Mandalorian Helmet Hologram

Getting to know on how to use the Photoshop from the class was really well done. There are lot of benefits, what you can do with recording the object during class time. This the first thing on that day, when Jason Cullimore did the presentation of his large sparkled skull and help teach us about videotape and here’s what we are supposed to be doing prior to class:

Camera (iPhone, Tablet, DSLR etc)
Something to turn into a hologram (e.g. toy, object, small sculpture)
CD / DVD Case (clear)

So that we can create our own videotape into an Hologram project.

Instruction for creating for the Hologram are simple, however the tricks and turns on Photoshop are difficult to figure it out. Below is a preview of the lab that runs you through all the steps for making your hologram on Skillshare:


Making Content for Online Culture are growing, because there are several many communities and connection with other people, friends and family alike. In fact you can also meet some other people that you even don’t know about and it’s like first time they meet with each other despite of others having no real relationships from another country.


There are various hand held Hologram, you can create in the lab. Here is just an example of what exactly should be look like on your smartphone:

Jason Cullimore did present the hologram pyramid during his lecture

Notice: The hologram pyramid should be exactly fit on the squared center, so you cannot guarantee to get the larger imprint from the LucasFilm expectation.

The problem I had with the computer that are not allowing me to work on the Photoshop to create this hologram because of protection and safety, when download this kind of software on PC. So in fact I had to do this on my friends computer for the great support! Thanks to him!

So the Mandalorian helmet was brought from somebody else’s to the lecture theater and so I also took an videotape of his. Plus we did have nice chat and conversation about Star Wars. Below there is an link, what me and my partner helped each other working on the Photoshop:


Mermaids: The New Evidence 2015

Taken from the fact watching “Mermaids: The New Evidence” on Discovery channel, it is by many people believe an scientific breakthrough when Robert Bakker and his team of scientist what are known to be an unknown species of oceanic life. Despite there are little support of scientific theory of this new specimens they found to be dead or alive, it was an spectacle for Robert Bakker on what they have found in few beaches that are occupied outside of Norwegian waters, South Africa sea and Israel bay. Support Robert Bakker and his team to prove that we can discover any other sorts of mystical species are on planet Earth that are still waiting to be found.

Here’s how (I would help you) to define and what is truly examples of aquatic apes theory that are supported by an scientific literature. This possible explanations are complicated and thus it is not like many other core science at work, because it combines sciences of human anatomy, marine biologist, oceanography, anthropology and physician will require this kind of job to be answered.

  • No lungs required
  • Must required special use of respiratory systems to breathe deep underwater
  • Oily skin type
  • Special nictating eye membrane to help them see in the dark and high salinity level
  • Developed high waste of toxins inside the kidneys to balance out the salinity!
  • Skin color are highly distorted once breached themselves out of water
  • Webbing of the hands
  • Forehead of the skull are compressed and filled with sensory receptors to help them echo-locate
  • Small line of creast on the skull to help streamline through the water
  • Upper human axial and appendicular skeletal system
  • Lower cetacen axial as well as appendicular skeletal system
  • Skeletal structure are made of special cartilaginous that are adapt to high pressure deep-water ocean level
  • Webbing cetacen tail
  • Caudal bone are over-extended
  • Total skeletal count up and described are significantly 15 to 25% that are complete

Geographically spoken by ocean research expenditure, aquatic apes were no where to be found out in the open water and are so rarely sighted by the coming years ahead. Many anthropologist however doesn’t use or coherent these research on mermaids mythology the way how they are used to be doing.

Here are some of the things you need to take in great considerations:

Appearance of mermaids in films and many other graphic arts

Appearance of mermaids in films and many other graphic arts

Mermaids appearance that are on Discovery by the team of marine scientists expenditures.

Mermaids appearance that are on Discovery by the team of marine scientists expenditures.

Mermaids appearance as unknown species of alien races

Mermaids appearance as unknown species of alien races

By looking at these several images of possible explanations of what is aquatic apes, here’s some of things we need to draw upon. Let’s bring them back dead or alive under the sea or above the sea!! Now we know how much these species are worth of attractive or un-attractive that thrives on the strangest world on Earth.

Prove to yourself, if they are Earthling settlement or non-Earth settlement that they are clearly brought to attention! Or are there any other forms of oceanic planets that can support these forms of life across the galaxy or universe that astronomy wanted to discover other living forms.

Dear Data

“Dear Data – Before embarking on a year-long, time-, mind-, and paper-and-pencil-consuming collaborative data drawing project, Giorgia and Stefanie only met in person twice.”

The “Dear Data” are an creative way that can be done in many art works and the purpose for this assignment you can do any hand drawing on a piece of card stock paper.

There are several examples from the class how this may have done:

  • A week of clocks
  • A week of public transportation
  • A week of thank yous
  • A week of mirrors
  • A week of things I buy
  • A week of physical contacts
  • A week of complaints
  • A week of phone addiction
  • A week of to-­‐do lists
  • A week of emotions
  • A week of people
  • A week of desires
  • A week of schedules
  • A week of compliments
  • A week of food preferences…

and the list goes on many more possibilities!

The thing is about Dear Data, it is an personal challenge for everyone to track down their own week of objectives on daily basis. Some of the fact that were taken from watching the Data on Eyeo 2015, you can deliver these data information to space for astronaut to collect viable information back on Earth. They are even used for mapping and investigate into their insights. People used data just about every where they go, because there’s data on smartphone and computer. Some data are more creative and are hand drawn to portray your artistry level of your skill! Geometry are also often used, when people want to build shapes or into some sort of objects. There are many ways how you can fold these papers up in several ways! For this kind of task applied to Creative Tech, you wouldn’t use any electronic device for the “Dear Data” assignment. So please grab your Sketch book and start something crazy or innovative!