SWTOR:Knights of the Fallen Empire ep. 10 is ready to be played

Star Wars The Old Republic: Knight of the Fallen Empire Chapter 10 Anarchy of Paradise

Ludic News Station

After a winter dominated by the the Star Wars movie, Force Awakens, BioWare is launching their latest chapter for the MMO Star Wars The Old Republic. It is the 10th chapter of the expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire. The first 9 chapters were released last year and the fans were waiting for their follow up of the saga.

In the Knight of the Fallen Empire the player was sent to Outer Rim, to fight with the Immortal Emperor Valkorion and his Eternal Empire. New mechanichs were introduced along side 9 chapters such as building an Alliance or a new class, The Outlander.

Chapter 10 is the first from a series of seven chapters that will be released in due time. In the 10th part, called “Anarchy in Paradise”, the player will get a new companion, Firebrand, with a grudge against the Empire. Also there are promises regarding the…

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