National Geographic Viking Book Research

From what I have already learned about the cultures of Vikings and Norse mythology in general, I’m pretty sure one of my long-time past coach friend understand it more than what I expected to know. This person somebody that I used to know it is in his pure-blood who actually lived in Denmark – Sweden Nordic region. In fact Danish or even Swedish swimming team are good, because he helped coached them.

The science historian writer Heather Pringle is the author of three books, including In Search of Ancient North America and her assignments often lead to memorable encounters with both living and the dead of Scandinavian historical events.

Scandinavia people are powerful, brutal and fearless, because they have that natural instinct about being toughest in the minds who seek to raid even long before Adolf Hitler develops the Nazi government was born and even before the rise of World War II history. Viking cultures was shaped by the unique geography of Scandinavia. While not all Scandinavians chose the life of a raider, scarce arable land and a desire to seek riches abroad drove many to the seas.


The new visions of Vikings have encountered more than 50 cultures from Afghanistan to Canada according to the National Geography research foundation. Bristling with spears and swords, Viking and Slav reenactors face-off in a mock battle during a festival in Wolin, Poland. What began as small raiding parties in the Viking age grew into armies that conquered large swaths of Europe in 11th century. During the 11th century it was golden age for the Vikings and their conquers across the land in Europe. Swift and deadly, the Vikings dominated the seas of northern Europe from the late 18th century to the 11th. Their ships – technological feats used for exploration, trade, warfare and even burials – were integral to the lives of the formidable raiders. Attacking in small groups at first, fleets in the later Viking age could number 250 ships or more during the ancient times of our human history.

Learning about the Ragnorak was a important factors for what I can understand to convey the message that the history makes everything better authoritative being for the well being for our tradition. The dark Nordic legend of Ragnorak, the end of creation and the final battle, in which all gods, all supernatural beings and all humans and other living creatures die. Ragnorak was said to begin with Fimbulwinter, a deadly time when the sun turns black and the weather turns bitter and treacherous — events that eerily parallel the dust veil that began in the year of 536. Vikings warriors fought for riches and reputation with swords discovered at Gnezdovo, Russia. Warriors often chopped plunder into pieces of precious metal that could be used like currency to make purchases. But some Viking warriors valued the treasures they stole for their beauty – and as coveted status symbols. These Anglo-Saxon brooches and the gold, bird chirped pin were discovered in a hoard by a wealthy Viking in Scotland. The Vikings lived up to their violent reputation: From an early age Scandinavian men were trained for battle and socially conditioned for bloodshed. The crafted ornaments by a skilled goldsmith on the Swedish island of Gotland, these delicate pendants were designed for wealthy women. The Vikings wore mainly silver and gold pieces would have been rare and treasured.

Despite for thousands of years, the men have depleted on the world population on many battles, there are more women have that blond hairstyle info-trait from around the world who better delivering the message than the men counterparts. The distribution of Norwegian men deep in the past history who are blond or fair hair have the same amount distribution as in our modern society today. In the deep past history of Scandinavia most men wanted to grow out their beard or moustache, because of the tradition. The young woman of Scandinavia are still attractive looking whether it is the modern ages or during the ancient history of our past. Norwegian people of the past came from the same ancestor’s of Cro-Magnon human fossil bones. In recent years, the modern age of Norwegian cultures without conflicting international affairs between overpowering supremacy of interest, there have been significant technological innovations and increasing industrialization and Scandinavians now enjoy some of the highest standards of living in Europe.

What I even know and understand of the Vikings culture is God of Thunder “Thor” film produced by Marvel entertainment which provides little insight and lack of purpose to teach this properly. Norwegian government have good sense of national identity, security and have that sense of social balance than the other people who are scruffy-looking nerf herder in the country-side. Thanks from our Norwegian Intelligence Service or Etterretningstjenesten is a Norwegian military intelligence agency under the Chief of Defence and the Ministry of Defence in Norway, because we are appreciated. There are many brave leaders who are currently dominated by woman who can work on The Military Forces around the world.

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