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If I’m hired to be part of the BioWare Gaming company, I would help with the Game artwork and computer drawing for Star Wars The Old Republic or even for Star Wars Scholastic Inc. associates. Even though this is not the intention focus as part of my job, it is an dream goal for long-term progress as part of Gaming company. Many stories of Star Wars books from Scholastic Inc. follows the future of SWTOR directly into Jedi Apprentice stories, where Chancellor Valorum rising to influence the Galactic Republic and Darth Plagueis become the major influence of Galactic Empire and essence of all life-forms formed into midichlorians. This is what the BioWare can finished making Star Wars The Old Republic games going into the future Jedi Apprentice stories with the both Rise of the Empire and Crisis of the Republic era.

BioWare can continued making the stories and games for the Mass Effect Andromeda as long as they can continue their own chronological order for that expanded universe content. Mass Effect also satisfied many Interactive Gaming Network (aka for short IGN) members for the video games quality, because they enjoyed it and talking about it. IGN even cannot ignored the fact for Dragon Age Inquisition games and it is still popular for many gamers.

Earn a bit role in Andromeda

via BioWare Wants You To Be An Explorer — GamerDame

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