PlayStation Goes Deep Into Our Dreams —

PlayStation gets real with PS VR, not only do you play it but you live it. Introducing an entirely new way to experience gaming, making you the pinnacle of the extra-ordinary gaming world’s. You don’t only lose track of time with the PS VR but…

PlayStation was first introduced on December 3, 1994 in Nippon with the launch of the original PlayStation console. PlayStation video game company made a great leaps ahead of GameCube and X-Box combined when they first introduced the world of gamers for virtual reality known by the codename Project Morpheus developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, which launched on October 13, 2016. PlayStation also cancelled on making more Star Wars video games, because LucasArts company is now closed. However Star Wars The Old Republic game are still making good progress and small successes along the way in this very past dates. PlayStation are becoming more socially and interactive with virtual reality. By next year the virtual reality technology will become more matured.

Wondering if the entire Star Wars The Old Republic family of friends can join and be stronger together even on virtual reality technology footstep? In fact it would be nothing nu-canon, if it still represent part of LucasArts story group.

via PlayStation Goes Deep Into Our Dreams —

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