Militainment: Entertainment and Military

Purpose of Militainment: Here are the two meanings for what is militainment means in the arts of culture

1) A form of entertainment that features or celebrates the military.

2) Entertainment with military themes in which the Department of Defense is celebrated.

Entertainment for the Science Fiction are the food for imaginative scientist who are actually working with technology that is our media culture.

Most of the military called armed forces, are forces authorized to use deadly forces or weapons, to support the interests of the state and some or all of its citizens. Some of it includes like American (aka Western) Armed Forces and rest of NASA scientist who work with science, technology, politics, social civil rights, money and central intelligence that are part of the real world reality to interpret of our meaning set of laws for universe.

What are some of the military history and entertainment history that helped changed course of the world where we are living in?

The American Army video games are one of Top 10 Most Downloadable Games in our media culture, which was temporarily banned in China, because it brought the fractured for People Republic of Chinese (PRC) government. The Chinese officials would not be responsible of this kind of militainment. With its graphics and compelling storylines, America’s Army is just the start of a broader spectrum of something Peter Singer calls “‘militainment’ — where the military is drawing from entertainment for its tools.”

Militainment Inc. brought this volume is essential reading for anyone interested in the relationship between war and media, and it sheds surprising light on the connections between virtual battlefields and the international conflicts unfolding in Iraq and Afghanistan today.

The Militainment Inc documentary film produced by Roger Stahl did provide lot of insights of American soldiers who went to the war stood against humanity from ISIS, Muslim territory and tragic of 9/11 crisis. However it did not even changed my mind of how we should think about media culture, but the global countries around the world have set so many different laws each according to their set of government or beliefs. Some of the militainment culture may hurt certain countries across the world, especially the crimes in Africa and Middle East. Were there elements of the documentary that I disagree with would not defined for the truth how people in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and few others of Middle East towards the forces that are allied by Western, Pan-Pacific Asia and European Alliances. What is Roger Stahl wanted to interpret of his presentation use or resist spectacle in the documentary of how the war, media and popular culture changed in our modern world.

Examples includes the Detective Comics (aka DC Cinematic Universe), National Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI or aka Star Wars), Halo Spartans, Samus Aran of Marine Federation Force and any that got to do with super-heroes franchise


For more information on Militainment Inc., please refer to Roger Stahl books, which there is no review or satisfaction by anyone yet.

There is the same attribute concept of militainment to the works of science fiction and the world of real science. For more information on this, please refer to space actor William Shatner speaking for NASA science. Here you can follow him on Twitter where they share passion for space exploration that are outside of Star Trek.

NASA Space exploration have complete set of different goals from both of Entertainment and Military combined on what we are doing here on Earth. Some goals already accomplished this year, they set Juno space satellite sent to observe Jupiter and by 5 years in future NASA also had planned on bringing humans to colonize planet Mars Space Station. Both space scientist and science fictional writers or developers are amazing to create theories that are such a controversies about space or what will happened in the future of our universe. So what happened in the future of our universe already have explained are clearly established by several researchers. Thus most of the military or even police would not even capable to prepare what will going to happened from their understanding or interpretation of universe. It will be good to have police or any military to follow some guidance to capture some camera images here on Earth about what we can learn more about space exploration.

Spy Media will help expand on this cell to look at the idea of spying from the first films about spies through contemporary television to broader questions of spying today such as the role of paranoia, secrecy and transparency in contemporary culture. Some of the aspect learning development from Spy media course will be invested on NASA space exploration.

The following list of Dichotomy of Social Media surveillance is especially important need to be considered that are applied to everyone online, which are useful to have this social intelligence developed, since everyone are different:

  • Customer relationship managemement Skill: Time Management Skills, Ability to “Read” Customers, Ability to Use “Positive Language”
  • Communication channel (part of the above, but can be seen separate)
  • Customer service Skill: Clear communication. Ensure you convey to customers exactly what you mean.
  • Employee engagement Skill: There are many ways to share this innovative ideas to retrieve, because it is fun for employees to get interactive.
  • Marketing (soft…not direct)
  • Public relations Skill: Communication skills. Most importantly, if you’re considering a public relation career you will have to be a good communicator, includes all of research and writing skills combined
  • Brand awareness
  • Searchability
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