenesten (E-tjenesten) [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norwegian_Intelligence_Service] under the Chief of Defence and Ministry of Defence headquarters by Oslo, Norway. Part of the story The Spy Came From The Cold did take in place with Norway and Netherlands, where Alec Leamus did mentioned them, but not thoroughly enough. Here you can allow for more comments on the Norwegian Intelligence Service and discuss why they remained neutralized and not conflicted during the Cold War interventions.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist film:

President Obama has called for Muslim characters who aren’t related to national security, so where are they and why can’t US television seem to get it right is still something problematic. When Muslims act on the truth of television and the media, they are quite often being pro-antagonistic approach on audience of commodity. Obama made a obvious answer about television and media culture as a means of easing the truth of cultural and religious tension when it’s often being used for exactly the opposite purpose. American had been involved with too many political or methodological significance of others on variety of related incidents with terrorism domestically or internationally. Please don’t take blame anything on Marvel Iron Man film for anything terrorism on Muslim, because they have their own intention.

When there is uneasing truth among certain people like Muslim tradition use of languages, then there is much of bigger problematic and issues the trans-national security officials had to face. When there is the international films and media festival across the world had incredible diversity of mediums of message from various cultures. There are many American and even Canadian from all over the world went to travel to work and visit certain country to do the filming and photography. There are some just don’t get all that permission to do the filming or take photos, while some act of criminals refused us to do on the visiting to vast in Middle East or Africa countries. There are several incidents of North American, European and Asian visitors was being offended especially in parts of Middle East and Muslim territories.

Riz Ahmed (born from Muslim British Pakistani family) as a English actor and rapper, he had worked with several independent films such as Jason Bourne, The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars Rogue One film.

In The Reluctant Fundamentalist film, Riz Ahmed had identified himself as more American than others, because he had life dedicated to studied acting from Oxford University with a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics with his graduation which he used that for his advantage of other influences. Changez says “the arrogance, the blindness, the hypocrisy” of the USA, but he finally refused when he was told about the “fundamental truths” of the Q’uran feeling much angered and very disillusioned at the same time. The way how Riz Ahmed to acted out was really well done for speaking both English and Pakistani languages, because I considered he achieved the outstanding award to present English as a Second Additional Language film into this foreign film as a context.

The setting and time in New York city, there is World Trade Center and Twin Towers are also set in that place and Princeton University went through some renovation changes. On the news outbreak of 9/11 terrorism attack, the way how Changez reacted and his attitude towards the American culture went through some dramatic changes. The police officers had to arrest Changez, because he was considered as other foreigners and not considered as real native of American culture. As Changez attitude begins to change through our the films as well as towards the USA national identity and Erica. Changez eventually breaks up with Erica, she had used intimate details of their relationship without his knowledge of Erica’s art show, which he takes as a betrayal. Changez Khan stated that he is “a lover of America, although I was raised to feel very Pakistani,” which it finalized he had feeling the same way to ward protect his own true identity apart from both paradigm.

Snowden film:

Every day the stock traders move billions of dollars in funds electronically through world markets. There are at least three ways why people work and communicate with the wireless network technology. Network enable people to share computer hardware resources, reducing costs and making it possible for more people to take better advantage of powerful computer equipment. It enables people to share data and software programs, increasing efficiency and productivity. People enable to work together, play together and communicate in ways that are difficult or impossible without network technology.

The nature and function of local area networks and wide area networksLocal area network (LAN) is a network in which the computers are physically close to each other and are usually in the same building department. LAN includes a collection of computers and peripherals were used by wired or wireless connections. Wide area networks (WAN) is a network of LANs that extends over a much longer distance. WAN are often made up of LANs linked by phone lines, microwave towers and communication satellite.

We live in our digital world, we want our security to make the world a safe place to live. We also want to see people who exists. Transparency build us trust through social context which implies openness, communication and accountability on whether it is the cyberspace or even how Edward Snowden protect his own social control and norms that are direct with international commerce issues. Our communication made people’s lives more simple, faster and most of all it did create the world smaller thanks to our technology. There are probably more billionaires than there are ever on making with our money and doing all of it to sustain the financial statement. When financial statement is at crisis or bankruptcy, we know that it is better to closed down the banking information and can make a promising return for the better loans or results. We are becoming smarter with the investment plan with our money and even protecting our banking information online, because we are all using our digital device to ensure that we are using them properly with technology.


Edward Snowden: Recreation of boundless information global heat map of data collection from its snapshot from 2007 data. The color scheme ranges from green (least subjected to surveillance by the NSA) through yellow and orange to red (most surveillance by the NSA).

Central Intelligence film:

Critical Thoughts on Central Intelligence: The year of 2016 film for Central Intelligence and future for spies had already become into stirred up being Comedy and for all silliness they bring for audience of commodity, because of all the humor. When you wanted to bring all of that humor together into the spy film everything about speaking for the Order becomes undoing of things like it isn’t matter to keep the social agenda communication even in placed. Unlike the films for Homeland, Jason Bourne, The Reluctant Fundamentalist and rest of James Bond, everything about Central Intelligence keeping Order is not in placed.


  • Kevin Hart as Calvin “Golden Jet” Joyner
  • Dwayne Johnson as Robbie Wheirdicht / Bob Stone
    • Sione Kelepi as young Robbie
  • Amy Ryan as Agent Pamela “Pam” Harris
  • Aaron Paul as Phil Stanton
  • Danielle Nicolet as Maggie Johnson-Joyner

The way how Kevin Hart communicate, he delivers his message and voice tone like he’s the main Comedian satire, because he wanted to bring African-American people to the audience fame. When we watched the CIA agent Pamela Harris chasing down Bob Stone, because we obviously don’t laugh at her when she acted out as spies.

When you added with Kevin Hart’s mouth shouting towards Dwayne Johnson body flexing, that commonality between the characters are way over going to the top with each of them are not collaborating with their effect, however there is sure lot of communication going around with each other on almost all of the scene. The way how Dwayne Johnson acted out as Bob Stone he used to be fat was acted by Sione Kelepi when he’s young during high school age that he was being teased and changed into a super fit man. During the celebration Bob Stone delivers his most embarrassing moments in the speech and he also takes off his clothes to unite his high school crush.

Both Bob Stone and Calvin Joyner always trust each other when they actually distract each other for that instance with Danielle Nicolet. This also had proved me that how both Calvin meets Bob Stone at the Sports Bar and Grill, they weren’t at all being distracted with the waitress is working around the scene. There’s some commonality between characters that they are not even going to the top, when there’s beautiful woman who are obviously working at the Sports Bar and Grill cafe or with Danielle Nicolet.

When Bob Stone and Calvin Joyner are taking control of the airplane, both of them are mis-communicating with each other and when they ever doing piloting, they are not being safe at all. Bob Stone shot first at Calvin, because he is the Black Badger before Calvin got the time to shot Bob on the leg in the fighting scene with Phil Stanton. Calvin Joyner almost get shot twice by someone. Kevin Hart got what he always deserved for acting this film because Central Intelligence is for his cause and he wanted it.