Geocache Trip

“When you go to hide a geocache, think of the reason you are bringing people to that spot. If the only reason is for the geocache, then find a better spot.” – Briansnat

The third part of our class assignment, we have to go outside or any places around the University of Regina to search for geocaches.

Geocaches is an app you can use any smartphone for people who uses Google Play or iTunes App store:

• Find all easy Traditional geocaches
• Message other players for tips, hints and more
• “Live Search” continuously updates nearby geocaches as you move

Most Geocaches requires data plan to your internet roaming and it works only almost instantly on smartphone with the GPS signal.

For this assignment students are expected to be assigned to our group numbers and I am in group #9, because we also didn’t find any caches in several spots outside.

Day 1: For my group on this day we are just disappointed with no luck to find any of geocaches. Also I didn’t search hard enough with my colleague, because we also have lack of basic sense to be an good finder for those caches that are so well hidden and why those objects are very tiny. Plus my group spend about more than 10 minutes in one cache spots and end up not getting an clue out of it.

Weather-wise in City of Regina on Wednesday, September 16th feels pretty cold it was 12.4 degree Celsius outside during the day with a gust of 33 mph.

Day 2: On this day, my supervisor had me contacted with another group with my buddy system. With the help of my buddy system Tony, we went outside to search for the cache on the metal sculptured piano and the difficulty level was slightly being tricky on us even though it is supposed to be easy to search for. Going off with an different group for me it was better and we did find it, because whatever the object that we are trying find are really really small.

Weather-wise in City of Regina on Thursday, September 24th feels really warm it was 25 degree Celsius outside during the day with an clear sky.

  • Sore into the Future… not found
  • Hangin’ Around… not found
  • Jardin de l’esprit… not found
  • Missing Spidey… found it!!

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