Global Heat Research Foundation: Britain sees longest heatwave in 42 years, deadly heat in Japan and Arctic forest fires —

The climate change on Earth natural resources is growing tremendously with human population growth factors had influenced last centuries ago since industrial revolutionary. There are many geologist and natural Earth scientist have researched that human population growth factors had influenced profound only about 40% to 45% of human activities during our last evolution throughout time.

Most of human population grow rapidly through logistic model. Once the population has reached its carrying capacity, it will stabilize and the exponential curve will level off towards the carrying capacity, which is usually when a population has depleted most its natural resources. Logistic the climate change on Earth with human population growth cannot ever be reversed as more people are capable to support each other better with open opportunity with alternative solutions as people making more progress to learn or educated guess about colonialism.

The growth of a population can often be modelled by the logistic equation:

{\displaystyle {\frac {dP}{dt}}=kP\left(1-{\frac {P}{K}}\right),}{\displaystyle {\frac {dP}{dt}}=kP\left(1-{\frac {P}{K}}\right),}


  • {\displaystyle P(t)}P(t) = the population after time t;
  • {\displaystyle t}t = time a population grows;
  • {\displaystyle k}k = the relative growth rate coefficient;
  • {\displaystyle K}K = the carrying capacity of the population; defined by ecologists as the maximum population size that a particular environment can sustain.

As it is a separable differential equation, the population may be solved explicitly, producing a logistic function:

{\displaystyle P(t)={\frac {K}{1+Ae^{-rt}}}}{\displaystyle P(t)={\frac {K}{1+Ae^{-rt}}}},

where {\displaystyle A={\frac {K-P_{0}}{P_{0}}}}A={\frac  {K-P_{0}}{P_{0}}} and {\displaystyle P_{0}}P_{0} is the initial population at time 0.

Throughout time the Earth’s geography climate change during the last 2 million years ago since Ice Age period the global heat wave is on the rise. In November 2017, a second warning to humanity signed by 15,364 scientists from 184 countries stated that “the current trajectory of potentially catastrophic climate change due to rising greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and agricultural production—particularly from farming ruminants for meat consumption” is “especially troubling”. As human population growth progressed for more vegetarians to support will draw more drastic change on the demand will reduced the heat wave on planet Earth’s natural resources from agricultural production. Human activities using alternative solutions can also bring down the planet Earth’s heat wave more significant. People still burning fossil fuels like human population did since industrial revolution will also have to be stopped as more people are using solar or electricity energy resources more wisely to save money will reduce carbon emission back on Earth. The race of nuclear resources can inflicted harm on planet Earth’s most valuable resources.

When heat wave are on the rise for rest of humanity on planet Earth, there will be 3/4 of total population will get the heat disease during year of 2060 or after. In addition to physical stress, excessive heat causes psychological stress, to a degree which affects performance, and is also associated with an increase in violent crime. High temperatures are associated with increased conflict both at the interpersonal level and at the societal level. In every society from different part of nation, crime rates go up when temperatures go up, particularly violent crimes such as assault, murder, and rape especially certain gangster related problems. Furthermore, in politically unstable countries, high temperatures are an aggravating factor that lead toward civil wars can affect psychological as well as sociological effect toward humans population.

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World Swimming Championship for DSISO in Nova Scotia, Canada

For the Down Syndrome World Swimming Championship in Nova Scotia, Canada on July 21st to 26th, 2018 Livestream results, you can click on the website for complete details and information right here at or click on to check out the events schedule for swimming.

The DSWSC will be hosted in Truro/Colchester in July 2018, and will feature over 300 swimmers representing approximately 25 countries over a 7 day competition. In addition, over 400 international supporters are expected to visit Truro for the duration of the event. Hosted in a different country every two years, the DSWSC has never before been hosted in Canada.

