#GetThrawnIn #StarWarsRebels

Personally I found this is not really an smart move from Star Wars Expanded Universe character to have an rip-off for Star Wars Rebels TV show. No matter what they say, any event, setting, character, etc. pulled from the Expanded Universe would need to be twisted in order to fit Disney’s canon. The Expanded Universe is simply too well tied together to just pluck out bits and pieces and insert them into Disney’s Star Wars. In this case it is inevitable that the character would be altered to fit some new story line and would slowly lose the personality we all remember. At that point the character would cease to be Grand Admiral Thrawn. Thrawn was an master of military tactics, because he used of knowledge and intelligence in conjunction with stunning tactics.

These precise application of intelligence cues allowed Thrawn to win countless victories over numerically superior forces.

There is a reason why the event above is using the image with the words “Star Wars in name only.” This very much speaks to that. Pulling Thrawn from the Expanded Universe and altering him to fit Rebels would make him Thrawn in name only.

We want to get the Star Wars Legends character, Grand Admiral Thrawn in the television show Star Wars Rebels.

There are many reasons why, here are a few: Grand Admiral Thrawn is a badass villain. A military genius. A strategic tactician. He’s blue with red eyes. Beloved by fans of Star Wars Legends (Star Wars Expanded Universe). He deserves to return back to the canon as one of the strongest villains after the Emperor, Darth Vader, and Grand Moff Tarkin. He loves art.

If he was in Star Wars Rebels, a show about characters fighting against the Empire, creatively, would not the Empire defend itself with an “art critic” that could appreciate and analyze the art of the cultures to defeat them. What was his life like before Star Wars: A New Hope?

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