Imperial Forces and Midi-chlorians Acquisition

Imperial armed forces was the armed forces of the Galactic Empire, and successor to the Republic military.

Emperor Palpatine were recognized by many of his Imperial Majesty and Galactic Republic during the times of crisis. Palpatine lust of power grew during before the dark times of Chancellor Valorum.

“The Empire has existed for 19 years but stands poised to reign for a thousand more. The shift from a Republic to an Empire represents a transfer of power unprecedented in the history of the galaxy. But the Republic could not continue and its people were desperate. When the assembled politicians of the Republic refused to choose between success and ruin, I made the choice for them.” – Chancellor Palpatine

Under the Empire they celebrate Sith power. The Imperial Armed Forces are more advanced equipped in many hands of Jedi Republic Council representatives. There are reasons why Emperor Palpatine had to set up the galaxy slightly different when many of Galactic Republic of the core worlds such as Coruscant have to renamed into ruling as Imperial forces. The Jedi Temple on Coruscant had to set up an different name changed into the Imperial Palace what is known of presence. Many of the Jedi have to relocate the galaxy into the outer rim of galaxy safely hidden from the Empire occupation. The members of Jedi council were not allowed to held in power, unless they were given an proper time to do so. They were well hidden and occupied on Tython where they are waiting for Luke Skywalker’s call on to reunified the force, because of his father Darth Vader the good man of Anakin was gone.

What is Imperial Intelligence? Imperial Intelligence was the central intelligence service of the Galactic Empire and its successor organizations. It was dedicated to collecting information, secret and otherwise, for the Imperial government and was a rival to the Imperial Security Bureau.

What is Imperial Agent?  Imperial agent was an occupation held by operatives of the Sith Empire during the time of the Great Galactic War.

Imperial Intelligence Organizational Structure: The internal organization of Imperial Intelligence is streamlined and efficient, designed to facilitate quick action when needed while minimizing the amount of information that any one captured agent or leak could revealed. High level operatives are referred to exclusively by generic designations derived from their function in the organization. All operations are directly supervised be senior personnel deep within the organization’s headquarters on Dromund Kaas, the Sith capital.

Many of the Jedi council cannot believe that Anakin didn’t have an father, because Shmi had raised him well since when he was an child. Shmi’s “virgin birth” gave Anakin an advantage of midichlorian acquisition to bring the destiny to balance the force.  When Emperor Palpatine told the story of dark lord, Darth Plagueis the Wise towards Anakin about these midichlorians that was the very moment when he stepped closer to the dark side of the force and had to devastated the Jedi’s entire galaxy of democracy (that Jedi’s are liberals) at hand. It was the very last day of peace for many Jedi Republic of their Council.

Influencing the Midi-Chlorians acquisition

The visible biology of the cell and its midichlorians is a product of the invisible interactions of the aperion, anima and pneuma. The force is found throughout the universe, not just only in living things. Everything in existence that draw upon various aspects of the energy we call the Force may be classified into three categories. These are…

  • Aperion: the part of the force that included and united all matter, giving it shape and cohesion.
  • Anima: gave life—but not thought—to animals, plants and living beings.
  • Pneuma: part of the force that was the expression of conscious thought. It was one of the three aspects of the Force, along with the aperion and the anima.

By this day during year of 2015, Star Wars are enjoyed by this day RESTING IN PEACE 1977-2014 for many Imperial Forces that were once kept and performed across the galaxy. The Imperial Forces was devastated by Luke Skywalker piloting the X-Wing and Han Solo flying the Millennium Falcon who destroyed the Death Star led by many of the Jedi Alliance to restore the galaxy once at hands. Following that when Disney acquisition of Star Wars Expanded Universe what are known as the “Legends Universe” it also loses every minds to all of much dedicated and hardcore Star Wars fans.


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