Nordic Retcon 2017

The Nordic Retcon is getting ready for another Transformers Convention again in Helsingborg, Sweden. However this would be interesting to attend this Convention for foreigners like us Canadian and American folks those who cannot even travel far away from home to Sweden, who wished to be there, but it always best to reach another nationality online to see how they are doing in Europe.

Be sure to meet special guest for the complete features of IDW writer/artist/legend Nick Roche and the living legend Simon Furman. We would be good and much appreciated to meet them in physical contact with each other and talk through the Convention.

The Nordic TransFan Association for Retcon 2017 has already been officially announced on Facebook in around Nordic countries and there are more details to follow for those who expect to go live and purchase for ticket registration. Be sure to mark this on your calendar whether it is necessary to be catching this up online in advanced! To be honest, it would be fun to participate and travel internationally for this Transformers Convention that I would be proud of. Because for real, it would be nice to have this Circle of Inclusion around our community.


RetCon 2017 official artist, Thomas Sjöström, is now taking orders for commissions. Anyone who wants a commission piece done, that they want to pick up at RetCon, is welcome to send him a note at:

Richard Andersson is the next artist to join Thomas Sjöström in RetCons artist alley. Richard will bring prints of his artwork to the convention as well as take on commissions.

You can check out his artwork on his FB-page, there you will also find general commission guidelines and prices.

Pieces commissioned to be picked up at RetCon 2017 will be hand drawn originals.

For more of information on how to contact with the rest of Nordic TransFan Association, here is your complete reference on the social media:

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