Here you can also check mine photo gallery from these highlights for World Down Syndrome Swimming Championships games:




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Canadian Special Olympics History

The Special Olympics movement was founded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, with the very first event held in 1968 on Soldier Field in Chicago. But the competition was in fact inspired by discoveries made by a Canadian researcher.

In the early 1960s, a group of students at Toronto’s Beverley School became the test group for Dr. Frank Hayden, a sport scientist at the University of Toronto. Dr. Hayden was studying the effects of regular exercise on the fitness levels of children with an intellectual disability.

Learn more about Dr. Hayden’s role in founding the Special Olympics movement.

Read more:

2014-07-12 23.53.56

Special Olympics Athlete, Coaches and Mission Staff

Transformation with Power of Sports

Special Olympics is dedicated to enriching the lives of Canadians with an intellectual disability through sport. With this focus, we have been able to provide thousands of children, youth and adults with enriching and rewarding experiences for almost five decades.

Learn more about the many programs offered by Special Olympics Canada:

For more information about how Special Olympics activities impact the lives of our athletes, please visit our program benefits page. View a collection of resources providing additional background on our programs.

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Star Trek and Roles of Science Fiction

Term Paper for Science Fiction

FILM 386AE-C01 Aliens in Film, Campion College in University of Regina

Written by Michael Qing, Instructor: Dr. Philippe Mather

Star Trek Welcome to the 24th Century

From the book in Film Theory: An Introduction (2000) Robert Stan had stated in greater details about thesis for post-colonial theory, “Postcolonial theory has been critiqued for (1) its elision of class; 2) its psychologism; 3) its elision of questions of political economy; 4) its ahistoricity; 5) its denial of the pre-colonial past of non-European societies; 6) its ambiguous relation to ethnic studies; 7) its ambiguous to indigenous people.” Post-colonialism or post-colonial studies are an academic discipline that analyzes, explains, and responds to the cultural legacy of colonialism and imperialism, because it does have human consequences of economically exploitation of native people from the very past of our history. Building upon the insights of Indian media-makers and critics, in order to histories science fiction in relationship to Indian slavery, we tendency use the history of media technology ideas to speculate of futurism and fundamental role of Indians within from our spectrum. Historically Indians have a settler-colonial structure of feeling with presumed proprietary rights over land, labor and culture has powerfully shaped the mass meditation of Indians from early photos and films to contemporary digital images in North America.


In order to establish successful what history means to us, there is difference between the real world scientific theories to identify for the truth of society. From the matter of science fiction is something far more creating speculation or imaginative stories in entertaining influence. The Indian slavery during American Civil War and colonialism were being treated very poorly without money, because they have to work on duties for European endorsement of frontline. The reason why many European are the frontline is because they had advantages of building cities as well as scientist expertise during the revolution phase of the time. The economy at this time for most of southern states relied on black slaves shipped from Africa to work in the cotton plantations and on the farms of wealthy Caucasian owners. The northern states of America knew that slavery was wrong and wanted it banned. After four years of American Civil War when the American Union northern state liberalization to end or abolish slavery had given the right from the American Confederation of the southern state slavery-owners and some in fact were set free. These related forms of captivity or neo-slavery of different sorts of continued unabated.


Indian slavery is in fact central to an emergent to USA mass media. During the year of 1850 to 1869, many Indians were arrested for debt and vagrancy or block in the city’s downtown plaza in Los Angeles. One index of American-European domination over Indians is the ubiquity of photos and films depicting supposedly conquered or vanishing people with early representation where Indian captivities, battles and imprisonments as if they are ritually rehearsed and reaffirmed frontier imperialism and the domination of indigenous people. During those times many of them were treated or expressed opening to be utterly disgusting feeling or emotionally wrecked. These are some attributes of early performance art creating the culture from aboriginal or Indians perspective with being the most renowned colonizers in America history for century’s long time ago before Euro-centrism becoming into practice. Many of the stories that are presented by Aboriginal treaty right still have opportunity to speak and preserve our modern contemporary culture into believe human factors on how they are expressed through variety performances in opera themes classics that are well known for the works.


