007 James Bond and Spies in the Cold War

Part 1)

The start of story for Dr. No in 007 James Bond was really a surprise to get the audience’s attention when people first watched 007 for the first time in history. Here the British Intelligence first murdered a woman and was left for the criminal investigation was a shocking surprise even though there wasn’t much of great audience around at the time. There are many problems with the 007 films that seems very unnecessary for the creators of our filmmakers, because the book was very elaborative when Ian Fleming was a populist to create our favorite spy character for James Bond. Without Ian Fleming creating this spy character, we would not even have James Bond up to this day on Earth. Here are some notes that I went through the lecture about Dr. No and he’s a self-described of “unwanted child of a German missionary and a Chinese girl of a good family,” which precisely means nothing when looking up for the facts. The quality of first film was really well done when it was re-released on stream, even not having the internet streaming Dr. No would just be in plain poor quality, because it just had to be brought forward.

The start of story for Skyfall, Eve Moneypenny accidentally shot James Bond on purpose, because they are told to grab the money from chasing a mercenary. To avoid this accident, Eve Moneypenny have to take more patience to have the correct aim. The recent and more advanced 007, because there is more fashion style for woman and they are less stubborn when communicating. Feelings and emotions of love expression becomes more matured in content for the filmmaking, because it have to be taken seriously to make it count when acting on Skyfall. New James Bond films that are developed in very late decades of 20th century and going into the 21st century the relationship goals are not very precise, but the story developed over time was very compelling with lot of actions, because that’s the fun part of it. When working with sexism and the relationship aspect both masculinity or femininity are wrong on each side, because you cannot support the theory which side are stronger, if anyone who chooses to support 007 theory in it’s original context. To be considering with issues of political matters for spies this matter of subject are non-canonical issues of this adjustment to control the franchise. However the political matter did grow on it’s own and have nothing much to tell about the truth of real world of reality. The quality of film are much advanced and sophisticated, because of our technology grow to such an large span of media culture. This large span of technology and media culture thus also created some issues of casuals ranting take advantage of others influences whether it is online or physical property. The attitude that are given by many casuals ranting are badass or they are not even good at all to even staying consistent of that continuation process.

The recent made film of 007 James Bond SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion was an act of terrorist towards James Bond) took another new step into filming, which maybe was rebooted from the original film for Dr. No. However I’m not too sure whether how much by chance they keeping 007 storytelling consistently in a precise manner for those that who are grow up with watching this interesting aspect of film. On this note they did good job to finished Judi Dench acting as M in the Skyfall film as she no longer sees the presence of 007’s superior. This is a matter how Skyfall had already moved on the franchise and finished Judi Dench to end the story. The overall quality of 007 James Bond film was really good and I enjoyed the CGI effect. People also need to learn and even respect Ian Fleming literature of James Bond just to able to understand it more, because he’s the creator of this spy character, because I don’t want to be that harsh online when speaking out so civilized toward it is good. You have to make your own adjustment when develop the evaluation of quality and context of this James Bond film that I’m reviewing. As far I’m concerned, because everyone like to enjoy and have fun moving along or even share their own experience. In most cases, people are not even experienced with evaluating the quality of certain spy and action films. Some are considered as canon or non-canon, it is hard for us to express on choosing or even select which is better from our opinion.

Part 2)


James Bond is a unique and interesting representation of the spy in popular culture, and one that has transformed over time. Before I have decided to get into the fact straight what is official of 007 James Bond and what is not official about him when working with the film franchise, there is some consideration that I had to take this notes written down (aka which includes non-eon films) for 007:

The complete list of unofficial James Bond films lesser known than the 24 official films made by EON Productions which this includes multiple adaptations of Casino Royale, and a remake of Thunderball considered unofficial claim property of James Bond film categories.

  • James Bond Jr.
  • Golden Eye: Rogue Agent
  • James Bond Jr. video game
  • James Bond: The Authorized Biography
  • 003 1/2: The Adventure of James Bond Jr.
  • James Bond: The Stealth Affair
  • The Killing Zone

Being the most advanced technical speaker out for 007 James Bond policies or political right are considered to be non-canonical issue, but however the political matter in James Bond are correct, which nothing can be said wrong about from that situations. Even though some audiences also draws in some attention about the political matters. The technology enhancement throughout the years have also gradually changed with using more advanced on computer generated effect. Acting also get better when shifting to another different actor and actress, which was the most important highlight of Bond’s merchandise was brought over to continue the same assignment task.

The 007 Timeline (http://jamesbond.wikia.com/wiki/007_Timeline) are considered as official canon of James Bond films and most of the history people wanted to stay abreast and see visual in front of the corporation media cortex. James Bond official canon is what general public wants to define and know for the truth. Most of 007 James Bond films that are based on Ian Fleming’s novel where there is no direct conflict or undermeaning that belongs to property of Ian Fleming license of 007’s official story group. Throughout the time Ian Fleming had published 14 books and few exception are not considered to be part of his 007 Agent storyline. http://jamesbond.wikia.com/wiki/Ian_Fleming

Furthermore I only give credit to the new James Bond who can and able to protect the mainstream storyline (to keep it everything original) into the future. http://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/article/new-james-bond

Here I would give credit to Tom Hiddleston The Bookies’ favourite and Gillian Anderson as part of his partner of interest, because it would just be mine guess. If Gillian want to do this better than Madonna, then she must to develop better hopes and luck for our audiences to enjoy and watching the future film of James Bond to take on this franchise as a whole and representation for 007.

Spying around the time of Cold War aka Bitter conflict (Democracy vs Communism) was a place in history where civilians have many unrested lives was taken away from the two division of supremacy of our world superpower and many of the spies at the time are the underdog. The Spying in the Cold War film of art, the component is made up entirely of realism artwork and made it appropriate for certain audiences like atheist would probably would even understand. The reason why some of them do not even believe in god they are also probably practical atheism in general. Atheism was also entirely supported by both Chinese and Russian government of interest for it’s people. Though many people who are living in Europe back during those moment when Berlin Wall was constructed they are not happy about it and USA President Kennedy conceded that “a wall is a hell of a lot better than a war.” The USA President Kennedy was not even part of my league.

By putting the world’s supremacy of our world superpower aside, there are several nations around the world like Northern Europe was not involved with any of Cold War incident is because Sweden just like other Scandinavian countries was not anticipated with any war confliction between World War II or Cold War and was undercover by Norwegian Intelligence Service aka Etterretningstjenesten (E-tjenesten) under the Chief of Defence and Ministry of Defence headquarters by Oslo, Norway. This is why most of the Scandinavian nations like Sweden are neutralized during the Cold War or even as well as World War II. Sweden like Norway and Finland have the top ranked for woman to join the workforce better than other places around the world to afford when they are about the aged of 25-64 when it comes to higher education and hold in the parliament, which increased considered amount of wages in support.