Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings to Offer New High-Speed Internet Service

Internet Fees: There is a per-day unlimited usage rate of $29.99 for sailings up to 12 days long and $24.99 for sailings 13 days or longer. All ships except for Sky and Breakaway offer 100- and 250-minute blocks of usage time for $75 and $125, respectively.


(1:45 p.m. EDT) — A competition is brewing for the fastest Internet at sea, with Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings becoming the latest cruise company to enhance its onboard Wi-Fi experience.

The company — which owns Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises — plans to quadruple the bandwidth across all three of its brands to meet cruisers’ demand for stronger Wi-Fi onboard. Through a new partnership with Emerging Markets Communications (EMC), Norwegian will install multimillion-dollar bandwidth and performance-boosting technology on all ships before the end of June.

Among the upgrades are new satellite dishes and EMC’s SpeedNet program, which, according to the company’s statement, delivers popular websites at speeds that mimic high-speed fiber optic networks, similar to those available in homes and offices. The new services will complement the recent deployment of high-speed connectivity in popular ports.

“With the addition of new hardware, combined with the significant increase in satellite bandwidth, shoreside connectivity and EMC’s SpeedNet, we have moved beyond the decade old problem of slow data speeds from satellite to deliver a much more efficient and faster internet experience for our guests,” said Ross Henderson, vice president, onboard revenue, at Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings. “Our guests can consume content, post to social media and stay in touch with family and friends on the ships’ network just as they are used to on land.”

Passengers sailing on all three lines’ ships can expect to see changes by July 2016. Regent Seven Seas offers its Wi-Fi free of charge, while Oceania and Norwegian Cruise Line passengers can choose from various Internet packages available for purchase. Oceania currently offers an OLife Choice promotion that includes free unlimited Internet.

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings’ announcement comes days after Royal Caribbean International revealed it would roll out its Voom high-speed Internet to all ships.

–By Gina Kramer, Associate Editor


Review: ‘Ahsoka’ by E. K. Johnston — The Wookiee Gunner — The Ramblings of a Jedi Librarian

Here are some words from Quotes for the Defense of the Expanded Universe movement in kind regards to Ahsoka Tano situations, whether you care about her as much as letting her to live on.

The stories were hit or miss, but that all depends on who your favorite characters are and what your favorite story is.  That variety meant there was something for everyone: kids, adults, Anakin/Obi Wan fans, Clone trooper fans, Sith fans and so on. Ahsoka Tano, while not mentioned in the movies grew into an excellent female character and her leaving the Order gave us a plausible explanation of why she would not be mentioned in Revenge of the Sith film. There are other explanations from reading Ahsoka Tano books when she becomes more of the mature and excellent female Togruta character.

While I read this one, I won’t be reviewing it in the traditional sense. I recorded an episode of The Wookiee Gunner’s Rebels Chat podcast that will be coming out this weekend. Until then, here’s Johna’s review to tide you over. Fans have long wondered what happened to Ahsoka after she left the Jedi Order […]

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BioWare Announces New Story Expansion For The Old Republic — Knight of the Eternal Throne

Fight to rule the galaxy with Senya and Vaylin as they are about to clash up together as daughter and mother as their relationship are getting too conflicted with each other. Just like the battle between sons and father from Knight of the Fallen Empire who is Arcaan, Valkorion and Thexan, this time for Knight of the Eternal Throne takes another step in the battle towards woman for those who can conquered the galaxy. With Emperor Arcaan and Valkorion being defeated on the Throne. It’s up to you to choose and decide your destiny, good luck to your future endeavor. May the force be with Senya and Vaylin… Long live the EU Rebellion!

For me and many others who wanted to continue saving this interest for the Star Wars expanded universe and are dedicated to give back legends as to continue the original as one continuity.

Battle to take control and rule the galaxy in the upcoming STAR WARS: The Old Republic™ Digital Expansion – Knights of the Eternal Throne. Face powerful factions, influence the galaxy for the light or dark side of the Force™, and decide who lives and dies in your own STAR WARS story.

Watch last year’s Knights of the Fallen Empire Trailer:

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Knights of the Eternal Throne – Free for all Subscribers on December 2, 2016.

(Source: Knights of the Eternal Throne, a new story heavy expansion for BioWare’s Star Wars MMO will release on December 2. It will continue the story set in the previous expansion, Knight of the Fallen Empire. The announcement featured one kickass trailer. The trailer focuses on Senya, a Knight of Zakuul and former wife […]

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The Force Unleashed Day on October 3rd

On October 3rd in this world where we are living in is National German Unity Day in Europe, where the nation commemorates the anniversary of German reunification in 1990. The German Unity Day is not only thing that happens around this world, it is also called as Starkiller Day for many of Star Wars fanatic based culture in regards to The Force Unleashed.

Help us on this day as we commemorate and celebrate the true founders of the Rebellion. The day this event takes place is very special because on this day in 2014 the Star Wars Rebels TV Movie premiered which kicked off the start of the Rebels TV Show. On this day play The Force Unleashed or read the comic book adaptions on this day read the stories of the heroic rebellion that was started by Galen Marek, or share you favorite pictures with people and encourage people to read about the real founders of the Rebel Alliance.

This event for Starkiller Day or might as well called as Galen Marek Day was hosted and volunteered by the Events Page for the Expanded Universe movement on Facebook to be recognized as for greater cause of Star Wars inspiration for the LucasFilm franchise. Please show that you wanted to Save the Star Wars Expanded Universe and Give Us Legends stories to be continued as they are being told in books or video games. For the Star Wars The Force Unleashed III, there would not be likely to happened to released, but we are more happily continued in the novels for Legend universe timeline.