The way how human express cultures and mythology from our past history, archaeologist have studied numerous describing human evolution to civilization to religions beliefs to geography and settlers exploration that completed on Earth long time before science fiction arrival comes into play. This way is how some even world leaders doing particularly identifying alien as some sort of native species on their speculation. The world leaders even says so and even some news reporters who researched on this topic related to aliens, many tourist was exploring some mythology in ancient Egypt for clues of human mummy. News reports had some significant traces on what we are also discovering evidence even a mummified alien burial was also intact with early humans on how Egypt preserve their dead bodies inside the pyramids structure when the first civilization was emerged. There are ancient structures that are not man-made on planet Mars or on our moon when finding out the evidence that are hard to put it into theory for archaeologist may not capable to understand some ancient truth of early humans. Studies also indicated about human history and evolution are eradicated throughout the Earth’s timeline, which there are to some point, paleo-archeologist do discover burial of alien races coming intact with human corpse that most of us are not even familiarized.


The Indians people are first to established some early works with mass media emphasize a discrete local periodization for modern and its relative rupture with the past, because Indian critics often presupposed a much wider view of European modernity or conquest and its long relatively continuous history of imperialism. Through the history of imperialism the concept of gender fare in representations of aliens can accomplished just that they wanted to change gender of race. In alien abductees from science fiction frequently claims to have a particular affinity for Indian peoples, spiritualities and as well as woman’s right. Even some argues or have privileged access to aliens were being reported being inseminated by aliens and producing or seeing hybrid human / alien babies with abnormal birth trace marks. Contact figures the relationship between aliens and humans in ways that recall contact between Indians and Caucasian cultures.


In the science fiction film Avatar the alien race called Na’vi are particularly creative for their creation of life on planet Pandora combining factors attributed with orientalism and Indian factors with tall legs, blue skin, nocturnal eyes that beautifully designed body figure associated with woman. Here is some that are applied to what some of us can understand watching from Star Trek The Original Series episodes as well. The creation of USS Enterprise spaceship concept was brought into the social context was taken place some four hundred years later in the future came across the Indians culture that are more like old age American before European was set on foot into American soil. The attractive Pocahontas woman making contact and having sex with a superhero man named Starfleet Commander James Kirk travelling in time from space had truly means nothing relevant in time from that favor. As soon as Captain James Kirk regains his time communicating with USS Starships Enterprise system in space, his attraction with his Pocahontas lady is already weaken with her energy that binds with Earthling indigenous because he endorsees her and would do best to protect her even though the producer Gene Roddenberry wanted to forget about her role as a character to build the story of Star Trek extended universe franchise as a whole which he would not be hold accounted.

Star Trek Political Extended Universe Map

The American presidency Donald Trump had given the militarization of the USA-Mexican border protection and the so-called ‘war on terror’ in which he believed many Spanish-speakers proven to be racist or whatever they are acting of flawness. In the social dynamics in science fiction for aliens instead of speaking ‘war on terror’ aliens anthropology are always known to cross over the boundary of a human perspective without permission required. Science fiction aliens can always cross the border or idiosphere however they wanted to get the access of certain documentation. The permission to use certain documentation such as border protection from other countries from foreigners, because human being always have the consent to agree with communication and writing where science fiction aliens can behave just about the same objective, but they don’t always have permission to use these information that are required. Another set of examples is alien sounds are known to create which it doesn’t sound very familiarized with human common sense. When we watched the movie about Avatar, when the clan of Na’vi are trying attempting to save Grace live from her human body to her avatar they helped her wound by singing their harmony for Tree of Soul. This singing of Na’vi orientalism however do resonated with the sounds of Indian native voices, that humans are not capable to recognized on how to healing their wounds. Even more striking suggested of the implicit link between aliens and Indians is the sound of alien transmission in which the alien signal is a rhythmic throbbing that sounds like an electrified pom-pom.  From this perspective, the alien transmission is not simply from the science fictional future stories but it is also the sound was created from the Indian past. From what we learn about our Indian native past that our most advanced research foundation in science, from their perspective us experimental researchers had gone too far taking advantage with technology, financially and culturally better. These factors combined with the help of security officers and bureau to help save more humans live after during the world revolutionaries of America and World War supremacy conflict in modern history disastrous.


