15th Year of Attack of the Clones


Happy 15th Anniversary to Star Wars Attack of the Clones film!

Long ago, a prophesy foretold the coming of an individual who would “bring balance to the Force,” ushering in a new era of peace following one of the great instability just automatically pops up in my mind when reading the book Attack of the Clones The Visual Dictionary DK Publishing Lucas books. Criticism that are being made on Star Wars prequels trilogy and haters will be going to get will eventually missed out on entire saga why George Lucas wanted to go back and created the story of Anakin Skywalker legacy.

The Prequels Appreciation Society is meant what we can learn more about Star Wars expanded universe, because we grow up watching Phantom Menace to Attack of the Clones and to Revenge of the Sith movie. Our purpose of Star Wars Prequels Appreciation Society help support that we are powered by prequels trilogy to define the purpose and meaning to the world why we belonged to George Lucas’s legacy involved with Star Wars.

Novelization by R.A. Salvatore, released April 2002. Junior novelization by Patricia C. Wrede, released April 2002. AOTC comics adaptation (trade paperback), Dark Horse 2002. AOTC Movie Storybook. AOTC Photo Comic Book.

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