Star Wars Threads of Destiny Comic

Star Wars Threads of Destiny comic was based from the fan fictional film by Rasmus Tirzitis company which are associated with non-LucasFilm property that are published by international or documentation affairs which means this is an non-profit company which has not been approved, licensed or sponsored by any entity or person involved in creating and producing Star Wars products or works. It is illegal to share their distribution and make profit out of it. The sole purpose is for only entertainment purpose and share the fun or talents people bring out.

Star Wars and all of Star Wars characters are the sole copyright of LucasFilm Ltd. “Threads of Destiny Prologue Comic” is not authorized or sponsored by LucasFilm and therefore is an non-profit production in Sweden. The purpose of this film is to showcase the talents of its participants and to entertain its audience.


Threads of Destiny voice-over starring:

  • Andreas Rylander as Lord Siege
  • Stanley Swanson as Captain Krathos / Emperor Jiles
  • Brian66y as Skenvi Lieutenant
  • Hannah Hellwig as Princess Arianna Ad’lah / Kaliste Kahn
  • Robert Angelli as Raven Darkham / Karus Kahn

This is based on the comic adaption of the stories leading up to the journey of Star Wars Threads of Destiny just about centuries After Battle of Yavin few decades earlier before the film was taken in place. Tirzitis want you to enjoy and have fun with the entertainment service to create Star Wars fandom a real thing from Nordic Fantasy (Sweden) film culture got in taste with George Lucas’s affiliation. Despite the Star Wars expanded universe are no longer canon, it will always brings out best of self service for audience and what they liked to bring for their own appreciation whether they choose to affiliate themselves as Star Wars expanded universe culture themselves or not. Star Wars Threads of Destiny maybe affiliated or associated with expanded universe, because they are no longer relevant to LucasFilm story group meaning to George Lucas but it is based on the original saga writing for people who are fans of George Lucas himself.


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