Twin Suns Foundation

What is Twin Suns Foundation about? Twin Suns Foundation is a charity fundraising event to donate Star Wars Trilogy books to bookstores, libraries, hospital and shopping mall near your city. To help everyone and even kids to read more Star Wars books and understand the expanded universe movement as a whole.

Here is the clear definition what is the mission statement for Twin Suns Foundation is about:

“Twin Suns Foundation is a non-profit organization using Star Wars to encourage literacy throughout the world.”

The organization is dedicated towards spreading the joy of Star Wars storytelling, especially the storytelling done in the Legends timeline, to as many new people as possible, thereby encouraging them to pick up a Star Wars novel or comic.

Twin Suns Foundation Give Us Legends

Twin Suns Foundation is also tied to the Expanded Universe Movement which can be found on Social Media.  Because of this, the foundation often uses a slogan in line with the Movement’s goal of someday obtaining an official continuation to the Legends timeline while also ensuring a continuation of a separate Disney Canon timeline.

Our slogan in support of the Expanded Universe Movement is as follows:
“Binary Tales, Eternally Shining”

It is our organization’s deeply held belief that more Star Wars in both timelines will only be a good thing.  This is not only because it will be enjoyed by the many existing fans across the world, but also because it will encourage many more to pick up a book or perhaps write a novel of their own one day!

Who can help or support the Twin Suns Foundation? Anyone can help give talks and Convention about Star Wars expanded universe and continue the legends universe. The Twin Suns team is a diversity of individuals from around the globe, brought together by their dedication to see the Star Wars Expanded Universe Timeline, now called Legends to be continued.

Team members are here:

Twin Suns Foundation and Give Us Legends Team:

Brian Borg, Twin Suns President, United States of America
Dylan Kling, Twin Suns Vice President and Social Media Coordinator, United States of America
Amelia Haynes, Twin Suns Editor and PR Manager, United States of America
Gordon Sullivan, Twin Suns Website Developer, Commonwealth of Australia
Paul Adams, Twin Suns Graphics Designer, United Kingdom
Ignacio del Horno, Give Us Legends Moderator, Kingdom of Spain
Facundo Pundenti Pasini, Give Us Legends Moderator, Argentine Republic

Watch Matt Wilkins Expanded Universe YouTube videos, what we means give back the Twins Suns Foundation to save Star Wars expanded universe movement.


Furthermore, be sure to refer the website for more information on continuing Star Wars legends universe:

Twins Suns Foundation Website:

Generosity by Indiegogo



For another information on how to continue The Original Expanded Universe that existed 1976 to 2014, always refer to Give Us Legends Billboard and Social Media on available Star Wars content or website.


Nordic Retcon 2017

The Nordic Retcon is getting ready for another Transformers Convention again in Helsingborg, Sweden. However this would be interesting to attend this Convention for foreigners like us Canadian and American folks those who cannot even travel far away from home to Sweden, who wished to be there, but it always best to reach another nationality online to see how they are doing in Europe.

Be sure to meet special guest for the complete features of IDW writer/artist/legend Nick Roche and the living legend Simon Furman. We would be good and much appreciated to meet them in physical contact with each other and talk through the Convention.

The Nordic TransFan Association for Retcon 2017 has already been officially announced on Facebook in around Nordic countries and there are more details to follow for those who expect to go live and purchase for ticket registration. Be sure to mark this on your calendar whether it is necessary to be catching this up online in advanced! To be honest, it would be fun to participate and travel internationally for this Transformers Convention that I would be proud of. Because for real, it would be nice to have this Circle of Inclusion around our community.


RetCon 2017 official artist, Thomas Sjöström, is now taking orders for commissions. Anyone who wants a commission piece done, that they want to pick up at RetCon, is welcome to send him a note at:

Richard Andersson is the next artist to join Thomas Sjöström in RetCons artist alley. Richard will bring prints of his artwork to the convention as well as take on commissions.

You can check out his artwork on his FB-page, there you will also find general commission guidelines and prices.

Pieces commissioned to be picked up at RetCon 2017 will be hand drawn originals.

For more of information on how to contact with the rest of Nordic TransFan Association, here is your complete reference on the social media:

Spy Media Simulation

“A weird mix of hyper-bourgeois individualist, technocrat, and empty signifier, the spy can never relax, never truly know who he/she is other than the malleable shape of state labour.” – Toby Miller

There are lots to learn about Spies that I even don’t know about unsolved crime stories throughout the human history during the past. For most cases I would like to learn something more on the crime, military and science-fictional or space films to what we can discover.

The last time that I watched spy film was True Memoirs of an International Assassin and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation on Netflix stream. True Memoirs of an International Assassin was something I never heard of and thought something that would be interesting to watch, because it tells the story of Sam Larson who plans to publish a fictional novel for his personal use and then kidnapped to be taken out of the country to help with an assassination plot. For me, I have watched several Mission Impossible films from Ghost Protocol to Rogue Nation. The impression for me on Mission Impossible films, there are some hit and miss or flawed out, because there really isn’t much of a continuity to support this story. Overall the story for Mission Impossible was really good and I cannot get any negativity by watching Mission Impossible whatsoever.


In future, I would add more listed of spy media and films over here below:

007 James Bond franchise 
True Lies 
Bridge of Spies 
Mission Impossible
Mr. & Mrs. Smith 
XXX: The Return of Xander Cage
Alien Covenant 
Kingsman: The Golden Circle
list goes on...

The 39 Steps: Hitchcock Zone

The Hitchcock Zone presents a collection of web sites and blogs relating to the life and career of director Alfred Hitchcock (1899–1980).

