“Nanosatisfi Spire Satellite” A Documentary in Maker Movement

The Maker video I watched in class was very interesting. I especially liked learning about CubeSats. Spire Global Inc. was formerly known as Nanosatisfi Inc. This private-owned American company makes CubeSats. A cubesat is small satellite used for taking images, mapping our planet Earth and space research. Just about anyone can use these satellites including every day people. These everyday people known as citizen scientists, have discovered nebula’s, supernovas and gamma ray bursts.  It helps with their space research.

“A huge part of any maker space is education. Let them know what is possible.”   (Maker Documentary)

There are astronomical calculations they used to measure in space from the CubeSats. It is also possible that CubeSats can travel to other parts of planetary system within our space. With these satellite the general public can be educated themselves and play with these tools by the personal computer programmed. When the CubeSats are connected with your computer it also produces images and other maps across the space. CubeSats cannot be as sophisticated as Hubble Space satellite than can measure out thousands light-years away into other parts of solar system and constellation of stars.

 With these new kind of technologies are making it easier for private citizens to become involved in the scientific process, because more and more professional scientific community is recognizing the importance of contributions made by dedicated amateurs. Thanks to rapid advances in technology, they are now possible for citizen scientists to build high-quality space-science hardware with other off-the-shelf components.

Reference: http://www.citizensinspace.org/

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