Mandalorian Helmet Hologram

Getting to know on how to use the Photoshop from the class was really well done. There are lot of benefits, what you can do with recording the object during class time. This the first thing on that day, when Jason Cullimore did the presentation of his large sparkled skull and help teach us about videotape and here’s what we are supposed to be doing prior to class:

Camera (iPhone, Tablet, DSLR etc)
Something to turn into a hologram (e.g. toy, object, small sculpture)
CD / DVD Case (clear)

So that we can create our own videotape into an Hologram project.

Instruction for creating for the Hologram are simple, however the tricks and turns on Photoshop are difficult to figure it out. Below is a preview of the lab that runs you through all the steps for making your hologram on Skillshare:


Making Content for Online Culture are growing, because there are several many communities and connection with other people, friends and family alike. In fact you can also meet some other people that you even don’t know about and it’s like first time they meet with each other despite of others having no real relationships from another country.


There are various hand held Hologram, you can create in the lab. Here is just an example of what exactly should be look like on your smartphone:

Jason Cullimore did present the hologram pyramid during his lecture

Notice: The hologram pyramid should be exactly fit on the squared center, so you cannot guarantee to get the larger imprint from the LucasFilm expectation.

The problem I had with the computer that are not allowing me to work on the Photoshop to create this hologram because of protection and safety, when download this kind of software on PC. So in fact I had to do this on my friends computer for the great support! Thanks to him!

So the Mandalorian helmet was brought from somebody else’s to the lecture theater and so I also took an videotape of his. Plus we did have nice chat and conversation about Star Wars. Below there is an link, what me and my partner helped each other working on the Photoshop:


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