Las Vegas, Miami and Los Angeles City Features

Details and description of Los Angeles:

  1. The city of Los Angeles is home to world major center of American Hollywood entertainment of culture as well as Trade for having a population of 18,679,763 in total in urban and metropolitan areas. Gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife in Los Angeles are being treated for fun part of their job labor. Most of the job labor also have one of the highest unemployment rate in largest city population and that’s why most of the city major center’s people came to work. Click on the link for more about the Los Angeles Universities:
  2. Nice warm weather year-round with some environmental issues of city pollution with occasions of medium to good air quality index. Living in Los Angeles, please watch for the weather as hurricanes and thunderstorms do occur, because other natural disasters such as earthquakes can happen anytime.
  3. Los Angeles are very culturally diversified and have grow exponentially.on international attention.
  4. Most people who lived in Los Angeles of different races have mixed feelings and expression, because most of them are comprises Mexican-Hispanic. Anything that are well got to do with Mexican flavors they tendency have strong taste that goes well with mustard and even beans.
  5. The mediterranean climate of Los Angeles is very bio diversified and here you can take photos of their hill tops as well as cliff tops as well as celebrities.
  6. Los Angeles have hosted several sporting leagues internationally.

Details and description of Miami:

  1. The city of Miami is home world major center of cruise ship manufacturers and entertainment of different cultures of background for having a population of growing 417,650  or more expected into the future. Gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife are everywhere in Miami and many of them who lived here are also seeks for retirement. Miami is also home to major center’s of marine to space science, art deco and recreational services. Click on the link for more about Miami local universities:
  2. Nice warm weather year-round and have good air quality index, Miami is also considered to be the healthiest city in America for having nice sub-tropical climate from the Caribbean waters. Florida is the only states in America have the best coastline to offer. Remember it is important to have Miami weather watched at all times during the late summer season as most thunderstorms or hurricane to have occurred before.
  3. Very diversified cultures, which also includes best of South American Latin extravaganza.
  4. Most people who lived in Miami of different races have mixed feelings and expression, because most of them are Cuban-Latin (includes mostly Spanish, some French, Italian and Portuguese). Economically speaking they have all the sugar and timber are imported from South America partnership.
  5. The tropical climate have very diversified marine life and here you can take photos of their underwater habitats and some of the famous models that are also occurred in Miami.
  6. Many people who came to Miami for vacation going on the beach or they are dedicated involved with sport training camp and competitions venues.

Details and description of Las Vegas:

  1. The city of Las Vegas is home to world major casinos and entertainment with a population of total 2,362,015 or more from growing the future. Las Vegas Strip is often used to described area beyond official city limit, which is well known for its gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife. Please click on the link for more about Las Vegas Universities:
  2. Weather-wise are good and there are few centimeters of snow depends on the frequent climate change. Geographically speaking Las Vegas was one of the driest city with no running rivers or lakes. The air quality index are both good and moderate year-round.
  3. Diverse of cultures and the city building went through some few, but major changes throughout the year.
  4. Most people who lived in Las Vegas, there are many of them whether they are married or divorce to ever occurred in Nevada and United States. People who are living here have most populous ethnic group by non-Hispanic Whites and have proportionally declined since from 72.1% of the population in 1990’s to 2010, even as total numbers of all ethnicities have increased with the population.
  5. Here what you can enjoyed doing taking photos is the beautiful famous models in Nevada state city’s tolerance for numerous forms of adult entertainment earned it granted title for the ultimate Sin City.
  6. Many people who choose came to Las Vegas wanted to have some dedicated time with rules of relationships and for those who do not follow the rules of relationships. They could also seek for job within the entertainment company and however people do with personal lives, as long as it never get abandoned ever.

Alena theatrical premiere

While “comic book movies” are staples of Hollywood entertainment, the same can not be said in Swedish pop culture. But today, one of the few Scandinavian comic book based movies comes out; the Swedish movie Alena, based on Kim W. Andersson’s graphic novel.

Just like Star Wars Threads of Destiny, Alena came from the same Swedish company. Review from Nordic Fantasy, This Company Completely Filled with Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Exploitation Films From Nordic Countries. Distributed and produced by Nordic artwork culture.

Subsidiaries includes “The Girl with Dragon Tattoo” that are based from the same company to produced the film.

