The Force Unleashed Day on October 3rd

On October 3rd in this world where we are living in is National German Unity Day in Europe, where the nation commemorates the anniversary of German reunification in 1990. The German Unity Day is not only thing that happens around this world, it is also called as Starkiller Day for many of Star Wars fanatic based culture in regards to The Force Unleashed.

Help us on this day as we commemorate and celebrate the true founders of the Rebellion. The day this event takes place is very special because on this day in 2014 the Star Wars Rebels TV Movie premiered which kicked off the start of the Rebels TV Show. On this day play The Force Unleashed or read the comic book adaptions on this day read the stories of the heroic rebellion that was started by Galen Marek, or share you favorite pictures with people and encourage people to read about the real founders of the Rebel Alliance.

This event for Starkiller Day or might as well called as Galen Marek Day was hosted and volunteered by the Events Page for the Expanded Universe movement on Facebook to be recognized as for greater cause of Star Wars inspiration for the LucasFilm franchise. Please show that you wanted to Save the Star Wars Expanded Universe and Give Us Legends stories to be continued as they are being told in books or video games. For the Star Wars The Force Unleashed III, there would not be likely to happened to released, but we are more happily continued in the novels for Legend universe timeline.


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