Fight and Defend for Star Wars Net Neutrality

We love the Star Wars Expanded Universe, because it has a collection of original canon and true stories set in the Star Wars universe, and we want Disney to continue its timeline. So for what reason! There’s more reasons why we are always never behind the dark net of the rebooted franchise that existed from year of 1977 to 2013. The Star Wars expanded universe content and many properties are real which it doesn’t require all the essence of net neutrality or internet power purchase parity to produce work of LucasFilm.

Lucasfilm 2008: We never reboot.

Lucasfilm 2014: We’re rebooting. Not only that, the prior stuff never existed.

Explaining the Net Neutrality and why it matters to Star Wars original saga means lots to everyone to understand consequences of rebooting the LucasFilm franchise. Furthermore on this note the expanded universe for original content of Star Wars are not even considered as canon, because the internet have stronger and are more biased reasons for why people are spoken about the power purchase parity of LucasFilm products. The rule of this consequences should not ever be changed at all, because rebooting LucasFilm is technically speaking it is a bad idea from three years ago during the making and creating Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens. This is a short video explaining in simple terms what Net Neutrality is and the consequences of abolishing it with the dishonestly named Restoring Internet Freedom Act. You are encouraged to share this non-profit video with anyone and if you wish to use it in your videos or streams, it is licensed under Creative Commons for free use, with attribution and without any alteration.

There rules and restriction applying that are on the internet, because there are many issues or problems that can go wrong with essence that are online. If there is anything occurrence online you are an internet scammer.

Here is the link of DocZone from CBC video about all the internet scams and what is digital media era means to people:



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