Source: Alena theatrical premiere


NBCSN’s Coverage Begins This Thursday Dec. 8, Live at 6:30 p.m. ET 2016 U.S. Olympians Highlight the Field & NBC Sports App to Live Stream Coverage STAMFORD, Conn. – Dec. 7, 2016 – NBC Sports Group presents live coverage of the FINA World Swimming Championships in Windsor, Canada, this week, highlighted by live coverage […]


Star Wars EU Reviews Returns on January 6, 2017

The Force is Strong with the Expanded Universe from Star Wars EU Reviews! Long live the EU Rebellion!

Star Wars EU Reviews


On January 6 Star Wars EU Reviews will end its holiday hiatus and continue publishing reviews every Friday.

A review of Classic Marvel Star Wars #49: The Last Jedi will be the first review following my break so make sure to read the other already published reviews if you need to catch up.

Thank you and may the Force be with you.

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CFL Grey Cup Live Stream: Watch Calgary Stampeders Vs Ottawa Redblacks Online — Hollywood Life

Nice job for Ottawa Redblack on the 104th Grey Cup CFL Championship this season!

For more information on CFL Grey Cup Finalist and Championships, please stayed tuned and keep it right here on!

It comes down to this! After a wild Canadian Football League season, two teams – the Calgary Stampeders and Ottawa Redblacks – will battle for the CFL Grey Cup on Nov. 27. Who will win this football championship? Click to watch.

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PlayStation Goes Deep Into Our Dreams —

PlayStation gets real with PS VR, not only do you play it but you live it. Introducing an entirely new way to experience gaming, making you the pinnacle of the extra-ordinary gaming world’s. You don’t only lose track of time with the PS VR but…

PlayStation was first introduced on December 3, 1994 in Nippon with the launch of the original PlayStation console. PlayStation video game company made a great leaps ahead of GameCube and X-Box combined when they first introduced the world of gamers for virtual reality known by the codename Project Morpheus developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, which launched on October 13, 2016. PlayStation also cancelled on making more Star Wars video games, because LucasArts company is now closed. However Star Wars The Old Republic game are still making good progress and small successes along the way in this very past dates. PlayStation are becoming more socially and interactive with virtual reality. By next year the virtual reality technology will become more matured.

Wondering if the entire Star Wars The Old Republic family of friends can join and be stronger together even on virtual reality technology footstep? In fact it would be nothing nu-canon, if it still represent part of LucasArts story group.

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Limitless Special Olympics Canada Gala and Awards Night

Special Olympics Canada Awards Ceremony in Toronto, Nov 17, 2016 on Facebook

Here’s the full story about me from University of Regina blog page on For more of this information, please refer to on this reference.

Student Michael Qing will finally get to attend an event held in his honour.

Qing is the recipient of the 2016 Special Olympics Canada Athlete of the Year. It’s the third time he’s received this national award, but it will be the first time he is able to accept the honour in person.

Michael Qing
Michael Qing won eight gold medals and broke four world records at the 2016 Trisome Games in Florence, Italy.

“I’m really thrilled to be at the event this time,” says Qing. “The previous two times, I was competing and unable to attend.”

Qing is a second-year student in the U of R Campus for All program, a four-year inclusive post-secondary education experience for adults with intellectual disabilities.

He also works at the University’s Fitness and Lifestyle Centre.

But most of his free time is spent in the pool, where hours and hours of arduous training is required to remain among the swimming elite.

Qing started swimming competitively in 2004. He trains every day, either with the U of R Cougars’ Swim Team, the Regina Optimist Dolphins Club or the Special Olympics Regina Swimming Team.

Qing holds numerous Special Olympics and World Down Syndrome swim records and has competed in several Special Olympics national and world games competitions.

He has earned dozens of medals at national and international competitions.

Most recently he competed in the 2016 Trisome Games in Florence, Italy, where he won eight gold medals and broke four world records.

Outside the pool, Qing is a strong advocate for Special Olympics and for people with intellectual disabilities.

In 2015, he was honoured by Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall for his performances and achievements at the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games.

“I’ve tried a lot of sports growing up and found that swimming was the one for me. It’s taught me how to be myself and work hard to achieve my dreams,” says Qing.

And now Qing will be in the company of champions once again. He will accept his award at the Special Olympics Canada Gala in Toronto on November 18.

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