Competitive Cheerleading Becomes Official High School Sport In California

Gov. Jerry Brown has approved legislation to make competitive cheerleading an official high school sport in California.

Source: Competitive Cheerleading Becomes Official High School Sport In California


Concept to Production Part 1

Here are some of my Learning Origami topics:

Origami Lightsaber

Origami X-Wing

Origami Star Destroyer

Practice folding varies origami are fun to do with your leisure time. Some are practically easy, but not all easy origami design are basic, because there are times you will have to notice for all the tricks and turn behind. Origami lightsaber was very easy to fold, by the time it is finalized the design of it may not looks nice. The origami X-Wing have many folds-up and tricks to follow. Folding the origami Star Destroyer the tricks and techniques are better and less complicated than the X-Wing.

  • Origami lightsaber: 100% complete accomplished
  • Origami X-Wing: 60% complete accomplished
  • Origami Star Destroyer: 100% complete accomplished

Learning to Draw in 3D Sketch-Up takes most of the time to establish and complete!! There’s a reason SketchUp is synonymous with friendly and forgiving 3D modeling software: we don’t sacrifice usability for the sake of functionality. There are wide range of drawing applications with the 3D modeling computer programming in varies subjects.

The two versions of 3D Sketch-Up are; “SketchUp Maker” and another “Sketch-Up Pro versions”

**Note: Sketch-Up Pro have additional functionality which requires the data plan to pay for the monthly fees, while the Sketch-Up Maker is an freeware version.

**Note: To make the shape of main body of an plane, you need to draw an shape out of rectangle in order to make the pyramid. Here you noticed that I give the main idea and the concept how to first created it, while the rest of them, you have to put more details into the project that you are working on such as the command center, wing-let’s and the top docking panel. However you wanted it to be done, some Star Destroyer are rather shaped differently than others, but remember that both left-center part and right-center part of the wings has to be symmetrical. Paying attention to the small details, some are very difficult to sketch out from the bottom to the top, especially when create an triangle for the top.


Star Destroyer known design could be different on everyone else’s Sketch-Up,

  • Aggressor-class Star Destroyer
  • Bakura-class Star Destroyer
  • Chiss Star Destroyer
  • Eclipse-class Star Destroyer
    • Super Star Destroyer
    • Eclipse I-class Star Destroyer
    • Eclipse II-class Star Destroyer
    • Star Dreadnought
  • Gladiator-class Star Destroyer
  • Imperial-class Star Destroyer (aka Super-class Star Destroyer)
    • Imperator / Imperial I-class Star Destroyer
    • Imperator II / Imperial II-class Star Destroyer
    • Shockwave
  • Imperious-class Star Destroyer
  • Interdictor-class Star Destroyer
  • Nebula/Defender-class Star Destroyer
  • Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer
  • Pride of Tarlandia
  • Procursator
  • Rejuvenator-class Star Destroyer
  • Republic-class Star Destroyer
  • Secutor-class Star Destroyer
  • Sorannan-class Star Destroyer
  • Star Destroyer (Nar Shaddaa)
  • Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyer
  • Tector-class Star Destroyer
  • Turbolant-class Star Destroyer
  • Venator-class Star Destroyer
  • Victory-class Star Destroyer
    • The Harrow
    • Victory I-class Star Destroyer
    • Victory II-class Star Destroyer

(see also the disambiguate list that are attached on Wookieepedia