Twin Suns Foundation

What is Twin Suns Foundation about? Twin Suns Foundation is a charity fundraising event to donate Star Wars Trilogy books to bookstores, libraries, hospital and shopping mall near your city. To help everyone and even kids to read more Star Wars books and understand the expanded universe movement as a whole.

Here is the clear definition what is the mission statement for Twin Suns Foundation is about:

“Twin Suns Foundation is a non-profit organization using Star Wars to encourage literacy throughout the world.”

The organization is dedicated towards spreading the joy of Star Wars storytelling, especially the storytelling done in the Legends timeline, to as many new people as possible, thereby encouraging them to pick up a Star Wars novel or comic.

Twin Suns Foundation Give Us Legends

Twin Suns Foundation is also tied to the Expanded Universe Movement which can be found on Social Media.  Because of this, the foundation often uses a slogan in line with the Movement’s goal of someday obtaining an official continuation to the Legends timeline while also ensuring a continuation of a separate Disney Canon timeline.

Our slogan in support of the Expanded Universe Movement is as follows:
“Binary Tales, Eternally Shining”

It is our organization’s deeply held belief that more Star Wars in both timelines will only be a good thing.  This is not only because it will be enjoyed by the many existing fans across the world, but also because it will encourage many more to pick up a book or perhaps write a novel of their own one day!

Who can help or support the Twin Suns Foundation? Anyone can help give talks and Convention about Star Wars expanded universe and continue the legends universe. The Twin Suns team is a diversity of individuals from around the globe, brought together by their dedication to see the Star Wars Expanded Universe Timeline, now called Legends to be continued.

Team members are here:

Twin Suns Foundation and Give Us Legends Team:

Brian Borg, Twin Suns President, United States of America
Dylan Kling, Twin Suns Vice President and Social Media Coordinator, United States of America
Amelia Haynes, Twin Suns Editor and PR Manager, United States of America
Gordon Sullivan, Twin Suns Website Developer, Commonwealth of Australia
Paul Adams, Twin Suns Graphics Designer, United Kingdom
Ignacio del Horno, Give Us Legends Moderator, Kingdom of Spain
Facundo Pundenti Pasini, Give Us Legends Moderator, Argentine Republic

Watch Matt Wilkins Expanded Universe YouTube videos, what we means give back the Twins Suns Foundation to save Star Wars expanded universe movement.


Furthermore, be sure to refer the website for more information on continuing Star Wars legends universe:

Twins Suns Foundation Website:

Generosity by Indiegogo



For another information on how to continue The Original Expanded Universe that existed 1976 to 2014, always refer to Give Us Legends Billboard and Social Media on available Star Wars content or website.


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