The critical race theory is more “color-blindness” than the “Aboriginal-futurism” but aboriginal-futurism helps safe-guards against such a vision by being mindful of history and the intersections of first nation experience with technology that helped shaped Canada from the first place. Many first nation Canadians as well as European explorers and settlers were the first people to walk into our soil. In which several parties from first nation and explorers wants gather to build a nation of identity. Much of what we can understand of Canadians darker past history, there several thousands of slaves, settlers and alienated from other entities. What I have learned about critical race theory that most African-Americans remain part of underclass plague by drug addition, unemployment, unstable family life and crime. One of these consequences this social imbalance of national identity crisis is the fact Afro-American males constitute the vast majority of criminals sentenced to jail. In the past twenty years Canada’s mixed ethnic race had changed significantly which results moving toward less immigration policy that welcomes people with more balancing with money and skills. Since the Supreme Court also do recognized aboriginal title, First Nations land proclaims had been negotiated with governments concerned where prior treaties did not exist and in some cases demands are being made for revision of existing treaties.  This critical race theory problem is still ongoing process to protect the law in both of American’s and Canadian’s future with several minorities in protecting our community and border-crossing. In America, Black American is still an ongoing problem and in Canada, aboriginal treaties are still an ongoing problem in future.

Furthermore as a multinational corporation of a multimillion-dollar enterprise that might be viewed by many different audiences, there might be an attempt to appeal to a broad range of markets from across the ideological spectrum with both defining human being as a character to evolve over time. So will the alien technology are in for a treatment of multinational corporation and government interest with these funds, but as far as we can tell the national security state demonstrating the military has taken the topic of UFO’s very seriously with possession of powerful private multinational interest who may also pulling these slippery strings of USA government and many other government across the world that are also dedicated to research on several UFO phenomena. Because for this fact many First Nation people do not know or unaware getting any disclosure of science fiction aliens and UFO function with technology that are not man-made for their given time period in centuries to enjoy a flowering of its indigenous culture in a long relative political stability  in America for more than five hundred years ago.


The future for Indian border and Indian perspective, however most Europeans pioneers are the real liberalizers or alienating North America and up to this day on Earth, because USA continues to impose an alien form of government on Indian people as well as on the colony. In the complex body of her writing, Silko connects historically and regionally specific contexts to a larger historical arch, beginning to dominant assumptions of Indian extinction. The fact Indians like many other aboriginals has established the Assembly of First Nation in Canada during the year of 1982 which is the national representatives of the First Nation in the government act. So the idea of Silko connection with facing of Indian colony collapse was never abolished. For many Euro-American accustomed to denigrating native thought and at best, wishful thinking with our Hollywood contemporary culture, many Indians or aboriginal have their own right or property to claim certain objective goal in future. From Silko reading of Indian with a camera that signal ‘the twilight of Eurocentric America’ makes visible a crisis in the world system and the right place of North America in it. The first aboriginal woman was to gain a law degree in Canada was Mohawk Roberta Jamieson from University of Western Ontario and in the year of 2001 she was elected Chief of her home reserve, Six Nation of the Grand River, because Jamieson is the first woman to hold in position for an career opportunity. Indians from the past and aliens alike both are afraid of human’s race in terms of developed with the use of computers or technology with digital world we had already created in science fiction films. So whatever we see in science fictional films about Indians or aliens, they are most likely to feel noxious or afraid on how creating more advanced technology are lot more potentially dangerous.


