Bring back Metroid and Star Wars Nintendo Campaign

Just about everyone around the world have paying attention to the newest brand of Nintendo Switch outbreak. They can do more with Nintendo Switch and it works on just about every smartphone devices. Going back to the day when Nintendo was first developed in the 1980’s that was the moment when Star Wars game was introduced in similar issues of content with Metroid. Even though the Metroid games most people just wouldn’t know perfectly Samus Aran was supposed to be a sexist female character that was developed later on with better technology. We will certainly be missed out for these games for some of us who grow out of it. Plus it’s a good idea to brought Samus Aran out of retirement, since now we have high time to the atmosphere, music and all the sense of exploration. All the sense of exploration not only applies to Metroid, but also to best of Star Wars Nintendo games.

During this time, everything what people know and we audience want all of the mass corporate media attention whether it is online or something that is new content on the news outlet. The Switch is considered by Nintendo as a “hybrid” console. At the time of the trailer’s release, Nintendo did not provide many details on features of the platform though planned to have events in 2017 to fully detail the console.


Metroid: Samus Aran was used to be an man thing in early days of development, instead it was being portrayed as being sexist female character that we already know. There are not that many attention for woman to catch the public to bring this out of fashion in style for Samus Aran suit. Samus Aran wear very nice jet boot pack on her foot, which woman should be actually enjoyed to wear comfortably. High heels maybe an option, but we also wanted to see that Samus Aran have perfect gleets on her shoes.


superhero-for-a-day-1Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast

The Star Wars Jedi Knight that came out and released GameCube Nintendo was something we sure have to miss for our beloved franchise for all things on George Lucas’s Star Wars context. In fact Guinness World Fact book have also referenced that Star Wars had the most prolific video-game series based on a license property. As of April 2012, a total of 279 Star Wars video games had been released across 41 different platforms, but most of them are not really canonized as what they are used to be so well kept for numerous exclusive expanded universe package campaign.






Please bring back our favorite Nintendo game classics on the latest development for Nintendo Switch console! This will also help support the Nintendo company what we still want to bring this forward to younger audience who haven’t grow up with these franchise. We want to see how younger people grow up enjoying Metroid, Super Smash Bros and Star Wars game without picking up all the essence of new content. Younger audience can enjoy the new content as much as they want as long as they wanted to pick up Samus Aran into more that are something very immerse of Metroid universe what older generation haven’t got a chance to explore the better wonders. The Force is also strong with Samus Aran!


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