The ancient Mandalorian deities were led by the all-seeing Kad Ha’rangir with the rest of leading his gang includes trickster god Hod Ha’ran and the slothful Arasuum.

  • The ash of the Taung beats strong within the Mandalorians hearts.
  • We are the rage of the Warriors of the Shadow
  • The first noble sons of Mandalore.

Death Watch: My name is Tor Vizsla. I am commander of the Death Watch and the secret Mand’lor. In darkness I don beskar’ gam, so that one day the faithful may do so in daylight. In secret I wield the Darksaber, so that one day our honor shall be apparent to all. In silence I summon the worthy, so that one day our cause will ring out. 

Our history begins with the Traung, the Shadow Warriors we honor as our Progenitors. They originally dwell on Coruscant, but their enemies drove them into the Outer Rim. In Mandalorian Space, the Shadow Warriors took the technologies of conquered species and reshaped them for warcraft. Here amid Mandalore’s lush forest and fields, their strength grew and their great purpose was revealed: a generations-long endeavor that would prepare the way for us. In the centuries since Annihilation, this line of Anti-Mandalores — leaders of the self-styled New Mandalorians — have forfeited our honor, buying us soft lives of sloth (“Bah! Sloth is one of my favorite things!” Hondo Onaka) and dependence. A generation after the Annihilation, this network appointed the first of a line of True Mandalores to whom the Faithful secretly offered allegiance.

Improvement of the Mandalorians helmet design:

  • Voice-control abilities to interface with Slave I
  • Voice control of weapons site and jetpack
  • Video recording/ playback / analysis unit
  • Infrared scanning lenses
  • Fine-grain motion sensors
  • Sound amplification unit
  • Holonet / Database access, voice-controlled search

The modern Mandalorian helmet is a technological marvel, one that allows a well-trained Watcher to see in all directions, communicate easily and fight more effectively than a dozen common soldiers. The helmet’s viewplate automatically augments vision in low-light conditions and protects it from peaks in intensity, preventing a Watcher from being blinded by explosions or luma-weapons. The viewplate’s macrobinocular lense interface with the rangefinder, selecting as many as 10 targets for tracking via the heads-up display, controlled either by voice commands or eye movements and blinking. A pineal sensor and microcameras let the wearer see behind him. An encrypted internal comlink allows communications with other Watchers, while a broadband antenna is included for longer-range transmissions. The helmet has a two-hour reserve air tank and an environmental filter to eliminate contaminants.

Modern Mandalorian Helmet

  • Rangefinder upgraded to track as many as 30 targets
  • Weapons control interface upgraded
  • Customized advanced penetrating radar lenses
  • Infrared scanning lenses augmented
  • Olfactory sensors (1 part per billion sensitivity) scent database
  • Holonet / Database Search subroutines augmented


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