Star Wars Day: May the 4th be with you!

Happy Star Wars Day! #ForceForChange #ForceForLegends #May4th #MTFBWY #MayTheForceBeWithYou #HailToTheEU #StarWarsDay #StarWars #StarWarsTheOldRepublic


As an avid Star Wars fan, I have always enjoyed the novels, games, and comics of the Expanded Universe. While I can understand your decision to re-label the Expanded Universe I have known and loved to avoid confusion with forthcoming material, I am disappointed to hear you do not have plans to continue these stories as an alternate universe from the new canon material. As a vast and structured science-fictional universe with a dedicated fanbase, there is a perfect opportunity for these stories to be continued under the Legends label to clarify their status as an alternate universe from the new canon of films, shows, and books.
The primary goal of Star Wars is to get Disney/Lucasfilm to continue the (recently branded “Legends”) Expanded Universe timeline with new books, comics and games, even if it is as an alternate universe. So this way, Star Wars is to introduce people to the wonderful world of the original Expanded Universe, just like other works of arts such as Star Trek, Halo, DC universe and Metroid Prime Trilogy.
For me, Star Wars in many respect cannot be like as other major astronomical science based (which is Star Trek, DC Comics universe, Halo universe, Marvel Ultimate Universe and Metroid Prime Trilogy) artwork. Instead Star Wars was being treated as an real toys and some of us, don’t want that kind of ideal of interest. Please continue the original Star Wars Expanded Universe by giving back donation to “Give Us Legends Billboard”, because this way Star Wars can see their own former legends universe it had always been established before.
There are still many stories that could be told under the Legends label, and I sincerely hope you will consider releasing more stories under the original continuity.

May the force be with you and hail to the EU!

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