Team Canada in Rio 2016 Olympics Inspiration

Although Team Canada during the Summer Olympics, they are not the outranked team across the world. They sure did bring some great Olympics inspiration like no one had ever done before. During the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Game, Team Canada earned with overall four gold medals, three silver medals and fifteen bronze medals going on best for Top 10 Summer Olympics Team.  For most of Canada, we are clearly outranked for Winter Olympics in parallel with United States of America. Canadian have finally returned home with joy and happiness holding their Olympics medals.

Here’s the photo of Canadian Soccer Women’s Team winning the Bronze medal:



The Canadian Team left “Thank You” as the final message towards the rest of Brazilian nationality as host nation. Even the host nation, Brazil were in awe and lore for Canadian Team to be fully participated and engaged at the Olympics Game.

Congratulations Brazil for hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics as they pass their Olympics inspirational event towards Tokyo 2020 in Japan for next four years time down the road. There are many dedicated athletes, coaches and sport managers as well as officials who helped contributed for the Rio Olympics to carry on their legacy to support for Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics Game.

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