The Thirty-Nine Steps is one of the first spy adventure novel written by a Scottish author John Buchan. Alfred Hitchcock used one of John Buchan novel  into the first spy movies to produced back in the year of 1935. During the year of 1935, they didn’t really have much advanced techniques and technology with special effects to make the film. Because most of the film during that year was is in black-and-white motion pictures. In the end of scene of The Thirty-Nine Step, the performance on stage was interrupted to make fun and humiliation for the audience when they are watching role-play. The government diplomacy and practice of law are more simplified during 1930’s, plus their language are spoken were being used differently. Government organization were spoken in English like what most children perhaps were spoken during these day during early elementary school. The Thirty-Nine Steps  was the first film introduced to spy movies, because spies are very easy to understand and hard to watch with the visual cortex.

Media: “39 Steps”, Alfred Hitchcock (1935),

Cast: Robert Donat as Richard Hanny, Madeleine Carroll as Pamela, Lucie Mannheim as Annabella Smith, Godfrey Tearle as Professor Jordan

alt. “My Favorite Blonde” directed by Sidney Lanfield (1942), Madeleine Carroll was the most beautiful woman at the time

Just about every spy films the relationship are very secrecy, more serious and complicated than other light humor films. Here’s the problem when more man who enjoyed talking about spies, dark humor and relationships, they have strong tendency to have women or anything about feminism as being treated the negative image of impression on the same ideology values. The special technology now we are using, there are no significant negative image of bad press about feminism in spy genre films such as Madonna acting out for 007 James Bond films and Megan Fox acting for Transformers as well as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

For more information on Alfred Hitchcock filmmaking, simplification of identification, visual clarity, actors and improvisation, the Hitchcock-woman, humour of the macabre, being a traditionalist, making television, suspense and more. Please do take notes and refer to 1966 20-Minute Interview with Alfred Hitchcock.

Las Vegas, Miami and Los Angeles City Features

Details and description of Los Angeles:

  1. The city of Los Angeles is home to world major center of American Hollywood entertainment of culture as well as Trade for having a population of 18,679,763 in total in urban and metropolitan areas. Gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife in Los Angeles are being treated for fun part of their job labor. Most of the job labor also have one of the highest unemployment rate in largest city population and that’s why most of the city major center’s people came to work. Click on the link for more about the Los Angeles Universities:
  2. Nice warm weather year-round with some environmental issues of city pollution with occasions of medium to good air quality index. Living in Los Angeles, please watch for the weather as hurricanes and thunderstorms do occur, because other natural disasters such as earthquakes can happen anytime.
  3. Los Angeles are very culturally diversified and have grow exponentially.on international attention.
  4. Most people who lived in Los Angeles of different races have mixed feelings and expression, because most of them are comprises Mexican-Hispanic. Anything that are well got to do with Mexican flavors they tendency have strong taste that goes well with mustard and even beans.
  5. The mediterranean climate of Los Angeles is very bio diversified and here you can take photos of their hill tops as well as cliff tops as well as celebrities.
  6. Los Angeles have hosted several sporting leagues internationally.

Details and description of Miami:

  1. The city of Miami is home world major center of cruise ship manufacturers and entertainment of different cultures of background for having a population of growing 417,650  or more expected into the future. Gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife are everywhere in Miami and many of them who lived here are also seeks for retirement. Miami is also home to major center’s of marine to space science, art deco and recreational services. Click on the link for more about Miami local universities:
  2. Nice warm weather year-round and have good air quality index, Miami is also considered to be the healthiest city in America for having nice sub-tropical climate from the Caribbean waters. Florida is the only states in America have the best coastline to offer. Remember it is important to have Miami weather watched at all times during the late summer season as most thunderstorms or hurricane to have occurred before.
  3. Very diversified cultures, which also includes best of South American Latin extravaganza.
  4. Most people who lived in Miami of different races have mixed feelings and expression, because most of them are Cuban-Latin (includes mostly Spanish, some French, Italian and Portuguese). Economically speaking they have all the sugar and timber are imported from South America partnership.
  5. The tropical climate have very diversified marine life and here you can take photos of their underwater habitats and some of the famous models that are also occurred in Miami.
  6. Many people who came to Miami for vacation going on the beach or they are dedicated involved with sport training camp and competitions venues.

Details and description of Las Vegas:

  1. The city of Las Vegas is home to world major casinos and entertainment with a population of total 2,362,015 or more from growing the future. Las Vegas Strip is often used to described area beyond official city limit, which is well known for its gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife. Please click on the link for more about Las Vegas Universities:
  2. Weather-wise are good and there are few centimeters of snow depends on the frequent climate change. Geographically speaking Las Vegas was one of the driest city with no running rivers or lakes. The air quality index are both good and moderate year-round.
  3. Diverse of cultures and the city building went through some few, but major changes throughout the year.
  4. Most people who lived in Las Vegas, there are many of them whether they are married or divorce to ever occurred in Nevada and United States. People who are living here have most populous ethnic group by non-Hispanic Whites and have proportionally declined since from 72.1% of the population in 1990’s to 2010, even as total numbers of all ethnicities have increased with the population.
  5. Here what you can enjoyed doing taking photos is the beautiful famous models in Nevada state city’s tolerance for numerous forms of adult entertainment earned it granted title for the ultimate Sin City.
  6. Many people who choose came to Las Vegas wanted to have some dedicated time with rules of relationships and for those who do not follow the rules of relationships. They could also seek for job within the entertainment company and however people do with personal lives, as long as it never get abandoned ever.