Spy Media Simulation

“A weird mix of hyper-bourgeois individualist, technocrat, and empty signifier, the spy can never relax, never truly know who he/she is other than the malleable shape of state labour.” – Toby Miller

There are lots to learn about Spies that I even don’t know about unsolved crime stories throughout the human history during the past. For most cases I would like to learn something more on the crime, military and science-fictional or space films to what we can discover.

The last time that I watched spy film was True Memoirs of an International Assassin and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation on Netflix stream. True Memoirs of an International Assassin was something I never heard of and thought something that would be interesting to watch, because it tells the story of Sam Larson who plans to publish a fictional novel for his personal use and then kidnapped to be taken out of the country to help with an assassination plot. For me, I have watched several Mission Impossible films from Ghost Protocol to Rogue Nation. The impression for me on Mission Impossible films, there are some hit and miss or flawed out, because there really isn’t much of a continuity to support this story. Overall the story for Mission Impossible was really good and I cannot get any negativity by watching Mission Impossible whatsoever.


In future, I would add more listed of spy media and films over here below:

007 James Bond franchise 
True Lies 
Bridge of Spies 
Mission Impossible
Mr. & Mrs. Smith 
XXX: The Return of Xander Cage
Alien Covenant 
Kingsman: The Golden Circle
list goes on...

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