The purpose of creating digital world with technology with using Smartphone or computers helps people and customers to communicate better through all sorts of media network. This way we also created more jobs or careers for younger audience. Defending of cyberspace which involves of effective partnerships between the aboriginal and Euro-American centrism as well as public organization for refugees have raised numerous considerations to create a security safe fair environment on these proclaims of right. The main challenges for aboriginal is their accessibility with computers or technology living at home, because they didn’t have very much of any creative use of communications in cyberspace when aboriginal children grow up living as a family of that norm. There many sectors and communities for aboriginal to blend into the Celebration of Diversity in Canada or America to negotiate on the peace treaty on both parties within our government body and as well in many influenced on science fiction in general. On CBC news Canada had created a story in the year of 2014 about aboriginal communities in cyberspace on what is like for Tehoniehtathe Delisle become a creator of computer game developer and a filmmaker himself to purser this dream goal becoming a reality. We all have something in our life that matters to us where we wanted to achieve creating our own world.


Gamer Crash Predicts E3 2018: Nintendo — Gamer Crash

The E3 prediction train keeps on chugging along! Did you miss the previous E3 2018 predictions? What are you waiting for, head back to read all about Microsoft Xbox (Xbox Backward Compatibility) and Sony PlayStation.

For us gamers who are experienced with gaming culture years ago, it made sense to us what we want out of these franchise collection or merchandise. The upgrade for Nintendo Super Smash Bros was something brilliant ideas online to discuss with gamers. Always having fun playing with friends with Super Smash Bros Tournament. It was one most beloved games for GameCube Nintendo. Gamers are still waiting for the announcement and release for Samus Aran Metroid Prime 4 game to be released for next year in 2019. Metroid Prime 4 and Samus Return on Nintendo Switch game is absolutely thrilling to have released.

There are always something that we missed out on our favorite games especially for Microsoft Xbox 360 players online to get their Backward Compatibility, where they get experienced to play with classic Xbox original consoles. These Microsoft Xbox backward compatibility games will include:

  • Dead to Rights.
  • Fusion Frenzy.
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
  • Crimson Skies.
  • Psychonauts.
  • Grabbed by the Ghoulies.
  • Bloodrayne 2.
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Xbox One X enhanced)
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
  • Pirates!
  • Ninja Gaiden Black
  • King of Fighters: Neowave
  • Red Faction 2
  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
  • Star Wars Battlefront
  • Star Wars Battlefront II
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
  • Star Wars Jedi Starfighter
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
  • Star Wars Republic Commando

The reason why there are so many like myself who enjoyed playing and love these Star Wars video games will definitely be something they never want to miss out of for these franchise and merchandise it brought forward.

There are many reasons why I also liked to choose some of favorites Sony PlayStation games as well featured from the E3 2018 Convention Center. Sony PlayStation recently announced Beat Saber was released simultaneously on Steam early access and the Oculus Store on May 1, 2018, featuring two game modes (Single and Party) and 10 songs. The game is expected to come to PlayStation VR. There are more than 130 PlayStation VR games expected coming to featured online.

2018-01-11 07.53.21 (1)

Here is the list of Sony PlayStation VR games online for to you check out for these reference:

There are several other topics with all the things on Electronic Entertainment Expo for expanse many years ago with pop culture. Halo Infinite aka Halo 6 had a big released for Halo video game players this year.

I’m incredibly proud of what the 343 Industries development team has done with the Slipspace Engine and this first tease of Halo Infinite, and I look forward to sharing more with you all in the future once we are ready. Thank you all for your support and passion for Halo. This is an exciting moment for all of us, and we look forward to embarking on this journey together!

