The 39 Steps: Hitchcock Zone

The Hitchcock Zone presents a collection of web sites and blogs relating to the life and career of director Alfred Hitchcock (1899–1980).

The Thirty-Nine Steps is one of the first spy adventure novel written by a Scottish author John Buchan. Alfred Hitchcock used one of John Buchan novel  into the first spy movies to produced back in the year of 1935. During the year of 1935, they didn’t really have much advanced techniques and technology with special effects to make the film. Because most of the film during that year was is in black-and-white motion pictures. In the end of scene of The Thirty-Nine Step, the performance on stage was interrupted to make fun and humiliation for the audience when they are watching role-play. The government diplomacy and practice of law are more simplified during 1930’s, plus their language are spoken were being used differently. Government organization were spoken in English like what most children perhaps were spoken during these day during early elementary school. The Thirty-Nine Steps  was the first film introduced to spy movies, because spies are very easy to understand and hard to watch with the visual cortex.

Media: “39 Steps”, Alfred Hitchcock (1935),

Cast: Robert Donat as Richard Hanny, Madeleine Carroll as Pamela, Lucie Mannheim as Annabella Smith, Godfrey Tearle as Professor Jordan

alt. “My Favorite Blonde” directed by Sidney Lanfield (1942), Madeleine Carroll was the most beautiful woman at the time

Just about every spy films the relationship are very secrecy, more serious and complicated than other light humor films. Here’s the problem when more man who enjoyed talking about spies, dark humor and relationships, they have strong tendency to have women or anything about feminism as being treated the negative image of impression on the same ideology values. The special technology now we are using, there are no significant negative image of bad press about feminism in spy genre films such as Madonna acting out for 007 James Bond films and Megan Fox acting for Transformers as well as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

For more information on Alfred Hitchcock filmmaking, simplification of identification, visual clarity, actors and improvisation, the Hitchcock-woman, humour of the macabre, being a traditionalist, making television, suspense and more. Please do take notes and refer to 1966 20-Minute Interview with Alfred Hitchcock.


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