Dear Data

“Dear Data – Before embarking on a year-long, time-, mind-, and paper-and-pencil-consuming collaborative data drawing project, Giorgia and Stefanie only met in person twice.”

The “Dear Data” are an creative way that can be done in many art works and the purpose for this assignment you can do any hand drawing on a piece of card stock paper.

There are several examples from the class how this may have done:

  • A week of clocks
  • A week of public transportation
  • A week of thank yous
  • A week of mirrors
  • A week of things I buy
  • A week of physical contacts
  • A week of complaints
  • A week of phone addiction
  • A week of to-­‐do lists
  • A week of emotions
  • A week of people
  • A week of desires
  • A week of schedules
  • A week of compliments
  • A week of food preferences…

and the list goes on many more possibilities!

The thing is about Dear Data, it is an personal challenge for everyone to track down their own week of objectives on daily basis. Some of the fact that were taken from watching the Data on Eyeo 2015, you can deliver these data information to space for astronaut to collect viable information back on Earth. They are even used for mapping and investigate into their insights. People used data just about every where they go, because there’s data on smartphone and computer. Some data are more creative and are hand drawn to portray your artistry level of your skill! Geometry are also often used, when people want to build shapes or into some sort of objects. There are many ways how you can fold these papers up in several ways! For this kind of task applied to Creative Tech, you wouldn’t use any electronic device for the “Dear Data” assignment. So please grab your Sketch book and start something crazy or innovative!

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