Keep yourself motivated to Swimming

Swimming Philosophy and what it means to me:

Swimming is a sport and why I like about swimming in general is to have fun, be fit and be happy (by Victoria Stears), because it really helps with personal growth or development.

Swimming is the healthiest sport than other sport, because there are lot of good health benefit besides ignoring the skin problems. Having a skin problem is the worst!

Swimming is supposed to be free-weight bearing training, because there’s no weight training is required for fitness and wellness.

Swimming should never be complicated, because there are lot of competitive swimmers have very simple life to live throughout their day. Most of the day are being completely peaced out and are well relaxed environment kind of way of life.

Family supporting is essential to make swimming performance better, especially for most high competitive edge for swimmers, if you want to achieve something to the next level. They help cheer on you to be better! The story of mine family are really much messed up, grandfather is resting in peace and most of my relatives don’t really live up to my world to believe in my dream.

Do you know who I admire? Those people who can just swim length after length, for well over an hour, without feeling the need to deviate and do something else. I love swimming, really I do; I wouldn’t have signed up for Swimathon 2017 if I didn’t. But my gosh, I grow bored of lane swimming. […]

via Swimathon: Keeping Myself Motivated — Fun, Fit, Happy


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