My name is Michael Qing and I have very minor learning disability. I went through varies sporting activities in Special Olympics from the very start of my career such as gymnastics, soccer, track-and-field, swimming and bowling. Swimming had made an tremendous amount of step into my career hereafter and I also set many world records for Mosaic Down Syndrome Swimming Championships.

I also wanted to learn more about biology (it includes my past interest in marine biology and dinosaur paleontology as a child), because it effects every day living such as wellness and health. Ever since I have developed more social skills in life, where I can develop good sense of interpersonal wellness and advocacy. Ever since I never thought well carefully enough I could develop good business advocates through social networks on the computer, which I enjoyed the most. This is why I also broaden my computer arts life into creative technology, because I’m an big Sci-Fi cinematic expanded universe fans such as Star Wars, Inu Yasha and Star Trek. I’m just an average University student who is dedicated to learn and enjoy socializing with people or through networking.

My working experience, I have few of them in which I used to be worked with SaskTel and then changed to an better job at my University campus Education Building library to enjoy the time-off period better.


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