Chris Lee, Studio Head, FPS


For many Nintendo GameCube players who used to play classic games many years ago with Super Mario Party, Starfox Assault and Super Smash Bros also had brought back many inspirations. Super Smash Bros Ultimate had brought over with 68 playable characters featured which had tripled the amount from Super Smash Bros Melee games.  From hardcore competitive players to casual Nintendo fans who only jump in now and then with friends, Smash Bros. has a way of bringing people in that few games ever find. The game will have vast compatibility with controllers, including compatibility with the GameCube controller through the GameCube Adapter for Wii U. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was first teased during a Nintendo Direct on March 8, 2018, under the tentative title Super Smash Bros., with the release year shown to be 2018 and will be coming featured to Nintendo Switch game consoles.

E3 2018

The E3 prediction train keeps on chugging along! Did you miss my previous E3 2018 predictions? What are you waiting for, head back to read all about Microsoft and Sony! Nintendo continues to roll right along, wiping away any memory of the failed WiiU console. Seriously though, I’m happy that Nintendo has managed to reclaim […]

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E3 2018 Convention Center

Hydrogeology for Marine Science: World Oceanic Day

Marine Science

World Oceans Day takes place on the 8th of June every year. It has been celebrated unofficially since its original proposal in 1992 by Canada’s International Centre for Ocean Development (ICOD) and the Ocean Institute of Canada (OIC) at the Earth’s Summit with the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Here is what the Global Oceanic Day means to people and keep it civilized to protect our ocean resources in the study of hydrogeology scientific research foundation.

The day is marked in a variety of ways which includes

  1. launching new campaigns and initiatives,
  2. special events at aquariums and zoos,
  3. outdoor explorations,
  4. aquatic and beach cleanups,
  5. educational and conservation action programs,
  6. art contests,
  7. film festivals,
  8. sustainable seafood events

Our oceanic scientific research foundation provides us the many resources and services which includes climate regulations, food sources, medicines, recreational activities, reservoir and many more. The World Oceanic Day started since the year of 2002 launched, to help promote the event and generate more involvement through dissemination of resources, ideas, and tools free for everyone to educate and learn more about marine science. The theme for World Oceans Day during year of 2017 was “Our Oceans, Our Future”, and the conservation action focus was on encouraging solutions to plastic pollution and preventing marine litter.

World Oceans Day

Hydrology is science to study and understand the complex water systems of the Earth and help to solve its water problems. Geology is science to study and understand of our Earth’s rock and minerals. When you combined with both Hydrology and Geology science you get the word “Hydrogeology” study with the distribution and movement of groundwater in the soil and rocks of the Earth’s crust (commonly in aquifers). The terms groundwater hydrologygeohydrology, and hydrogeology are often used interchangeable. New studies have shown that fifty years ago, the sustainability of these systems on larger scale began to come into consideration, becoming one of the main focuses of groundwater engineering. With these new ideas and research are advancing groundwater engineering into the 21st century, while still considering groundwater conservation. Human population growth and the role of technology also have drastically taken into large step to revolutionized this type of research into marine science.

The Environmental Analysis Technical Director will be responsible for this kind of job and responsibility as a employer because it is a rare opportunity to develop and direct not only the second half of your career, but to contribute to a successful and growing consultancy, and work with an established, expert and experienced team with a background in hydrology, hydrogeology, geology and water resources planning, river restoration, impact assessment and permitting.

Nestlé Waters North America offers an unrivaled portfolio of bottled waters for healthy hydration, which it also includes Poland Spring®, Nestlé® Pure Life®, Perrier® and S. Pellegrino®. The company also owns and operates ReadyRefreshSM by Nestlé®, a customizable water and beverage delivery service.  Just Click and Quench. SM

Based in Stamford, Connecticut with some 8,500 associates, we student researchers are committed to reducing our environmental footprint across our operations. As a natural resource company, there are about sustainability management of 47 spring sources and conserve nearly 21,000 acres of natural watershed area. We are also committed to creating shared value and being a good neighbor in the 140 communities where student researchers and professional programs can operate in the U.S. For more information, visit Nestle Waters North America at and follow us on Twitter: @NestleWatersNA.

Lake inside of a cave

Hydrogeology Geographic Research