Pod racers Re-Imagined By Car Manufacturers

What if Ferrari, BMW, Dodge, Ford, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and Subaru made pod racers for various famous races? ClickMechanic decided to find out. (H/T Naboo News). For the record, I’ll take the Lamborghini.

The game Star Wars Episode 1 Phantom Menace Podracing is one of mine old time favorite respectively from the good time old friends and probably he also discarded. This moments was years ago and left me wanted to go back to it again. Just about any kind of racing games involves with melee such as Kirby Air Ride was still popular back during the days when I grow out of them.

For LucasFilm The Star Wars Show with Anthony Carboni while exploring options for realworld hover vehicles and building version of Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder on science raises some skepticism with both science fiction or scientific breakthrough research foundation for automobile.

Luke Skywalker Landspeeder can be real, but they are not quite as good as accomplished compared to other automobiles manufacturer company who can drive the car. Landspeeders in general are fictional anti-gravity craft used through the Star Wars story building and Star Wars expanded universe. They are depicted both in civilian and military capacities, and several versions have been merchandised as toys and models.
The popularity of the X-34 waned considerably when SoroSuub began manufacture of the XP-38 sport landspeeder, a similar but sleeker model. Luke Skywalker repaired his X-34 only a short time before he sold it to Wioslea. By 137 ABY X-34s were still employed. Imperial Moff Nieve Gromia provided agent Gunn Yage with a 4-seater version to help her infiltrate Mos Eisley. Luke Skywalker’s X-34 Landspeeder is still considered to be science-fictional operated vehicles and it doesn’t became fully functional as like modern real world automobiles, which would be cool to have 20 years later on.


The most successful established automobile campaign would be Mercedes-Benz AMG with respective members among the fans who are associated with Linkin Park music band or Batmobile behind-the-scenes for creating the movie Justice League. Mercedes-Benz AMG automobile company will sure be impressed by you with their dedication or driven passion by dreams.

Find more online at Amazon.com or on any web server that you used or find a local store near you to get all the car accessories to make it more decorated for your creativity of fandom.

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Aliens in Film “Alien Encounters: Self and Other in SF”

When Carl Malmgren wrote the book about the Alien Encounters: Self and Other in SF, she did emphasize on several factors what is like with human’s self identity of being human is most important factors when it also comes to think about the other things such as aliens in science fiction. One thing Carl Malmgren didn’t accomplished is creating really much of creativity in regards to alien’s species and the same that are being applied to the film we have watched on Forbidden Planet (1956-Fred M. Wilcox).

Alien’s encounter in Science Fiction involves the introduction of sentient alien beings into the actuarial system of the fictional universe (which cannot be so sure): one or more of the act are non-human or super-human or sub-human. The encounter with the alien necessarily broaches the question of Self and Other from that contrast. This was in fact was the most controversial about aliens or Otherness during around year in the middle of 1950’s to 1960’s debate. In terms of themes of Self and Other, the best alien encounter of science fiction is that which deals with true Otherness, where the story focuses on the human attempt to come to terms with an alien act whose selfhood, developed in some details, deviates significantly from human norms. There are disclosures of unacknowledged truth of our human culture and as society comes to think who put that strange object or thing there on the ocean floor or moon or planet Mars, because no one did so to speak who cares about them. In fact this is one of the reasons why the government or even CIA is trying to cover up for these facts, because they are not aware of those truths about the Otherness of unacknowledged about alien’s sightings.

This Cold War mentality can envision the Other only in terms of conquest of “us” versus “them.” Given this sort of two-value logic, stories such as these usually devolve into space opera pyrotechnics. In science of pyrotechnics it was used for undergoing self-contained and self-sustained exothermic chemical reactions for the production of heat, light, gas, smoke and/or sound as well as for brilliant performance or display, especially of a specified skill on cultural apocalypse.

The cultural apocalypse during Cold War was certainly the most significant time when people meet aliens from other world that almost no one does capable knowing of these to understand. After the World War II and during the World Supremacy of conflict, people eventually become better at enforcing the law and order on emphasize our planet Earth. When the law and order comes into our factors in human life with technology, there are more people are aware of aliens from Otherness world that are outside of planet Earth during Space Race. There are several human cultures have themes about fascist leader Adolf Hitler leading the Nazi Germany plundering into virtual reality that many have took the aliens and Otherness life away by executing them or even prison them for specific reasons. In fact most aliens and Otherness in life, they think they are better and more advanced than our human’s self technology that we don’t have relatively good control or sustainability, because aliens can take advantage of human mind cohesively really well on these unknown circumstances.


The film Forbidden Planet was well being said about aliens in science fiction as more of an outsider speculation of human’s settlement of our self in which you cannot see them but staring at the blank sky. Some of the added scene in the movie did have the unknown circumstances of an invisible monster coming from digital space in which the ship commanders are trying to fight against them. Forbidden Planet was a good quality science fiction film from the start before the Star Trek Original Series came to released around 1950’s to 1960’s, but there are still significant amount do need to improve when making the movie for science fiction.